Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Monday, June 04, 2007


I wrote an article last week for the American Chronicle entitled NWO Deception Faked Rapture and Project Blue Beam and in that article I mentioned Bohemian Grove, an ultra exclusive men's club in California in which our President and many other super rich and influential members of the Global society are members. If you are not familiar with Bohemian Grove see Alex Jones. And I received this email from a member of the Sonoma County Board of Education and it disturbed me.

"You know absolutely nothing about the Bohemian Grove and u tube is NOT accurate and very misleading. How I know this is I work there. So, one should not write about what they don't know and people who submit stuff on u tube only gave you what they wanted YOU to see. The Cremation of Care is a musical production, if you watch the video it is dark and no voices can be heard and the person that submitted that video did it for money. How sad that you have fallen into that stuff. Also please note that any one who is political and holding office are not allowed."

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begin:vcardfn:Angela Aubryn:Aubry;Angelaorg:Sonoma County Office of Education;Special Education/NPS-Foster Youth Grant adr:;;5340 Skylane Blvd.;Santa Rosa;CA;95403;USAtitle:Admin. Support Secretary IVtel;work:707-522-3222tel;fax:707-524-2709url:http://www.scoe.orgversion:2.1end:vcard

I reponded as follows:

Ms. Aubry,

I stated in the article: "Now I cannot say I know for sure what happens at the two-week yearly encampment at Bohemian Grove, because I have never been there, but if even one of the rumors about our leader’s endeavors are truth, then folks, we have been terribly misled."

Even if the "cremation of care" is a musical number, the occult aspect of it is quite obvious and for some reason, I am disturbed by the most powerful men in the world burning a mock casket at the foot of a giant owl, I don't like what that implies even if the background music is "Mary Had a Little Lamb". I am also disturbed by a member of the Education Department working with special needs children writing me in defense of such behavior.

The You Tube links I provided are simply photographs from a deceased member's estate(You Tube Photos of Bohemian Grove) and also a ABC news clip from 1981(ABC News 1981), I did not include the Alex Jones video. I am leaving it to the readers to make their own decisions about what occurs there, they say that a photograph speaks a thousand words and the photos are quite clear.

And just because one is not holding office, it doesn't automatically mean they no longer have influence on what occurs in this country and abroad.

Thanks for writing,

Am I the only one that finds it disturbing that this woman works for both the Board of Education and Bohemian Grove? Especially with Foster Youth.

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Anonymous said...

Very disturbing if you read John DeCamps or Noreen Gosch's books.Both books have been out ten years and neither have been sued despite many eyewitness accounts of law breaking that includes minors on the premises of BG against their will.