Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Rage Culture and the Legalization of Murder

Rage Culture and the Legalization of Murder

This has been an odd week, and I believe it is a week that will go down in my memory as a marker to change. In a span of days we’ve gone from wishing death on a teenage boy for a “face crime”, a facial expression, to legalizing the murder of a baby in the womb up to birth in New York. The new law also takes away legal protections for the baby, whereas killing a child in the womb is no longer considered homicide, even if the baby was wanted, planned, and loved. Vermont is also looking to pass the same law, where many refer to Planned Parenthood as the fourth branch of government.

I have felt a spiritual disturbance stronger than I have in a long time, and sleep has been difficult. As I compare and contrast the two events my mind seems to stutter, wondering what it all means - not just in the now, but also for the future. 

I first saw the headline of the Covington School boy Saturday evening while I was cooking dinner and had a visceral reaction. I either made a noise or an expression because my husband responded with “What is it?”  For several seconds I was without words or even the ability to speak. My husband asked again, and I just shook my head and put down my phone. A few minutes later I just said, “Some bullshit story on facebook.”  I didn’t look at the Internet for the rest of the night.

The next morning I settled with my coffee and looked at the clip and read the stories, and my bullshit meter was off the charts. I then read the comments on both the articles and my friends’ posts, and I was stunned by the hatred, threats, and immediate doxxing of the school and the children. I think it was the comments of my friends that shocked me more than the general public. I know these people personally; I know their backgrounds, and the fervor of their condemnation was stunning, so I began researching the event and it didn’t take long to find the bigger picture. When I returned to social media the hatred and threats had swelled into a tsunami, and it seemed if you didn’t believe the boy from Kentucky was a hideous racist then it only proved that you were a racist as well.

Now New York has legalized abortion up to birth and lit the One World Trade Center in bright pink in celebration, and strangely enough the new law is called the “Reproductive Health Act”. Governor Cuomo states that it is “a historic victory for New Yorkers and for our progressive values.” This law allows the legal death of an infant even if it is perfectly healthy and able to live outside the womb, certainly not a mass of cells as some pro-abortion activists claim, but a completely formed child.

I struggle to find the words for this procedure, well truth be told I don’t struggle at all, it is evil, demented, depraved, sadistic, and outright murder. The process of late-term abortion is done by lethal injection in the womb. The baby is injected in his/her skull or body and suffers an incredibly painful death as the child is fully formed with a fully functioning nervous system. The mother then carries the dead baby in her womb for a day, returning to make sure the baby is dead, if the baby is not dead they inject the child again. Then the mother delivers the dead baby, and make no mistake, it is a baby, a child, a human being. 

The law is completely unclear about what constitutes a mother’s health, it could be mental health (and I think anyone who does this to a child is mentally ill), or it could be that she has a cold. And it seems to me as the mother and child are connected in the most truthful and basic sense of the word that this process of lethal injection is not particularly healthy to the mother either.  “According to a study published in Obstetrics & Gynecology on the risk factors associated with legally induced, abortion-related mortality, the “risk of death” for “women obtaining legally induced abortions…increase[s] exponentially by 38% for each additional week of gestation.” Advancements in medical technology have enabled premature babies to survive as early as 21 weeks and five days gestation...”

It is clear that the woman having such an abortion must deliver the child, but seemingly it is better, and healthier, to deliver a corpse than a living child. And also if the child somehow miraculously survives the abortion, he/she has no legal rights, and will not be offered medical assistance.

In the last days since my deep gut visceral reaction to a news story, a marker of change I felt profoundly, it has become normal to threaten death on a teenage boy for a face crime, and legal to murder completely healthy infants.

In a previous blog post I stated that I had quit writing about the news and the world because, due to threats, I found it was safer to write fiction. I now know that if I say nothing about the events unfolding in our society then I am complicit in the degradation of our country, and the world.

Gov. Cuomo states that this law is a victory for progressive values, but I know this is regression and a resurrection of sacrificing children at the altar as dead and dying cultures did long ago.

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Laura said...

Very well put on all counts.I have been told before to not make political posts on face book because it 'makes people uncomfortable'. Good. Let's shake up that apathy because the things that are happening are getting worse,and closer together.
Makes me wonder if the Christians were right after all and these are end times?
It goes so much deepr than a political level. Like you, I felt a spiritual component at work and not a good one.A few other mystic types I know are feeling it too.
Time to unite and turn this around if it isn't already too late.