Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's Happening

It’s happening, it’s really happening - I’ve been saying it since Katrina. I don’t feel it all the time, but occasionally I’ll be reading or watching the news and keeping up on current events when the feeling will sweep over me and I know… It’s happening. I don’t know what the It is, but I know it is occurring and will affect many of us.

I’ve actually spent the last couple years trying to determine what the It is and I’ve come across so many possible scenarios, it’s impossible to cling to any one truth. I suspect they all contain some truth - bits and pieces scattered around to keep us guessing. And although it seems many seekers disagree on several levels, most of us are getting those odd flashes, perhaps reminders, that what ever is going to happen is underway.

We feel it in our bones, we feel it in the way our eyes fall on the clock at certain times, everyday. We feel it in those strange moments when we are taken aback by everyday sights, suddenly seeing them from a new perspective. We feel it in our dreams and those quiet moments between sleeping and waking when we suddenly receive insights and visions and awake knowing more than we did before we went to bed.

The signs are around us, both obvious and hidden - the markers of change. And we recognize them on some level, whether or not we choose to acknowledge it. I wonder, at times, how we know these signs, how we “remember” them, but at this point it no longer matters. We see the events escalating around us and the fear grows thicker with each passing day. And although I can’t see what is on the other side of the hill, I feel very certain that fear is not necessary.

Fear has been piped into our consciousness, feeding an energy that we cannot see. There are a lot of names for what this energy may be, but if we strip down the words and levels of reality, we come to the conclusion, that what ever it is, it simply is and has always been. But we don’t have to be pulled down by this fearful energy thief, like crabs in a bucket, I believe that rising above the fear is what we are supposed to be doing right now, instead of falling into the horrors pumped out by the 24/7 propaganda barrage.

Some believe that nothing ever changes, but history tells a different tale and we are on the verge of changes, but how they will manifest I do not know. I do believe, however, that we have more power than we know and it is not written in stone that we will simply become victims of forces we perceive to be greater than us. I believe it is possible to create our own small paradise even in the midst of all the chaos.

There are many gurus and false prophets sent to guide us, but deep in our hearts we know a true prophet would not sing his own praises. A true spiritual leader would not say, “look at me”, but, rather, “look inside”. And a genuine guru would never inform us we have no power and must fight; he would know we have all the power and should simply be.

We live in an over-stimulated world with millions vying for attention, but there is a lot to be said for being still and hearing silence. As the media harps on financial doom, as the storms boil in the seas and as the wars rage, we must find that quiet spot within to retreat, to refresh, to regroup in the face of chaos. The Cherokee once warned that in the end of days time would speed up, events would escalate and the way to survive would be to slow down - the faster the world spins, the slower the wise ones would become.

Despite our knowing that the media spins truth to fit a pre-arranged agenda, our fear, our reptile brain, does not recognize the illusion and when our news anchors allude to fear, we are well programmed to take it as truth. Fear is the desired response, not the truth. Fear keeps us in our place, mired in the depths of confusion, never realizing the power we hold. Fear keeps us running the straight line, rarely stopping for breath or studying the view around us. How can we see beyond the veil of illusion when we are constantly worried, fearful and rushed?

The media paints a picture of what is occurring, but we do not have to accept that picture as our own. Whatever is happening, is happening and we always knew it would - many of us came into the world knowing. And we must remember that no celebrity, politician, prophet or guru can lead us to safety, only through slowing down and looking inside can we find the key. We have the knowledge, we were born with it and now is the time to embrace it and rise above this falling house of cards.

Be Still

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Disclosure Is Close, Are They Coming?

I always wonder about the timing of things and rarely believe that things “just happen”, especially when viewed in the national spotlight. I gave up believing in coincidences a long time ago and realize under the guise of happenstance, many gears are turning. So it was with curiosity and a desire to see beneath the fabric that I tuned into ABC last night to watch UFOs: Seeing Is Believing (Part 2) hosted by David Muir. Part 1 of this series aired in February of 2005 and was hosted by the late Peter Jennings and Part 2 mainly rehashed the Jennings episode, but this time more respected witnesses were brought forward and less debunking occurred.

I realize across the world people are anxiously awaiting disclosure and many believe that these visiting aliens may be our salvation from a doomed and dying world, but I can’t get past the idea that we are being led, not towards disclosure, but a grand deceit. While viewing television of late, both the programming and the advertisements, I’ve kept one question in mind and that question is, “What do they want me to believe?” Those in the know understand that television is absolute propaganda, changing the thinking and foundation of our country. And when we can approach our viewing from that mindset, a lot of truths become clear - not the packaged and approved “truth” being sold with expensive airtime, but the motivations behind them. We know our media is owned by a select group of men, no longer does free press reign in our world, so we must always keep that fact in the back of our minds and question their goals.

I’ve noticed in recent years that stories of UFOs and strange lights have gotten more and more mainstream attention and although I know it thrills many in the UFO community, it puts a twinge in my gut. The only reason UFOs are getting attention is that someone, with a lot of money and power, has decided to allow it. We must remember that as tightly controlled as the media is, we will not view what we are not supposed to see. So why are we seeing it now? Where are we being led?

If the belief in UFOs and extraterrestrials had remained on the fringe, I could have looked upon it with the eyes of a child, alight with curiosity and mystery, but seeing it fall into the hands of the mainstream, it becomes suspect. With countries beginning to release their previously top-secret UFO files, the Vatican stating that the belief in aliens is not inconsistent with the belief in God and cable and networks releasing programming supporting such beliefs, I think it is time to step back and reevaluate the situation.

The media created this storm of UFO belief in the 40s and 50s and although it appeared on the surface that the government did not believe, the seed was planted and over the years, nourished by movies, books and television. And now that seed, a sturdy and strong tree, is about to bear fruit. We must remember that the sowing of this seed was not natural, it was created in a lab of ratings and radio advertisements, book sales and television, so we must truly be cautious when embracing the change we see sweep through the mainstream opinion base.

The last few years have been ripe with war, fear, financial doom and natural disasters and at the same time, UFOs have flourished in the media and again I wonder, why now? I’ve written a couple articles on the Blue Beam theory of a faked alien invasion and a couple on the idea of mass depopulation and it seems to me these ideas fit together perfectly. Or perhaps since God has been replaced by science, we need to be given a new savior. Or maybe we aren’t responding to the terrorist agenda as was expected and a new fear must be instituted to keep us in line. Whatever the motivation behind the swing towards disclosure, we must remember it is a manipulation provided by the ones with the most power and influence and the only reason those doors are opening is because there is a plan and I would wager, it is not in our best interests.

With banks failing at a record rates, gas and food prices escalating daily, parts of the Gulf coast decimated by Hurricane Ike and the elections dividing us more and more I think it grows important to analyze why our leaders want us to look to the skies. There’s a lot going on, mixed messages confusing and exhausting us, police state mentalities appearing across the map and now our leaders want us to trust them as they inform us that there may be UFOs and extraterrestrial life out there and maybe, soon to be here.

As I explore the Internet, I see more and more posts from those dreaming of craft in the skies, of a war playing out in the heavens and from what I can gather those dreams are tinged with fear and the desire to escape. And frankly as one who shares the same dream, I found it fascinating that others were also experiencing it and I take it as a warning that if these dreams bloom into reality, it is not a good scenario for the average citizen. If there are UFOs and extraterrestrials, I do not believe that they will ride in like the White Knight in some fairy tale to rescue us. And if the aliens are already here, as some surmise, then they’ve been rubbing elbows with the very elite that we know we cannot trust and again, that doesn’t work out well for us.

Last night I watched as ABC programmed millions of viewers to believe that UFOs are real, not just the die-hard ufologists who already believe, but the masses and if we don’t question the motivation behind their actions, I fear many will be deceived.

Keep Seeking

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Skipping Through The Valley

It seems I’ve been staring into the abyss yet again, you’d think by now I’d know better, but I believe that we are meant to seek, to look under the rocks and explore the darkened corners. I have been told that “real” truth seekers end up bitter and alone and that the object of this “game” we are playing is to latch onto one theory and run with it towards fame and fortune, whether or not it contains truth. And although I know the world down here is full of illusion, the thought that some see the search as simply about deceit and money struck me as highly disturbing.

Yet, I recognize that many feel this way and many approach life as if it is one big game of Monopoly, with the object being to be the banker. But my desire and the reason I seek like I do, staring into the murky depths, is to find the key Jesus spoke of and to free myself from this prison. The prison I speak of is all around us, but many don’t see it. It’s a prison of conformity, of "one thought fits all" and it is claustrophobic - leaving me to punch at the restraining walls to clear my view.

I believe to really know God and to find the peace that I am seeking I must rise above all illusion and see things exactly as they are, but no one ever said the search would be easy. It’s disconcerting to realize many things that we once held as truth, are nothing but lies. Yet, we must move forward, always striving to uncover another gem to add to our collection. We must pull up our boot straps and take the next step, speak our truth, but not wield it as a weapon. And we must accept when those we love fall behind or take another path, but we can not allow that to inhibit our progression. Sometimes we simply must let go and trust.

I have often compared this journey through life to the walk through the valley of the shadow of death referred to in Psalm 23, you know, the one in which we are to fear no evil. But fear is overwhelming down here, programmed into us and manipulated through the media to sell product. We accept fear as a normal part of our lives and we pass the fear through our families, onto our children and grandchildren and feel secure that we have taught them well.

They say the meek inherit the earth, but who, then, gets the kingdom? Can we find the kingdom with our heads down, absently following the advice of self-professed experts? And if the meek, fearful and obedient, receive the earth, do the bold, reckless and shunning convention, find the kingdom? For myself, I want the kingdom. I want to be free of the illusions, I want to break out of the confining boxes of convention, “common knowledge” and the way it’s always been done, I want to know the secrets and understand the lies.

There are many boogey men in this valley of shadows and death, many monsters waiting in the wings to frighten us from searching. But I am beginning to understand they have no power over us, they are simply cardboard cut outs in a ridiculously repeating fun house and until we can move beyond each one, it will continue to haunt us.

Keep Seeking