Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


When we designed this life, we included everything we see as another piece to the whole. When we take offense, have our feelings hurt or suffer fear, it is about us and not the person or event that we feel inspired the emotion. Understand that I'm talking about everything from being pissed at your in-laws to the events of 9-11-2001. We inspired it with our thoughts, our actions and our fears. We designed this life.

I've often wondered how a lot of people can see the same events, but witness to radically different images. I once saw Alex Jones take a pub owner out on the street in England and point out the cameras around the establishment. The owner of the pub said he had never noticed them until the moment that Alex pointed them out to him. Alex Jones and those watching the video saw the cameras, but the pub owner who lived and worked in the area had never noticed them, what does that mean? The pub owner hadn't seen them, therefore they didn't exist. Alex Jones saw them, therefore they did exist. Is one wrong and the other right? No, they are both right.

I recently reread George Orwell's 1984 and after experiencing the fear of this becoming the reality of American today, I looked at it from a different perspective. What if the rigid enviroment, the ever watching eye, the battle to conform, die or lose you mind and the wordplay are exactly what we struggle with internally when we are seeking enlightment?

I pondered Winston Smith's dilemma of controlling history and the phase, "Whoever controls history, controls the present (and in turn, the future)" kept popping into my head. Then I thought since I have been led to this book and I am seeing the reverberations in the world around me, what am I telling myself? When I control my history(past, memories), then I control my present and therefore my future.

When George Orwell penned 1984 he created a reality, but it is not my reality. I designed this life, in perfectness and grace and the only thing that stops me from achieving the beauty of that reality is when I substitute other truths for my own. We came here fully understanding the struggle we were to undertake and so we planted a million seeds along the way, a million reminders to wake up and claim our creation, our greatness.

I now know that the Universe is great and abundant, layered, multidiminsional and dual. All things that reverberate greatly, also vibrate to the smallest degree and we are part of that whole, we are the whole. We have everything we will ever need, tell yourself you remember and you will remember.

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