Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Rosie and Me

Evidently it is wrong to like Rosie O’Donnell, I received so much hate mail from my last article, Go, Rosie, Go that I was absolutely stunned. Who knew Americans were so sensitive? And so angry? Well, now I know and guess what, I still like Rosie. Although I have been called a moron, idiot, stupid, anti-American and other names I can’t mention in print, I understood what Rosie was attempting to explain, she is not the most eloquent speaker, but I have done the research and knew what she was trying to relay. I naively assumed that others had done their homework, as well and didn’t figure it was my job to point out all the inequities of the investigation, but I was wrong. Obviously we like to be spoon-fed our opinions in America, we like to turn on the television or radio and have a box tell us what to think, we trust the media to tell us the truth and we are willing to fight anyone that says something different than what we heard.

I, myself, like to think outside of the box. I understand the fear involved in acknowledging things are not as they seem, but I feel it is my duty to rise above that fear. As I have stated in previous articles, Americans like their lives just so and few are willing to upset the apple cart, because in doing so we might lose some material possessions, some security. We may lose some of the “things” that define us, cars, our houses, electronics, and our toys, we may have to make hard decisions and who wants to do that? But the families of the 911 victims had no choice, their worlds were turned upside down in an instant, their lives changed forever, the perceptions radically readjusted.

And what many may not understand until they have experienced it, is that when you lose a loved one, you have questions, you want details, you want answers. It is not simply something you accept and go on with your life, you have to understand every aspect of your loved one’s death. But in America, the widows of the 911 tragedies were condemned for asking questions and Ann Coulter made big bucks by calling these suffering women “harpies” and suggesting that they were enjoying the loss of their husbands.

If we leave aside, for the time being, how steel buildings can disintegrate into dust from fire, within minutes and look to the other issues, like the plane crashing into the Pentagon, You Tube with little debris or the plane crashing in a field in Pennsylvania with only pieces smaller than a phonebook left behind You Tube, those riddles are enough to make a thinking person question. And it has been reported that the master mind of the 911 attacks, Osama bin Laden, was in an American hospital in Dubai recovering from kidney dialysis on September 10th, 2001 and likely there on September 11th, 2001. As he was already on the FBI’s most wanted list, why was he allowed to leave that hospital? link It was also reported that in July of 2001 Osama bin Laden underwent surgery at the same hospital and while there met with members of the CIA. link

It is amazing to me that the mere asking of questions can generate such hateful and mean-spirited reactions. It seems we are more willing to be appeased with stories that don’t really add up, than to actually want to know the truth, because the truth of what happened that day might change our perceptions radically. It is easier to believe that 19 hijackers took over planes on a suicide mission, despite the reporting that many of these people are still alive. Loose Change and BBC

There is an incredible amount of information available on the Internet concerning the inequities of the 911 investigation, but I guess one must want to seek the truth, one must be willing to empty their cup and accept what they know might not be complete. I don’t claim to know who is responsible for this tragedy, but I do see that there are a lot of legitimate questions that are not receiving answers. Many high-ranking government officials have expressed criticism over the 911 Commission Report and questions about what occurred that faithful day. Patriots Question 911 And although it is implied that all experts agree with the 911 Commission Report, that is also not the truth, many have lost their jobs for standing up against overwhelming pressure.

So my heart goes out to Rosie O’Donnell for standing up for what she believes in and having experienced only a tiny bit of the hate she must be experiencing, she should be commended for her courage.