Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

MAGA Hat Attacks

 MAGA Hat Attacks

The Washington Post released a correction to the reporting it did on the Covington Catholic School kids (MAGA Hat Kids) after being hit with a $250,000,000 defamation lawsuit and grudgingly admitted that upon reviewing the videos it “allows for a more complete assessment of what occurred, either contradicting or failing to confirm accounts provided in that story.” Unfortunately or expectedly, the paper released its editor note late on a Friday night - in other words, the time news stories go to die.  And it appears that Jussie Smollett had to hire the “racist” MAGA hat wearing duo, brothers from Nigeria, to attack him.

The mainstream media pushed these stories to the brink, eviscerating teenage boys attending a Right To Life March, and crying on air about the brutal attack of a little known actor. Reporters and actors declared that anyone wearing a red MAGA (Make America Great Again) hat was a white supremacist, a racist, and compared it to the hood wearing KKK.

Since the election of President Trump the mainstream media has studiously ignored attacks on MAGA hat wearing Americans and in a brief search this morning I found dozens of assaults in just the last few months. These attacks received little to no airtime on the national news channels, and just a few words on the local news. 

During the previous administration there was plenty of Presidential gear being sold and worn, and I don’t remember anyone attacking Obama supporting Americans, but now people are literally afraid to show their support of the president. They are being bullied, kicked out of bars and restaurants, and accosted on the street if they dare to wear anything that shows support of the President of the United States. I personally know people who have had signs and flags stolen from their yards, and I know many more people who would never admit that they were going to vote, and did vote, for the president for fear of their career, and loss of friends.

Just last week an 81-year-old man was attacked by a 19-year-old man for wearing a MAGA hat at a local ShopRite in New Jersey, the elderly man was leaving the store when the teenager confronted him. The younger man was offended by the hat, got into a tussle with the elderly man, and threw him to the ground, toppling the shopping cart, and throwing the hat aside.

A young man in Falmouth, Massachusetts was accosted by a woman as he sat at a bar eating his lunch. She was offended by his hat and felt she had the right to assault him. Luckily, some local police officers were also having their lunch in the restaurant and she was arrested. Turns out she was here illegally and is now in the custody of ICE.

A man in Arizona was attacked for his MAGA hat the day before the midterm elections.  His ankle broken in four places, and he was called Hitler and Nazi as he was beaten in the back of the head.  A student in Minneapolis was attacked by eight students on National Walk Out Day for having a MAGA flag. The Walk Out was aimed at gun control and he walked the opposite side of the street with a flag. He received a broken wrist and was told not to come back to the school by the administrators because they couldn’t guarantee his safety.

Just a few weeks ago a couple shopping in Sam’s Shopping Club had a gun drawn on them for supporting their president. A twelve-year-old boy was attacked and beaten on the bus for his hat. He was also suspended for the encounter.
 Young teens were bullied in a mall for their hats, and the bully was declared a hero for threatening and cussing at kids minding their own business.
A teenage girl was suspended from school on America Spirit Day for wearing a disruptive MAGA sweatshirt.

And of course, CNN reporter Jim Acosta suggested that soldiers overseas in Iraq should be disciplined for welcoming their president with MAGA gear to be signed on Christmas.

As I said, I found these incidents in less than an hour of research this morning, and they mostly span the last six months. There were more than I added to this post, lots more.

I can’t remember a time that supporting the president made you the enemy, and even though not every one supported the last presidents I can’t remember the outright hostility and threats of violence. I also can’t remember having service denied for supporting the president, but it seems now it’s a thing.

I also can’t remember grown adults acting like children as this vape store employee acted upon seeing a MAGA hat.
This temper tantrum throwing adult was fired by his African-American boss after this display.

Keeping seeking folks, it’s crazy out there. God bless us all.

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