Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Friday, December 29, 2006

The Holy Days

Remember to stay positive, don't dwell in the darkness. I spent the majority of the Christmas vacation with the television on, I wanted to check out what the world was saying and what chaos resides out there. The world seems so small through the eyes of the box, the choices limited. Sadly, we saw the loss of James Brown, the godfather of soul (the hardest for me, my home town hero), Gerald Ford, ex-president and Frank Stanton, ex-CBS president and the creator of the "eye" logo. Three great men, three "kings" of their chosen worlds, I wonder what that means in the bigger picture.

I watched a lot of religious shows, surprising how much was available in such a secular world. When I expected to hear wonderful messages of hope, as it was Christmas, I heard of war. The same message repeated on each program, the war on Christmas, the war on Christians, I heard of murder, saw an interview with a pastor who helped save Jeffrey Dahmer's soul, and then I heard of more killing. And I kept thinking this is Christmas aren't we supposed to be rejoicing in the promise of eternal blessings, or something like that, but all I heard was war. Then I watched a bible prophesy minister who seemed to imply that the coming of the microchip implants (the number of the beast) was "exciting" and after showing some news articles from NASA said that the new Jerusalem would be coming from space. Sometimes I feel like a stranger dropped in a strange land, I always thought church was supposed to make you feel good, loved and secure in your salvation, but all I saw was fear, terror and an obsession with death.

Then, of course, I got on the Internet to see what the smaller churches were saying and I found much the same message. Is there a war on Christmas? I think there is a war on common sense and sanity. I think there is a war on free thinking. I think there are grand manipulations on so many levels of our reality that the manipulations are manipulated. I was reminded of Orwell's 1984, how can I not be? Love is hate, Ignorance is strength and War is peace. So folks, the question becomes how do we stay positive in an upside down, twisted, mirrored world?

First we need to breathe and remember why we are here. We are not rats in a maze, we are spirits of God. We are not here to hate and judge, we are here to learn, grow and become brighter lights for God. We are not soulless consumers and competitors, we are the children of God, chosen to become great.

Be good to you, take the time to put up your feet and relax, take time to clear your mind of all the noise. Know that the energy you feel has been spoken about for eons, it's a natural evolution of the spirit. Trust yourself, a lot of powerful delusions exist today, trust your intuition to guide you through the jungle of chaos.

Take the time to smile, laugh and wonder. See goodness. Breathe in nature. Turn off the television. And as important as seeking is, remember to rest and recharge.

Love and Peace

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Who Benefits?

The words, Who benefits?, have been ringing in my head. Who benefits if we are finding ourselves believing in religion, aliens, the illuminati, lizards as the elite, the rapture, the ascension, the harvest, the bible, the devil or the nwo shadowy government? As crazy as many of these ideas may sound to some, there are people making lots of money selling these ideas and more and more people are believing them everyday. So they all become relevant in the bigger scheme in what is happening in our world.

We must ask ourselves if we fall in line, like ducks on the way to water, who benefits? Are we just one mind here on earth? Or are we free thinking individuals? It has been said that the Universe has invested a lot in our becoming individuals and it would be wise not to throw it away. We must ask ourselves who is funding these people with the slick websites, videos and books? Yes, a lot of their facts on history and politics are right on target, but are their conclusions? Are they seeking to spread truth or dissension? Are they striving to wake us up or bring us out? Do they want to stir our emotions and use our power for good or create paranoia and more darkness?

The reason I began asking these questions was a news article that came to my attention on the solstice. A virgin birth was announced as a komodo dragon had laid 7 eggs without relations with a male dragon, a miracle! Wow. Just days before Christmas and I thought surely the christians are up in arms over this "virgin birth", but no, evidently not. I searched the websites, watched my local christian channel, but no. Wow. Okay, but surely the christian conspiracy theorists would have noticed this announcement, isn't this what those folks call blasphemy? So I looked around, and no, no reaction. Strange, I thought, double checked my facts, yes, it was still in the papers, the eggs now described as 8, but the story was basically the same. Okay, then surely those people that believe the evil lizards are ruling the illuminati and the banks, surely those guys have seen what this means in their worlds of code and trickery, surely they have jumped on this announcement, but no, I was wrong again.

I'm not much of a bible reader, I have several and I have been known to pick one up from time to time and try to make sense of it, so when I heard of the dragon with the 7 eggs, I immediately remembered that I had read something like that in the bible, so I looked it up. Yes, right there in revelations 12, something about a red dragon with 7 heads, pretty close, so why hadn't the folks that run that rapture index mentioned this tidbit? How could the christian sites, that carry all-you-will-need-for-your-rapture-experience, not have noticed? Why didn't all those prophesy sites post and repost articles concerning a virgin birth of a dragon at Christmas and revelations? I'm sure I missed some sites that did, but the ones the majority rely on have said not a word, have not opened a dialogue and I find that odd.

The truth is hidden in plain sight, I guess, isn't that the way with all great puzzles and riddles? I suppose the difficult part is seeing past the trick the light is playing on our eyes. Remember, there are shreds of truth running through all these theories, conjectures and facts, but it is in the interpretation that changes your journey through the carnival fun house, the valley of death. Just because something jumps out and scares the hell out of you, doesn't mean that is the whole truth! The complete puzzle is bigger and more vast than we can comprehend, the pieces, scary as they may be, are out of context, don't get stopped by the special effects. As seekers it is our job to look at all the possible pictures, dust off our intuition and feel our way through the fun house tunnel until our eyes adjust. So when a new idea falls in your lap, ask... Who benefits?

Happy Seeking

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Keep Hope Alive

I've been struggling with the concept of time, attempting to make sense in how western time and mayan time could possibly match. I've also been attempting to see how time truly is circular, not linear after all. I've wandered through history, connecting the dots between the rise and fall of kingdoms and atrocities perpetrated by men in the name of God. I've studied Jesus trying to discern the truth of his words, from what I've been told they mean. I spent some time understanding politics, fascism and all the other ism's. I've looked into the conspiracy theories and decided the only conspiracy is the denial that many of these theories are truth. I've watched videos about HAARP, Bohemian Grove, Disclosure Projects, 911 Truth and I've seen Alex Jones, David Icke and a myriad of others. I've been to the Christian websites and have viewed the videos and TV broadcasts. I've cruised into space and time with Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking. I read about prophesies from all cultures. And I've scanned the latest videos on Youtube of ufo and meteor sightings. I've walked through the metaphysical pages explaining the upcoming Shift in dimensions. And more. I feel like I've been around the world and back looking for continuous threads that tie this picture together.

And a lot of what I have seen is fear, control, wordplay and illusion. I have found it best to approach many of these subjects, sites and ideas with a "Who benefits?" mentality. Who benefits if I believe this idea? Does it add fear to an already fearful world? Can I push through the fear to find the real motive behind this idea being released into the world? What's this person or group selling? Are they wishing to enlighten me or scare me? Do their ideas steal hope? Is the only solution to the issue they are proposing to fight? To hate? To cause more divisions?

Enlightenment is a funny thing, when you open the doors on the dark, it takes a few minutes for your eyes to adjust and to see things clearly. Fear is part of the adjustment process, it is said that first you will be disturbed, then you will be amazed, but the loss of hope means you are seeing an illusion. It is true that forces we can not comprehend rule this earth and keep the illusions alive, be they men or lizards or aliens it does not matter, because the machine is dying. The machine feeds on fear, stop living in fear and you stop feeding the machine.

My problem with understanding the time frame came from not seeing the macrocosm, being human and seeing only earth time, I wasn't seeing the whole picture. It's not just earth time being affected by this change it is All time. All planets, All Universes, it is God, not the vengeful, jealous God, full of human inconsistencies that we have been taught about since birth, but the real God of which we can not comprehend. It is evolution. All things change with time, even time.

I also struggled to get past seeing time as linear, from point A to B to C and instead seeing it as circular, which means all time is now, just different dimensions of now. Which means, theoretically, by changing our thoughts to positive we can change the past and therefore the future. The past is not sealed and unchangeable as men would have us believe, we have tried to seal the past with words and books, tried to make it whole and solid, therefore linear, but it has not worked.

We have tried to encapsulate ourselves, to prevent further evolution, but man can not control the workings of God. Man can not control time and natural cycles. The evolution is occurring right on schedule, the fear that has kept us trapped is being exposed as illusions. The things we are seeing are not new things, the conspiracies, concentration camps, chemtrails, secret wars and secret societies, none of these things are new, we are just waking up. These things have always existed, kingdoms don't fall, they just change hands, the face of the ruler and the land on which it stands changes, not the ideals behind the control. As we individually wake up and see these things for what they are, the entire consciousness of the world also awakens.

For two thousand years (if not longer, time is funny) religion and politics have joined hands and resources to keep us ignorant of our essential being, our God connection. The leaders at the top of the pyramid have known about this shift and thought they could out smart God, who is calling us, and maintain their power. The television tells us hundreds of times a day that we are sick and need this drug or that one to feel better, to be normal, to fit in. Social anxiety? Male enhancement? Diabetes? Cancer? Hundreds of time a day they insert that thought, that fear into our minds. Are you sick yet? The news chases ideas of terror, domestic terror, international terror, kids killing kids terror, lunatics shooting innocents terror, flu epidemic terror, war terror, money terror. Are you scared yet? Then the religious right tell us that the rapture is coming any day and you better be in church or you may be left behind to suffer the wrath of God. Are you praying yet? And on top of all this we must go to work, get the kids to soccer, cook meals, wash clothes, work overtime to pay down those credit cards and have fun! Are you tired yet? Precisely the point.

Step out from the electronic world and feel the change. When the television tells you of war and disease step into your back yard or local park and see if you can see that of which they speak. The time has come to put your intellect and big media, politics and religion aside and know your intuition. The change is upon us, the Shift, the Rapture, the end of a time... however you choose to view it, but know you have far more control over the face of this change than you have ever imagined. Seek and study, break down the barriers of fear, shine the light in the dark corners and see that what you thought was a monster is really just a pair of dirty jeans. And above all else, keep hope alive.

Love, Light and Clarity

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Time and Chemtrails

I've got some questions....If the Mayan calendar ends 12-21-2012 and time is speeding up, how do we know their date and our date is the same? We know that the calendar we live by in the west has been manipulated over and again through history, so how do the days match? It is said that the Mayan calendar never errs, but it is also said that the Bible never contradicts itself, these are things I have been told, not things that I know. It's not the Mayan calendar I have trouble with, it's our ability to interrupt their facts.

If time is speeding up, wouldn't we feel it? How would that manifest in our individual experiences? Would clocks fall out of synch? Would seasons? Have we become so conditioned to seek our timekeeping from computers and cable boxes, that we would just adjust our "old fashioned" clocks accordingly? What about our own biological clocks? Wouldn't they just adjust to the seasons they had always known, disregarding the date on the calendar?

I felt the change as early as 3-3-03, as a strange pull to the change of seasons that I had never felt before, I didn't recognize it at the time and assumed it was a physical illness. The doctors agreed and found something to cut out of my body and after months of recovery, I felt the pull even stronger by autumn. By spring of 2004, I awoke knowing that the beat of the earth had changed, altered in a way I couldn't define, but I knew that it was truth. The only analogy I could think to find was to compare it to the beat of music, changing from 4/4 time to 3/4 time, which I didn't understand because I was not musical, but a month later I began playing the drums. It honestly was a frightening time for me and I questioned my sanity, how could I just know something that no one else seemed to notice? Discovering the Mayan calendar and studying time and perception was a huge validation for the odd things I have experienced in the last few years.

I see a lot of conspiracy theories out there and I've wondered the most about chemtrails, the patterns, stripes and various designs we are seeing in the skies above us. Part of the Mayan prophesy is that serpent ropes will drop from the heavens towards the end of the calendar to help us ascend to the next dimension. Could serpent ropes and chemtrails be one in the same? We see the chemtrails in various forms, some see planes distributing them, some can't see the plane, others see orbs. It's funny how we didn't notice them until someone pointed them out to us or we heard a rumor or saw something on the internet and then we all suddenly saw them. How long have they really been there? Or is it indeed a recent production? And what if we are only seeing what our perception allows us to see? Do we see planes because that is what we expect to see up there? Do we see them now because they have recently begun or have they always been there and we are just waking up? Are they poisoning us or are they thinning the veil?

I believe that this is the most important time we will ever experience, the earth, humanity and time is changing, our thoughts are manifesting into things faster than any other time in our history. We need to remember that fear is the illusion, but it is an illusion that can cause great harm. Remember that fear is just a step on the stairway to higher knowing, if you linger on that stair, you are missing the great view from the top. Remember to think positively, mind your thoughts, because you are bringing to yourself what you are thinking about, forget the past, it no longer exists. See your reflection in those around you and grow from it, learn from it. And above all else, send love, send love to your future, because we are creating it this very moment.

Love and Joy

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Gospel of Thomas

At lot of controversy has stemmed from the gnostic gospels, many feeling that this is the Jesus that they knew existed and were unable to find in the Bible and many feeling that it is sacrilege to even mention the word gnosis (knowledge). It seems to me the more artistic the person, the more the gospels seem to apply and the more fundamental, frightened or materially bound the person, the greater the sin for seeking.

I suppose that the idea of salvation coming from outside of you could be a soothing idea, knowing that being dunked in water and saying a few words can clear all obstacles from your path to heaven and knowing that once you are saved, you are always saved, is a wonderful theory, but is it truth? After I discovered the gnostic gospels a few years ago, I mentioned to a friend (a lifelong Catholic) that I figured I was a gnostic christian, there was silence on the phone line for a few seconds and then she whispered, as though God was listening, that I didn't know what I was saying. There was fear in her voice as though I had just admitted to murdering someone and maybe in her opinion not agreeing with the orthodoxial view is comparable to murder.

I guess the problem I have had with religion is the way it is man-aged, we must all conform to one ideal, one solution, one way. We must not stray from the path of what the leaders have laid before us, we are to assume that they know Jesus better, but the Gospel of Thomas tells us that Jesus said, "The pharisees and the scribes have taken the keys of knowledge(gnosis) and hidden them. They themselves have not entered, nor have they allowed to enter those who wish to. You, however, be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves." #39

Our religious leaders want us to believe that they have the answers and that the path of salvation is through them and only they can save us. But in the gospel, Jesus said, "If those that lead you say to you, 'See, the kingdom is in the sky,' then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, 'It is in the sea,' then the fish will precede you. Rather, the kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you. When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known, and you will realize that it is you who are the sons of the living father. But if you will not know youselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty." #3 So how can our leaders help us know ourselves? Isn't "finding ourselves" the cause of much suffering in the religious community? Isn't that considered selfish? We are to know that we are born sinners and then look to those above us to point us in the right direction. Perhaps if our leaders knew themselves better, then Ted Haggart wouldn't have been telling his congregation one thing and his prostitute lover and meth provider another.

So why were the ways of salvation hidden from us, I guess the question one mught ask is, "Who benefits from our ignorance?" and the answer becomes perfectly clear. The churches on every corner and their leaders benefit. So seekers continue seeking, don't be strayed from the path by fear or condemnation. Jesus said, "I shall choose you, one out of a thousand, and two out of ten thousand, and they shall stand as a single one." #23 and he also said, "Blessed are the solitary and elect, for you will find the kingdom. For you are from it, and to it you will return." #49

Happy Seeking

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Prediction or Creation

It has become apparent to me that millions feel the change on the earth, it's has also become apparent to me that there are thousands of theories about what is occurring. Is it global warming? Is Jesus on his way? Are the ET's about to make themselves known? Are we ascending into the next dimension? Are millions about to disappear in the blink of an eye? Or are millions about to be killed by the wars raging across the planet? Are corrupt governments falling? Or is the New World Order about to take over and enslave us in a new holocaust?

With all these ideas flying through cyberspace, people are grasping for truth, people are fearful and are preparing themselves for a battle of epic proportions. And I want to remind everyone that thoughts are things, what you focus on, what you believe, what you fear and what you talk about you are bringing into creation. I know the lament, we must be informed! You can't just put your head in the sand and ignore the world and I want to ask, why not? Why not?

The Internet is an amazing tool, add the high speed connection and it is the modern day creation of the Tower of Babel, many of us using it as a means to find our God. It connects all races, all nations and all languages in a forum to share ideas, I called it the God machine long before it dawned on me that maybe it was a way to find that which we all seek. It is a Universal connection to the divine sitting in our own homes and what we seek through those wires, we will surely find. It is the teacher and the creator of worlds, just spend some time looking through sites and you will find worlds that are lovely and ugly, you will find truth and lies, light and darkness, love and hate and that which you cling to, you will surely bring into your own creations.

Sometimes when I look at the world through the eyes of the Internet or the Television I get the sense that I am looking at a dead machine, engines still spinning, just waiting to run out of gas or finally blow a gasket, it seems that there is no intelligence behind the images anymore, just the recycling of old ideas and stories. History has been shown to repeat itself, whether or not we are aware of the previous events, so are we standing at the foot of the Tower, awaiting God's wrath for seeking him? Was it God that tore down the tower or man, fearing we were getting too close to the truth? Knowing that once we found God, we wouldn't need leaders and Kings. Knowing that once we saw God, we would realize that this world we call reality truly is a corpse and we are above it, it has no more power over us.
The rapture believers see that a third of the earth's population will ascend into heaven, in the blink of an eye or in a flash of white light, leaving the rest to suffer the wrath of God. The ascension believers see that earth's population is ascending to a new level of consciousness, becoming more of a light/love-being, more God-like and that each person that awakens helps the rest of the world awaken. Both groups believe that a new heaven and earth will be created. I think they are both right, I think both groups will create what they envision.
We have to remember that thoughts are things, the more beautiful the thought, the more beautiful the creation. We must learn to love our neighbors, we must learn to take responsibilty for our own existance, we must remember it is our creation. If we are victims, then we have chosen to be and we can just as easily choose to be victors. And if we choose to see genocide perpetrated by a loving God, then we could be creating the demise of those we love. If we choose to see heaven on earth, beauty, love, health and abundance for all, then we can create that, as well.
I do believe that big changes are happening in the earth, galactic, mythical or biblical, you decide. And remembering that it is a choice, I ask you to see love and joy, not dispair and fear. I ask you to see abundance, not lack. I ask you to see people awaking to beauty, not burning in hell for their sins. What you see, you attract, what you feel for others, you bring home to yourself. See goodness, see blessings, see love.
Bringing about a new heaven on earth....

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


The band Chicago had a song entitled, "Does Anyone Know What Time It Is" and I used to think, What a stupid song, but now I understand a little more of what they may have been saying. It is said that the Mayan calendar runs out in the year 2012 and I wonder why we believe that will actually happen in our date 2012. I resonate with the Mayan belief systems and the thread of creativity that runs through the world and us, all I doubt is that our date keeping and theirs is in alignment.

Maybe my obsession of late with time is a little out there, but I feel that our time wrong. Okay folks, I began pondering time when a voice in a dream told me to pay attention to it, so I did some studying. In 46 BC while a adopting the Julian calendar we had a year that was 455 days long and when the British Empire adopted the Gregorian calendar the date changed from September 2, 1752 to September 14, 1752 overnight. Now we've been adding or taking away days ever since we began keeping calendars, so why do believe todays date is 12-12-2006?

I know the reality of the situation is that everyone must keep the same date to maintain the same perception of time, we must make our meetings and pay our bills, but does that mean our time is correct? I suppose that if everyone has the same perception and thoughts create things, then the thought of millions that todays date is 12-12-2006 is factual and true, but it still feels off to me.

When I see so much information and speculation out there about the 2012 Ascension and I see people planning for this change in dimension, I wonder if all the plans are based on an errant date. Of course, when we talk about these things we are talking about spiritual realms, spiritual events and do days and dates exist as we know them on that level of being? And there is God, I imagine s/he could smooth the folds between time into one cohesive and inclusive pattern. So maybe in All Time, days and years have no meaning and it is a mute point.

But what if in natures time it isn't 2006, but 2011? Or 2010? Would the events unfold as the Mayans predicted in our year 2012 or in theirs? Does our thought power of creation exceed the earths power of natural, regular and expected evolution? Is the date what it is because we have created it that way? It has been said that no man knows the date or time, but it has also been said that what you are waiting on has already occured and you just don't recognize it.

Time is important, difficult to man-age and not absolute, so do you know what time it is? I'll leave you with what the voice in the dream said to me, "Pay attention, something is wrong with time."

Love and Joy

Thursday, December 07, 2006

It's About Time

It is said that time is a continuum from the past through the present and into the future, it is also motion of mass. Some say time is linear, a straight line from beginning to end, others say it is circular, the beginning being the end and still others believe there is no beginning or end, just a loop.

It is said that the calendar is the center of a civilization and the one we use is the Gregorian Calendar, it was named for Pope Gregory XIII and put into practice February 24, 1582, although it took a couple hundred years for all nations to embrace the change. Periodically calendars have to be adjusted because even through time is said to a continuum that is unchanging, is it also not absolute. Even though we have a process for keeping up with the days, it slides out of sync with the seasons and needs to be updated.

So what is time? Is it an unchanging continuum, irreversible, a straight line through the Universe? Or is it an evolving circle? The Mayan culture believed that there were cycles within time, history repeating itself. The Mayan calendar was not so much about time as it was the flow of creation and the ability to recognize repeating patterns. The Gregorian calendar is a commerse calendar concerned with taxes, tithes and money.

Before we knew the earth was round, we knew of the wheel of life. Before we knew time was linear, we knew it was circular and being circular, it was full of repeating patterns. Before we knew we had only one life on this earth, we knew of reincarnation and we had as many lives as we needed to see the patterns, many attempts at evolution.

Evolution is the theory that organisms change morphologically (form or structure, including language) and physiologically with time, also refered to as natural selection. Isn't that what has happened through history? We have changed calendars, language, ideals of beauty, currency and religion, isn't that evolution? We believe that as human beings we are the apex, we have risen to the heights of technology, education, medicine and science, we have evolved with time to be the giants of the earth.

It has been said that the only constant is change and if time is not solid, if time is changable, all things are changable, especially and including us humans. Changing calendars and attempting to control time has not stopped the evolution of the planet, the spiritually elect are being awakened. Do you know what time it is?

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Waking Up

Folks are waking up, there is beautiful energy lighting the earth! I've pondered so much the unconsciousness of the planet and have seen it inside myself and wondered why it seemed so hard to stay awake. The gnostic Valentinus (100-153 AD) spoke of a forgetfulness that descends on mankind. In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus was said to say that mankind was intoxicated. The gnostic Sylvia Brown says that earth is the insane asylum of the Universe.

We have understood we are born sinners and that we have to work very hard to be accepted into the pearly gates of heaven. But we are God's creation, He would not have created us wrong, lacking. We were seeds of perfection on the earth, beautiful blossoms, shining with God's light and then we learned we were sinners. What if we come into life perfect, without sin and having all the information we need tucked inside us? Then the forgetfulness, the intoxication come as we learn the ways of this world. Each generation teaches the next generation and one can only teach what one knows. I believe it was Jesus who said, the blind will lead the blind into a pit.

In the Bible it mentions that we need to seek, but that seems to be only as far as your nearest church and then consider yourself done, you have found. The Gospel of Thomas quotes Jesus as saying "Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds. When he finds he will become troubled. When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and he will rule over the All."

We have understood that we are to accept on the basis of faith and trust in the dogma that is handed down to us. Dogma is an unquestioned belief, how can we seek without questioning? How can we shed this cloak of forgetfulness, the fog of intoxication without shining the light on things that may make us and others uncomfortable? We can only see that which is illuminated, we can not see in the dark and ignorance of the Truth is a very dark and sleep filled place.

Yes, we are seeing things that are disturbing to us, we are looking into to ideas that years ago would have seemed so foreign, or even sinful, to us and we have felt the guilt for not doing as we have been told. We have felt the change on the earth and have grown restless with the limiting boundaries we perceive around us and we are finding that most of the fences we see are indeed an illusion. Tell yourself you remember God, say it out loud and then trust that you will remember. Once we shed the weight of forgetfulness, we will know and be known.

It is a glorious time to be alive, seeking has never been easier and never before have so many been seeking. The earth is filling with light and beauty, know it, feel it, trust it, it is an incredible time to be living.


Monday, December 04, 2006

On Your Journey

Life is beautiful. Don't forget, as you delve into the mysteries of your existance, that life is beautiful. The darkness and fear you think you see is an illusion, it's wordplay. Instead of labeling that feeling anxiety, call it joy and excitment about being alive, breathe into it, don't fight it, it's a glorious time to be alive, of course you are excited.

Remember to take the time to be still and breathe, time is funny, you have as much as you think you have. Remind yourself you have all the time in the world. Enjoy the art you are creating, your art is truth, your truth. The art you are creating is the reality you will know.

When you look out the window or step out of the door, see the signs the Universe is sending you, take the time to observe. The mocking bird on the butterfly bush was a sign to you, trust that message, know that all is well, beautiful and progressing just as it should.

When you step out into the world, see the people you meet along your way as a reflection of yourself, the guy moving slow in the fast lane, could be you on another day, be nice, be patient, you have all the time you need to get where you are going.

When you check your mail box, remember the excitment you had as a child, remember when you knew that special things appeared in that box and know it still happens. Good things come in the mail.

Trust your instincts, your intuition, tell yourself you know all you need to know, you have the answers to every question you will ever think to ask and then trust that the answers will come to you. Trust the search. Seek.

Smile and laugh, because positive emotions put your goals on the fast track. Forget ideas of balancing your emotions and your mind, the negative and the positive are opposing energies that lead to chaos and confusion. Fill yourself with light, the positive and all other things will fall into place.

Lose yourself in creation, even if it's just a doodle on a napkin, see yourself creating it and recognize that it never existed until you took the time and connected with the inspiration.

We are Everywhere!