Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Why Now?

As usual I have been studying news, forums and blogs, seeking an elusive answer to a question that perhaps only lingers in my head. The question is, What the hell is going on? And I guess the answer is, more than I can wade through in a lifetime.

We seem to be at a breaking point, daily our news reports their ridiculous pre-packaged and approved stories and I wonder, Are they trying to piss us off? Recognizing that ambitious people always have a goal, I am stumped at the signs I see before me.

I am beginning to understand that we are being led, directed and manipulated and I’m not talking about the “sheep”, I talking about those called to seek.

I received an interesting email the other day, very well written, thoughtful and full of helpful advice, but underneath it was dark. His point was that the illusion was truth and smart people knew that, but it was unfair to the others for me to point out the illusions. I should latch on to an idea, reptilians, UFOs, 911 Truth or Church and run with it, but I should not go about pulling down the veils, the masses enjoy their illusion. I should simply grab a topic, true or not and enjoy the illusion and manipulate it for my advantage, because real truth seekers end up “broken and bitter”.

Disinformation is the deliberate dissemination of false information according to Wikipedia. Or disinformation is deliberately misleading information announced publicly or leaked by a government, intelligence agency, corporation or other entity for the purpose of influencing opinions or perceptions according to Source Watch. And for myself, I have found that wading through the available information attempting to find truth is like digging for marbles in the garden, occassionally you find one, but it takes a long time to fill up the jar.

And having spent some time studying various conspiracy theory websites and forums I have grown to understand another form of disinformation. I began to see a pattern with what the mainstream media is selling and the alternative, they want to piss us off and they want to scare us and many of the forums rule by the same mindset I saw in school, the bullies dominate, much like the decider, decides.

I like to understand the timing of things, I’m always asking, Why now? I know conspiracy theories have always been around, just like gossip, but there is a lot of money backing these endeavors of late and that translates to me that an awful lot of disinformation is being fed to the seeking masses, a huge distraction. But what are we being distracted from, what are we not seeing? The truth is hidden in plain sight, but the field is very cluttered and the light is not so bright.

Between terrorism, gang violence, sickness and disease, police state mentalities, chemtrails, concentration camps, satanic leaders, invasion of illegal aliens, rapes, murders, insane weather, impending famines, global warming, NWOs depopulation program and the upcoming chipping of the nation with the mark of the beast, we are being showed that this place sucks, that there is no hope, no escape and no way out. So why? Just fear for fear’s sake? Because our fear adds to their power? Or could it be something else?

In our arrogance we think we know, we think we have all the answers and understand the manipulations, but we are being fed and led. Sit back and consider why we are hearing all this now, why now? Why are we being led to believe there is no hope and no way out?

Love and Light

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A.V. Michaels said...

Hi Victoria,
I've been reading your blog with great interest; it's rare to find someone (and another woman besides) else online with such similar thoughts. Thanks for all your work and research.

Why now? I too have a feeling something wicked this way comes, both in our immediate future, i.e. 'terrorism', and within a few years, perhaps some kind of global catastrophe wherein the powers-that-be can move into their well-stocked underground bunkers and continue to rule the world.

You know you are not alone with these realizations, nor re. the negative comments that are sure to come. Thanks for keeping on keeping on.

PS I use my old blogger id here but my blog is now at