Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Few Questions

Why do we assume that the Bible is the inspired word of God? If I remember correctly Jesus was suposed to be the Only perfect person to walk the earth, yet he did not write the Bible. So we assume, because we are told, that average men were inspired to write the Bible, with none of their prejudices showing through, with no political leanings pressuring them. Why do we assume that during the time of Christ there was not political turmoil, we know there was, Jesus was crucified, but we assume that the political turmoil of the time did not affect the words handed down to us. Do we not see how the turmoil in Washington and religious turmoil across the globe colors everything we see, yet we take it as fact that it did not happen two thousand years ago. How does that make sense?

We're all heard the phase, "The winners write history." Jesus didn't win, but we assume that this book we worship is an accurate representation of history and the rules of life. Why do we assume that? Jesus' ideas were not popular, remember? Jesus walked his own way and did not follow the rules, but we are told if we want to reach Jesus, we must follow all the rules. Jesus didn't go to church, but we are told if we want to find salvation, we must. Jesus said the path to the Kingdom is inside each one of us, but we are told the path is to follow everyone else. Jesus wasn't telling us to be good and turn the other cheek, he was telling us to follow our own path, listen to the quiet voice inside each one of us, stand up, claim our power and be done with the slave mentality that was present then and is present now. If he was all about love and turning the other cheek, there would have been no need to kill him, love, peace and turning the other cheek keeps us in line, keeps us in place. The leaders of the time wanted the masses to be calm and trusting, why kill the person that was telling us to love and to follow? I am suggesting that he wanted something different than that, I am suggesting that he was trying to release us from capitivity.

Isn't it funny that if we hear the voice of God, we are crazy, but if a person goes to a school and other people give him a paper that says he is Holy, then and only then can he hear the voice of God. How do men dictate to us who does and who does not have a connection to God? How does that work? If God tells us to quit our job, move to Montana and start a worm farm, we must have lost our minds, but if God tells a preacher that his flock should go fight a religious war, we accept that as gospel, that's not crazy. Why do we assume that everyone else has a better connection to God and Knowledge than we have?

If Jesus was a poor, wandering carpenter, then why do the people that represent him and his beliefs wear ceremonial garments, expensive suits and drive nice cars? Why don't they wear overalls and drive old pickup trucks with big tool boxes on the back? Where is the line between church and state in our country, I don't see it, even though our leaders tells us it exists. What I see when I look at church and government is the same thing. People with lots of money, wearing ridiculous or pricey clothes, living in outlandishly large homes telling the rest of us what we should and should not do. We should not question the Bible and we should not question the government, but Jesus said we must be like little children to enter the Kingdom and anyone who has ever spent time with small children knows, all they do is ask questions.

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aberrant_iconoclast said...

Be're being logical! A lot of people will berate you for pointing that out to them (believe me, I've been condemned to hell for pointing that out so many times, I probably have a reservation)...