Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Do You Even Science, Bro?

I try to be a reasonable person, I really do.  I try to encounter many voices and sooth those arguing as I did tonight as one neighbor bitched about Trump signs in the other neighbor’s yard, as they wanted to counter with a bigger sign for Bernie or Hillary in their own – I encouraged them to get the sign. 

I try to understand while people post their opinions, totally sure of their stance – “Don’t you even science, bro?” 

And the one thing that I don’t even have a hand in, or a ticket to the show, is vaccines.  I’ve had very many smart and educated people telling me that the science is done, vaccines are awesome and we are idiots, uneducated, and less than cave dwellers if we don’t agree. 

I do not have a dog in the fight, my child is long dead, and my grandkids do not exist, but the fact is vaccines come with aluminum, mercury, and formaldehyde, not to mention animal cells, aborted fetus cells, and now they are using insect cells to grow vaccines. 

I’m weird for pointing it out, but as a writer and a reader I wouldn’t want insect cells injected into my child, or myself, call me weird, but I read The Metamorphosis by Kafka – Damn!

I’ve posted a few objections on the Internet and I have found my most educated friends commented about how the vaccines saved the world, but I have also found that those same friends haven’t actually studied the history or the truth of the times.  I have found my very educated friends have simply repeated what they have heard, repeated over again, without having actually looked into the facts or checking the ingredients which are easily found. 

Sometimes I feel crazy as a loon when I mention the truth and people get angry with me.  Truth is doctors are not experts about vaccines; truth is they know very little.  They don’t have classes telling them the ingredients and how mercury or aluminum or insect cells are good for the human body, or how they affect the body over time.  They listen to the pharmaceutical sales folks, and haven’t actually researched (much love to my doctor friends).

Most doctors think all that is in a vaccine is a little sterile water and a little dead virus or a little dead bacteria and most don’t read the printout that once unfolded is almost as tall as I am.

Did you know the MMR printout (almost as tall as me once it’s unfolded) mentions autism as a side effect?

How many doctors or pharmacists read the printouts?  None that I know as I got into a heated discussion a few years ago with a pharmacist and he finally admitted he hadn’t read the printout for the flu shots.  He didn’t know the aluminum content in the shots he was selling, he simply didn’t know. 

I’ll try to post as many links as I can to the truth of the matter, but I also understand that most folks won’t hear me, they will trust the mainstream media and their doctors over me. 

As I said earlier – I don’t have a dog in the fight, or a child going to the doctor and receiving the shots that send them screaming, thrashing, and developing high fevers right after the shots.  There is really no reason for me to say these things except wanting people to understand that your kid can be healthy with good water and good food - same for the old folks with all the new vaccines for a myriad of ailments. 

The information is free if you check it out, even on the CDC website – damn.   Do you think you need aluminum in your bloodstream?  Mercury? 

Did you know that the corporations who create the vaccines can’t be sued?  Even if they kill your kid or grandparent.   Did you know that the government has paid over Three Billion dollars in vaccine-related injuries since the 80s?  Did you know your taxes are paying for folks injured by vaccines?  VAERS? 

Sometimes I sit by the water and lament and wonder and cry over people who don’t see and can’t understand what the world is.  I am a Christian, and I understand it from that perspective, and I cry and laugh and help as much as I can. 

And I do science, bro, more than most folks I know who ask the question.  Maybe we shouldn’t shoot animal cells, aborted fetus cells, insect cells, or a hoard of chemical things we don’t even understand into the veins of people.  I do science, bro, and I English too! 

As always, keep seeking.