Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Wisdom of Looking Back

I seem to flaunt conventionality at every turn. I don’t do it on purpose; I just don’t understand the ways of the world. There are many things in life that are accepted as truth and common knowledge, but just because they are accepted, doesn’t mean they are true. In my last article I wrote of the dark side of love and light and I was surprised by some of the reactions. It seems many thought I was expressing a disbelief in the power of love and light, not understanding that such beautiful sentiments could be used in a harmful manner. And now I find that although I am being guided to look back over my life to review and put things in their proper place, I am being warned that it is a dangerous thing to do.

They say that history forgotten will soon repeat and yet we loath to look back, are we trained to just continue with the same mistakes? Now that I have taken some time to review I have discovered many repeating patterns in my own existence, so I can only imagine that others suffer the same recurrences. And having discovered these odd returning scenarios I believe I will be better prepared in the future to face the potential arrival of the same old thing. Or if I am very lucky I will have broken a cycle that I never would have been aware of had I not taken the time to gaze backwards for a while.

I wonder why we are so well trained to keep our eyes focused on the now or towards the future and why it is perceived as a sin to look into the past. To me it seems a dangerous precedent to only look forward, a soldier doesn’t go into a war zone keeping his eyes peeled in only one direction, and if he did he wouldn’t live long. Cars have rearview mirrors because it is considered wise while driving to check behind our vehicle periodically. A therapist would quickly be out of business if he didn’t open the doors to the past. And even animals retain memories and learn from the past, yet we are instructed that it is unhealthy to look upon what has transpired earlier in our own lives. How can we be free of the past if we have never really spent time exploring it? How will we recognize the signs of endlessly repeating cycles if we are not supposed to acknowledge their existence?

We live in a society that deems our worthiness by our checkbook balance and many believe that attainment brings happiness. We are kept ever so busy running the wheel like mice in a cage, but nothing ever changes on that wheel until we stop and see it for what it is – a circular road leading no where. It is my goal to free myself from the wheel, to step off of it into higher realms and to find a peace that can’t be found running aimlessly, wasting time.

A wise man once said that the path to the kingdom of God lies inside of each one of us, but how are we expected to find that path when we maintain a focus outside of us? Looking back through time has to be done on the inside of us, as it is the only place that the past still resides. Could it be that the accepted wisdom of facing only forward is an illusion meant to keep us trapped? How can we grow to be stronger in the light of God when we refuse to journey into our own past and see both our triumphs and our failures, both our good deeds and our bad? The past still lives in other dimensions and perhaps by exploring the darkened valleys we can change not just the past, but also the future, perhaps we have the power to alter our destiny and time.

I find it interesting that when I say I am looking back, folks assume I am living in the past, but the past cannot be laid to rest while it still contains life and untold truths. I find it even more interesting that self-professed Christians are the most fervent about refusing to see what has gone before, while worshipping a man who has not drawn a breath in 2000 years. It’s a strange dichotomy of thinking that leaves me grasping for answers where none can be found.

How can we learn from our mistakes if we don’t look into our past? How can we become better people if we are not supposed to analyze events and decisions that made us who we are? Are we born anew each morning we wake from sleep or are we a product of all the years we have walked upon the earth? And if we are a product of those years spent on this earth, where is the sin in looking back to know the product better? The simple truth is that in the end it is solely between our creator and us. So the question becomes will we meet Him unclear of our journey or will we meet Him fully embracing our responsibility for the time we spent here?

They say we only have one life, but what if we must live it over and again until we get it right? What if the powers that rule this earth are aware of this fact and to keep us trapped endlessly repeating the same mistakes, it has been determined that we must be kept so busy that we should never figure it out. I have tried to understand why it is perceived as such a destructive thing to look back and I have yet had it explained to me in a fashion that makes much sense. It seems to be one of those ideas that just is and one we should not question.

I have lived many lives in this existence as Victoria and many of those years I spent running so fast, as though the devil himself was nipping at my heels. I was formed by those years so it seems to not explore them is much like living with a stranger. How many of us know Britney Spears or Angelina Jolie better than we know ourselves and how is that conducive to living a successful life? I believe we can never fully know another person, but I also believe it is a sin to never fully know ourselves. How many times have we asked ourselves, “Now, why did I do that?” And isn’t that answer far more important than acquiring the latest fashions or beating a video game or gossiping about friends and co-workers?

So I will spend more time looking back, despite being warned away. We must always remember that the narrow path is filled with obstacles and naysayers attempting to herd us back onto the broad path where we are easily controlled. And if I doubt I will remember the words of Jesus from the Gospel of Thomas, “The kingdom is like a shepherd who had a hundred sheep. One of them, the largest, went astray. He left the ninety- nine and looked for the one until he found it. After he had toiled, he said to the sheep, 'I love you more than the ninety- nine.”

Keep Seeking

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Dark Side of Love and Light

Years ago I began signing Love and Light with my signature, it wasn’t something I had read or had been exposed to previously, it just came to me. Later, I discovered that groups of self-professed spiritually enlightened folks were also sharing the words Love and Light and I began using it less and less. One reason for that reaction is I get a little nervous if I find I am following great hoards of people, because I do believe the path is very narrow. Secondly, I began noticing that the idea of Love and Light was being used as a weapon of sorts, a measure of superiority – a way to imply that the Love and Lighters were elevated above those around them.

The evolution into the odd time we are living has been subtle and pervasive and occasionally I am able to step back a bit and see the continuous thread of changes - from the free love and drugs of the sixties, the sexual revolution and drugs of the seventies, the self adsorption and drugs of the eighties, the self-help invasion and pharmaceuticals of the nineties into the chaos of the new century. We have lost our base, our footing, we are standing on crumbling ground and yet many of us are no longer aware it is dissolving under our feet.

It seems we believe we are evolving into this kinder, gentler Golden Era of time, yet we spew our Love and Light in a patronizing way, secure that those we are speaking to are less evolved than us. We have closed our minds and much worse, our hearts to hearing with compassion the experience of those we profess to love. We imply if they have suffered ill intent in their lives it must surely be their own fault – they called it into their life by their inability to control their own thoughts or by deeds done in a past existence. We read the self and spiritual improvement books pushed at us, never questioning the agendas behind the success of said books and then we simply take the whole book as fact. Our love has turned shallow, our good deeds simply a check mark on a list of goals and our light is being extinguished by hate and cliquishness called evolution and enlightenment.

Our personal boundaries are being pushed aside by this new political correctness and we have learned that there is no wrong or right, there is simply perception and karma. And this really works well for those longing to keep us in our place, if we can’t look outside and see bad or ill-will, then of course we have to accept that we are responsible for all traumas we endure, thereby freeing those seeking control from any responsibly in our demise. If a vaccine causes us harm, it’s not the fault of the vaccine or the maker of the vaccine or the agenda that makes us take the vaccine, it was something we brought on ourselves. If hundreds of thousands of people are homeless, it’s not the fault of devious mortgage practices, the greed of those making decisions with our money; it was the struggling homeowner who brought the loss onto himself. If a protester is beaten and maced at a peaceful protest, it’s not the government’s use of law that is suspect, it’s the person who is not happy with the way of the world that is guilty.

We are out of balance with the duality in ourselves and in the world. We can’t be all love and light all the time, it is a wasting and exhausting attempt to try and it comes out to others as both patronizing and passive-aggressive. We are dual; we were given emotion, a range of feelings to express our individuality. To suppress so many sides of our being in favor of preaching only one is like getting a box of 64 crayons and using only one color. We are meant to blend our special variety of feelings and emotions into a calming wave at times and at others, a formidable force - we are not meant to lap lightly at the shore - change, in this world, does not come from a gentle, tentative touch.

What we don’t see is that we are imprisoning ourselves, those seeking to manipulate us no longer have to prod us along the path, we are doing it in the name of self improvement, self enlightenment and the so called “approved” mental health and we believe it was our own choice. We hear wake up being touted by all who have an opinion and waking up is a good idea, but the message of what we are waking to is different with each voice that speaks it. We are told to wake to the delusions and lies, but who decides which are truths and which are lies? We are told to wake up to our spirit and our power, but how can we know our power if we can’t untie our own delusion and lies? What we must wake to is our darkness, as well as our light, our good deeds, as well as our bad, our arrogance, as well as our compassion and our intentions, both positive and negative. We must make the journey within and see all the colors inside of us before we can begin to discern the events outside of us.

We must ignore this wave of political correctness and ask the hard questions, express our opinions and understand we don’t just have to accept things because the world says we do – there is no power in idle acceptance. We must consider the objectives, with blinders removed, of those whose actions affect us. We must stop seeking gurus and become our own leader, take charge of our lives and our destiny and not just follow the one that speaks the loudest or claims to have figured it all out. None of us down here have figured it out; if we had it all figured out, we wouldn’t be here. Very few reach true enlightenment, but many of us are graced with it, briefly and tantalizingly, for a few glorious moments and then, as it was meant, the search begins anew. And the more we profess to possess this elusive truth, the further it recedes from our grasp.

There are a lot of vampires collected in the spiritual and truth worlds, ready to steal our energy and deflect our progression and we can know them by the way we feel after being exposed to them. We can recognize the hope and energy thief by the hardness, fear and lack of empathy that begins growing inside of us, hidden under pretty words of love, light, tolerance and acceptance. We can identify this draining force by the way our options appear to grow less numerous and our energy explodes and then is extinguished, leaving us fatigued. The light inside of us is full of depths, it is multi-colored and can flame up and burn like any fire, but we must free ourselves from believing the pre-packed and profitable ideas, laced with hidden agendas and handed to us as truth.

When we decide that bad things happen to another simply because in their weakness they called it upon themselves and the reality of that pain can have no outside motivations or no underlying thread of intent, we are punishing the victim and rewarding the power of victimizer. When we overlook the pain another is suffering and believe that as long as we stay focused on the positive and keep our own thoughts in order we can escape the trials of dismay, we are falling into the realms of selfishness and callousness. And when we see another in agony and conclude that it is their past existence coming to even the score, we are closing the door on compassion and freedom.

We cannot grow if we hide our eyes from the painful truths, we cannot blossom if we feel all bad things brought to the masses or the individual are deserved. How can we see the positive when we are covering our eyes in an attempt to avoid the negative? The positive simply can not exist without the negative and to be a whole, spiritual being we must taste both and not call it anything other than what it is.

Friday, October 17, 2008

A Political Rant

The divisions are getting deeper and wider and yet, we don’t understand it has been created. We don’t have to agree with each other and we don’t have to hate, but that is not what the flashing box and the talking heads teach us. I have lamented long and hard about the types of manipulation in this world, the hypnosis occurring with our televisions, the drugged and numbed state of the masses and the approved gurus collecting sheep on the Internet and I wonder if I have anymore to say. Is my job done? And still, here I sit my fingers poised over the keyboard trying to draw words from the source to sooth the ache I sense seething in the world.

I see everyone divided over the upcoming election and the factions are certainly angry. If we vote for McCain we are war hungry and want more Bush and if we don’t vote for Obama is surely means we are racists. Even among those of high intellect, the divisions are felt and even among those who claim to be free and critical thinkers, it seems they can’t see past the charade. It really doesn’t matter whom we vote for, it’s already been decided. Didn’t we see that in the last two elections, do we really expect it to be different this time? Keeping us polarized is part of the plan, there is no happenstance in this world - it’s too tightly controlled to allow for that measure of error.

Let me clarify, I am neither a Republican or a Democrat, I am registered as an Independent and frankly, I feel little call to participate in a system I see as broken and manipulated. Perhaps at one point elections were just and fair, but at this time, for me, abstaining from an obvious underhanded system is the wisest move. Many of us see this election as a fight between good and evil or evolution and devolution, but what we don’t see is that the things we believe we are fighting with this election are actually far more insidious and inside of our personal lives and each one of us. What we should be fighting is the manipulation that makes us hate our neighbors and coworkers over their choice of candidate. What we should be fighting is this ignorant, arrogance stance we have taken to be patriotic. There is an Us versus Them scenario playing out on our earth, but what we fail to see is that the Them we despise is not the guy standing next to us with a McCain or Obama button.

When we hate on the basis of political leanings we are certainly keeping things on the surface and truth is rarely found on the surface, it tends to be hidden in the nooks and crannies and the places we are least likely to look. Many people will be disappointed after this election day and we should not forget that is has been scripted and studied to understand what our actions will be -- they are prepared for our reactions. We are being played like mice in a maze, thinking we made the decisions, while those above us laugh at our gullibility.

I stated earlier that I would vote my conscience, but now my conscience is leading me to stay away from the herds lining up to express their anger and division. If I see this political circus arena as simply a farce and a deception, then why would I choose to participate in such deception? Whoever wins that prized seat in the big White House, has been chosen, has been shown to make compromises and be it the old white guy, or the young black guy, the path has already been paved. As I look at this sickening display on the flashing box and see the division among my brothers and sisters on this earth, some wise words from my dad remind me of a harsh reality – If you play with shit, it gets on you.

Rise Above

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Fear Sells Enslavement

Every now and again I have these sudden insights where things beyond my comprehension just fall into place – a moving picture. I don’t write about them often because there are too many false prophets out there selling their “visions” and it is not my destiny or desire to join their ranks. I don’t know where this awareness of the bigger picture originates and I have pondered it at length -- wondering in depth if I could trust these odd occurrences. Now, I hold them as possibilities and I don’t discount the idea that I may have seen the truth – a truth I don’t completely understand.

The Internet and mass media seems littered with predictions of doom and it appears to be a highly profitable career for some and the masses gather thinking they have discovered a savior of sorts, a guru to lead them into the darkness. I, on the other hand, figure it’s between me and God to know if I am on the right path, but I have to admit I struggle with the fear delivered by these popular messengers. And I believe that fear and profit are what motivates the message.

It should be no secret that fear is worth a lot of money in America. The horror, suspense and action flicks fill the seats by making us jump, cringe or cover our eyes. The television promotes murder, dressed up with fancy sets, locations and beautiful people. The War on Terror has us looking at our neighbors suspiciously, fearful of different cultures and beliefs and terrified that our children may be the next one shipped out to fight in an endless war. And the evening news encourages us to purchase security systems, surveillance cameras, GPS tracking devices and support growing militarized police departments. Fear sells and it benefits everyone, but us.

And despite the fear being pumped out on the wire 24/7 for our amusement, entertainment and enslavement, I see a different picture emerging. The other day I wrote a piece about rising above and I was frustrated by my inability to define it. Perhaps I even gave into my fear of being perceived as any weirder than I already am, so I’ve spent some time to put into words what I mean by “rising above”.

We have all heard the different theories of what will occur when the change happens from the Christian perception to the Native Americans to the New Agers and on and on and in the middle of all those beliefs, in my understanding, the same solid truth resides, hidden within semantics and confused through cultural divides. In many beliefs there is discussion of a darkness upon this earth, others refer to it as duality, but essentially we are to understand that there are two sides to the coin, the light and the dark, the good and the evil, the high and the low, the yin and the yang, the healthy and the sick - however we choose to interpret it. And although religious ideas vary widely, most belief systems teach that there is something on the other side, something grander, something worthy of our efforts to remain faithful.

It is my opinion that the power that has ruled and controlled for too many years to clarify is falling, I don’t know how or why, or if it is simply a part of the cycles we see occurring around us every day in nature. And as those powers recede, others will rise, whereas, until now the focus has been on deceit, oppression and control, the switch is being made to compassion, creation and peace. There are a lot of approved leaders on the stage and in the wings to lead us away from our god-given gift of freedom, but we must remember the only way to rise above the noise is by finding our own truth, by looking inside. And remember the words of a wise man who once said … the kingdom of God is inside of you.

You see, because the world is waking up, the power holders are toppling, but they are still at the helm and issuing their fear objectives at mind blowing rates to keep us blind and scared. They know what is going to occur because it has probably happened before, perhaps that is one reason the elite gather antiquities and hoard them away, hidden from the eyes and minds of the masses. And I would have to assume that whatever is going to happen, it will happen soon and I simply make that deduction by the increase of fearful statements appearing in the mainstream media.

Some speak of ascension as a rising up, others believe in a rapture, but I keeping getting an image in my head of separation, like sliding two pictures of the earth on transparent paper, one rising up and the other slipping away or perhaps a new earth rising from the old. I also have seen the image of millions of triangles in an ocean and the heavy, bloated ones, which have floated undisturbed for thousands of years, are sinking to the bottom, while the smaller ones, which have resided in the cold depths for a time untold are now buoyant and rising to the top. As I stated earlier when I first experienced these revelations, I did not trust them, but over the years and learning more and more, the images continue to reveal themselves in a way that discourages fear and instills hope.

Although the media systems expose us to doom, killing, torture, decadence, immorality and heartache on a constant basis, my view of the future does not contain such images. I see a world emerging more beautiful than all national parks, forests and great unsullied waters and lands gathered together in one endless landscape. I see people working together without fear and agendas. I see communities gathered for the benefit of all, not just the ones with the most toys. I see the need for leaders, money, attainment and social status dissolving almost overnight. I see each of us enthusiastically applying our trade, not for wages, wealth or fame, but because it is what we were meant to do, why we were created.

The problem is that we do not believe that such a world exists, or could ever exist, we believe that in change the same rules we’ve grown to know will still apply. In our mind’s eye when we attempt to understand how this change may effect us, the only images we can envision are contained in the same, tired, dark and deceptive paradigm that we accept as reality. And the leaders we look to for guidance are the same ones that have led us into damnation – the faces change, of course, but the self-serving desires have continued throughout history. Our leaders tell us what our world is and we accept their view, never understanding the lie.

I hear the word revolution bandied about a lot of late, but what we fail to understand is the revolution has to occur inside of us, negating any reason to pick up arms. I hear so often how we should fight, we have wars on terror, cancer, drugs, which of course, have led us to more terror, cancer and drugs. But life should be about more than avoiding death and living should be about more than finding another ruler to lead us.

I hear the conspiracy theorists and others speak of a bloodline of rulers that control the earth, but again, we have been led astray. There is a bloodline, but we, the ones called to seek, the ones awakening, are the ones that possess it, not the other way around. It was hi-jacked from us and we have been brainwashed and deluded into believing the lies and forgetting our gifts. The knowledge was stolen from us, but the spark of that truth still lingers within, undeniable and vibrantly alive.

I have no ideas as to how this evolution will unfold or even if I will live to see it, but I know it will occur and I know it is possible for each of us that possess that spark of knowledge to rise above the chaos now flooding the earth. We must quit investing our emotion, time and energy into fighting against what we don’t want, arguing about such unimportant issues like politics and spending valuable time worried about money. We must begin imagining what has always been perceived as impossible. We must recognize that although the world tells us we only have a couple choices, our choices actually are numerous and unending. We must understand that working within the system, especially the systems we have now, only keep us on the path to loss and damnation. We are meant to be in the world, not of the world and by defining our lives by worldly matters we become trapped – enslaved by something that doesn’t even exist.

And we must never forget that it is our differences that make us great - our creativity, our quirkiness and idiosyncrasies. These things are not meant to be dampened or drugged, our individuality and our talents - whether or not the world accepts them - are what gives us the power to be free. And when we set those things aside to fit into the world, we fall into the herd mindset and sacrifice a lot more than just our pride and dreams.

It is time to awaken, not just to the deceptions around us, but to that spark of knowledge that resides within and rise above.

Monday, October 06, 2008

It's Time To Rise Above

I’ve been out in the world this week, feeling a bit of celebration in my soul. Looking around the world, though, there appears little to celebrate - wars, raging storms, uncounted numbers of missing people taken by Hurricane Ike and of course, crashing financial statements across the world. And yet, knowing all that, I felt a joy inside that made little sense.

My week consisted of home cooked meals, playing music, interacting with people and I even threw in a little dancing on top of it all. There are things to celebrate in our life, like the release of our newest CD, but my joy seemed greater than that, disconnected from that accomplishment.

Of course, for me, celebrations always bring about a moment of sadness, of loss, as I remember my son and feel the emptiness left by his passing. Luckily, a good friend was there to remind me that both my joy and my pain are a testament to the power of my son’s life.

Although, I had interactions with very positive and loving people, I also, because the world is dual, saw darkness and a strange emptiness I don’t think I have ever before witnessed. There appears to be a weight on the world, on the shoulders of mankind, holding each one down and instilling hopelessness, recklessness and confusion. It seems we can no longer perceive the depths of light, our flame is being extinguished.

The fear running through society is overshadowed by an odd numbness of forced smiles, abrupt hatred and idle chitchat, a strange combination that leads us to exhaustion. The media and our elected officials are pushing the fear as though their very lives depended on it… and perhaps they do. And the campaigning for our next president is presented as though we actually have a choice and the different factions are indeed, different.

We have been inundated for years by media talking points, approved opinions and selected leaders and at some point we either surrender to the game, or we rise above it. I use the term rise above quite often and I wish I could define it more clearly for those sharing their time with me, but all I know is that it is instinctual and it is possible, despite how we are led to disbelieve it. We are more powerful than we know and while we are being driven to panic, fear and desperation, we grow further away from our power.

Darkness is falling, but we have a choice to step above it, we do not have to wear it on our shoulders and we do not have to become encapsulated in its gelatinous mass. And because the world is dual, even as the darkness descends the light is right behind it, waiting to be felt. If we reach down inside and find that joy, find the reason to smile, laugh and celebrate, perhaps, we will help usher in the light sooner.

The sad truth of the matter is that not everyone shares the spark and the flame that will lift him or her to higher realms, so in our journey and in our celebration, we must remember not to shine too much light into a bottomless pit. We can’t save this world that is rapidly crumbling, but we can save ourselves and others like us, if we remain diligent, unclouded by the electronic haze and focused on the light.

Over the last few years, I have seemingly run a little crazy, exploring the murk and the depths with no apparent rhythm or reason, but now it is time to trust that the knowledge I have sought is safely stored away. The harvest is complete, so we must not allow the television, radio, news, message boards or even the emptiness we perceive in our fellow man fill us with fear, we seekers must rise above, fully trusting that when we need it, the salvation of truth will be there.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's Happening

It’s happening, it’s really happening - I’ve been saying it since Katrina. I don’t feel it all the time, but occasionally I’ll be reading or watching the news and keeping up on current events when the feeling will sweep over me and I know… It’s happening. I don’t know what the It is, but I know it is occurring and will affect many of us.

I’ve actually spent the last couple years trying to determine what the It is and I’ve come across so many possible scenarios, it’s impossible to cling to any one truth. I suspect they all contain some truth - bits and pieces scattered around to keep us guessing. And although it seems many seekers disagree on several levels, most of us are getting those odd flashes, perhaps reminders, that what ever is going to happen is underway.

We feel it in our bones, we feel it in the way our eyes fall on the clock at certain times, everyday. We feel it in those strange moments when we are taken aback by everyday sights, suddenly seeing them from a new perspective. We feel it in our dreams and those quiet moments between sleeping and waking when we suddenly receive insights and visions and awake knowing more than we did before we went to bed.

The signs are around us, both obvious and hidden - the markers of change. And we recognize them on some level, whether or not we choose to acknowledge it. I wonder, at times, how we know these signs, how we “remember” them, but at this point it no longer matters. We see the events escalating around us and the fear grows thicker with each passing day. And although I can’t see what is on the other side of the hill, I feel very certain that fear is not necessary.

Fear has been piped into our consciousness, feeding an energy that we cannot see. There are a lot of names for what this energy may be, but if we strip down the words and levels of reality, we come to the conclusion, that what ever it is, it simply is and has always been. But we don’t have to be pulled down by this fearful energy thief, like crabs in a bucket, I believe that rising above the fear is what we are supposed to be doing right now, instead of falling into the horrors pumped out by the 24/7 propaganda barrage.

Some believe that nothing ever changes, but history tells a different tale and we are on the verge of changes, but how they will manifest I do not know. I do believe, however, that we have more power than we know and it is not written in stone that we will simply become victims of forces we perceive to be greater than us. I believe it is possible to create our own small paradise even in the midst of all the chaos.

There are many gurus and false prophets sent to guide us, but deep in our hearts we know a true prophet would not sing his own praises. A true spiritual leader would not say, “look at me”, but, rather, “look inside”. And a genuine guru would never inform us we have no power and must fight; he would know we have all the power and should simply be.

We live in an over-stimulated world with millions vying for attention, but there is a lot to be said for being still and hearing silence. As the media harps on financial doom, as the storms boil in the seas and as the wars rage, we must find that quiet spot within to retreat, to refresh, to regroup in the face of chaos. The Cherokee once warned that in the end of days time would speed up, events would escalate and the way to survive would be to slow down - the faster the world spins, the slower the wise ones would become.

Despite our knowing that the media spins truth to fit a pre-arranged agenda, our fear, our reptile brain, does not recognize the illusion and when our news anchors allude to fear, we are well programmed to take it as truth. Fear is the desired response, not the truth. Fear keeps us in our place, mired in the depths of confusion, never realizing the power we hold. Fear keeps us running the straight line, rarely stopping for breath or studying the view around us. How can we see beyond the veil of illusion when we are constantly worried, fearful and rushed?

The media paints a picture of what is occurring, but we do not have to accept that picture as our own. Whatever is happening, is happening and we always knew it would - many of us came into the world knowing. And we must remember that no celebrity, politician, prophet or guru can lead us to safety, only through slowing down and looking inside can we find the key. We have the knowledge, we were born with it and now is the time to embrace it and rise above this falling house of cards.

Be Still

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Disclosure Is Close, Are They Coming?

I always wonder about the timing of things and rarely believe that things “just happen”, especially when viewed in the national spotlight. I gave up believing in coincidences a long time ago and realize under the guise of happenstance, many gears are turning. So it was with curiosity and a desire to see beneath the fabric that I tuned into ABC last night to watch UFOs: Seeing Is Believing (Part 2) hosted by David Muir. Part 1 of this series aired in February of 2005 and was hosted by the late Peter Jennings and Part 2 mainly rehashed the Jennings episode, but this time more respected witnesses were brought forward and less debunking occurred.

I realize across the world people are anxiously awaiting disclosure and many believe that these visiting aliens may be our salvation from a doomed and dying world, but I can’t get past the idea that we are being led, not towards disclosure, but a grand deceit. While viewing television of late, both the programming and the advertisements, I’ve kept one question in mind and that question is, “What do they want me to believe?” Those in the know understand that television is absolute propaganda, changing the thinking and foundation of our country. And when we can approach our viewing from that mindset, a lot of truths become clear - not the packaged and approved “truth” being sold with expensive airtime, but the motivations behind them. We know our media is owned by a select group of men, no longer does free press reign in our world, so we must always keep that fact in the back of our minds and question their goals.

I’ve noticed in recent years that stories of UFOs and strange lights have gotten more and more mainstream attention and although I know it thrills many in the UFO community, it puts a twinge in my gut. The only reason UFOs are getting attention is that someone, with a lot of money and power, has decided to allow it. We must remember that as tightly controlled as the media is, we will not view what we are not supposed to see. So why are we seeing it now? Where are we being led?

If the belief in UFOs and extraterrestrials had remained on the fringe, I could have looked upon it with the eyes of a child, alight with curiosity and mystery, but seeing it fall into the hands of the mainstream, it becomes suspect. With countries beginning to release their previously top-secret UFO files, the Vatican stating that the belief in aliens is not inconsistent with the belief in God and cable and networks releasing programming supporting such beliefs, I think it is time to step back and reevaluate the situation.

The media created this storm of UFO belief in the 40s and 50s and although it appeared on the surface that the government did not believe, the seed was planted and over the years, nourished by movies, books and television. And now that seed, a sturdy and strong tree, is about to bear fruit. We must remember that the sowing of this seed was not natural, it was created in a lab of ratings and radio advertisements, book sales and television, so we must truly be cautious when embracing the change we see sweep through the mainstream opinion base.

The last few years have been ripe with war, fear, financial doom and natural disasters and at the same time, UFOs have flourished in the media and again I wonder, why now? I’ve written a couple articles on the Blue Beam theory of a faked alien invasion and a couple on the idea of mass depopulation and it seems to me these ideas fit together perfectly. Or perhaps since God has been replaced by science, we need to be given a new savior. Or maybe we aren’t responding to the terrorist agenda as was expected and a new fear must be instituted to keep us in line. Whatever the motivation behind the swing towards disclosure, we must remember it is a manipulation provided by the ones with the most power and influence and the only reason those doors are opening is because there is a plan and I would wager, it is not in our best interests.

With banks failing at a record rates, gas and food prices escalating daily, parts of the Gulf coast decimated by Hurricane Ike and the elections dividing us more and more I think it grows important to analyze why our leaders want us to look to the skies. There’s a lot going on, mixed messages confusing and exhausting us, police state mentalities appearing across the map and now our leaders want us to trust them as they inform us that there may be UFOs and extraterrestrial life out there and maybe, soon to be here.

As I explore the Internet, I see more and more posts from those dreaming of craft in the skies, of a war playing out in the heavens and from what I can gather those dreams are tinged with fear and the desire to escape. And frankly as one who shares the same dream, I found it fascinating that others were also experiencing it and I take it as a warning that if these dreams bloom into reality, it is not a good scenario for the average citizen. If there are UFOs and extraterrestrials, I do not believe that they will ride in like the White Knight in some fairy tale to rescue us. And if the aliens are already here, as some surmise, then they’ve been rubbing elbows with the very elite that we know we cannot trust and again, that doesn’t work out well for us.

Last night I watched as ABC programmed millions of viewers to believe that UFOs are real, not just the die-hard ufologists who already believe, but the masses and if we don’t question the motivation behind their actions, I fear many will be deceived.

Keep Seeking

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Skipping Through The Valley

It seems I’ve been staring into the abyss yet again, you’d think by now I’d know better, but I believe that we are meant to seek, to look under the rocks and explore the darkened corners. I have been told that “real” truth seekers end up bitter and alone and that the object of this “game” we are playing is to latch onto one theory and run with it towards fame and fortune, whether or not it contains truth. And although I know the world down here is full of illusion, the thought that some see the search as simply about deceit and money struck me as highly disturbing.

Yet, I recognize that many feel this way and many approach life as if it is one big game of Monopoly, with the object being to be the banker. But my desire and the reason I seek like I do, staring into the murky depths, is to find the key Jesus spoke of and to free myself from this prison. The prison I speak of is all around us, but many don’t see it. It’s a prison of conformity, of "one thought fits all" and it is claustrophobic - leaving me to punch at the restraining walls to clear my view.

I believe to really know God and to find the peace that I am seeking I must rise above all illusion and see things exactly as they are, but no one ever said the search would be easy. It’s disconcerting to realize many things that we once held as truth, are nothing but lies. Yet, we must move forward, always striving to uncover another gem to add to our collection. We must pull up our boot straps and take the next step, speak our truth, but not wield it as a weapon. And we must accept when those we love fall behind or take another path, but we can not allow that to inhibit our progression. Sometimes we simply must let go and trust.

I have often compared this journey through life to the walk through the valley of the shadow of death referred to in Psalm 23, you know, the one in which we are to fear no evil. But fear is overwhelming down here, programmed into us and manipulated through the media to sell product. We accept fear as a normal part of our lives and we pass the fear through our families, onto our children and grandchildren and feel secure that we have taught them well.

They say the meek inherit the earth, but who, then, gets the kingdom? Can we find the kingdom with our heads down, absently following the advice of self-professed experts? And if the meek, fearful and obedient, receive the earth, do the bold, reckless and shunning convention, find the kingdom? For myself, I want the kingdom. I want to be free of the illusions, I want to break out of the confining boxes of convention, “common knowledge” and the way it’s always been done, I want to know the secrets and understand the lies.

There are many boogey men in this valley of shadows and death, many monsters waiting in the wings to frighten us from searching. But I am beginning to understand they have no power over us, they are simply cardboard cut outs in a ridiculously repeating fun house and until we can move beyond each one, it will continue to haunt us.

Keep Seeking

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Words Are Limiting

If I had to say what was underneath all of our problems here on earth, I would give the credit to evil, yes, I said it, evil. Our perception of evil is interesting, no longer do people see right and wrong and when someone does something hideous to another human being, it is not evil, it is simply mental illness. We’ve developed a new language to disguise the black and white duality in which we exist and we have become a muddied gray of inconsistencies and untruths.

I’ve heard it said that all the world’s problems are caused by religion, the wars, the inquisitions, the witch hunts, slavery, oppression, pedophilia, abuse and on and on, and most people believe that religion means belonging to a religious organization. But according to the dictionary, religion means - Belief in and reverence for a supernatural power or powers regarded as creator and governor of the universe or a personal or institutionalized system grounded in such belief and worship. So anyone that believes in a higher power, or God, is religious. And according to the growing popular belief system, anyone who believes in God is the problem.

I often read intellectual debates of those trying to disprove the existence of God, but I tend to find most of them circular and in the end, it comes down to a simple difference of perception. I know God exists because I see Him everywhere. I see Him in the faces of the children who come to our gigs and dance and giggle. I see Him in the smooth wrinkles of the elderly. I see Him as the ocean ebbs and flows, in the trees that contain too many greens to name, in the birds nesting trustfully, in the flowers that return every year like a promise. I see Him in wildlife and in the instinctual wisdom of animals, I see Him when a human being expresses empathy and compassion towards a stranger, I see Him, I always have. And my seeing Him doesn’t come from rigid religious training, I wasn’t raised in a church or by Bible thumpers, I simply came into the world knowing that above all else, He is real.

My knowledge of God goes beyond the books and the organized religions and the semantics, words are limiting and cannot, in many cases, express the basic truths. We are pretty arrogant these days, educated and self-esteemed beyond measure and we carry our belief systems, either for or against, like a billboard on our shoulders, daring another to comment. I’ve had both Christians and Atheists attempt to convert me and have been informed of my lack of understanding and ignorance by both sides and yet this subtle tug, this small beam of light in a gray world will not be denied.

If I had to label myself, something I loathe to do, I would say I am a follower of Christ’s teachings. Although I always knew of God’s existence, I did not understand Christ until 2003 while I was recovering from the loss of my only child and from a surgical mistake that left me bedridden for months. I did not go seeking Jesus, he found me and I grew to understand the words “born again”. I did not join a church and attempt to convert others because I understand how infinitely personal the change is, it not something to be found looking outside of oneself, but by keeping a focus inside. It is not something to be found by saying a certain prayer and it is not something to be found by spending more time in the world, but less so.

There is wrong and right and good and evil in this world, but it is not my job to judge others, only my job to judge a situation for myself and decide if it is taking me closer to God or further from Him. If we believe that life ends here and we are worm food, we have no need to strive for anything more than control, money and material possessions, but if we believe, as I do, that there is something after this life, then we must stay on the narrow path. And the path is not as clear as organized religions would have us think, it is hidden, that is why we were instructed to seek.

As I see the manipulations we endure down here I understand that evil is real and not a mental illness or a sickness. As I see the manipulations I wonder how any of us will survive. We have been well taught that the real truth only comes from the government, religious organizations, science or the media. We believe that we must have a middleman, an expert, to explain the truth to us. We have lost our way, have become dependent upon our leaders and we have learned that it is far easier to give into peer pressure than to think for ourselves.

It is my belief that this journey through life is like a staircase, each time we move forward we will see, learn and experience disturbing things, the trick is to overcome the fear and take another step. We must challenge ourselves; we must seek beyond where others have found their truths. And above all else we must not be blinded by arrogance, popular opinion or fearful conclusions. Some say we only get one chance at this life, but I have a feeling we get many, too many to stay blind.

Keep Seeking

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Spark and The Flame

I spend a lot of time reading opinions and attempting to unravel the mysteries of all the barriers we place between us. I recognize that folks are different and that is the beauty part of the beast, but we have been taught that down deep we all share similarities. The dictionary defines the soul as “The animating and vital principle in humans, credited with the faculties of thought, action, and emotion and often conceived as an immaterial entity” and the spirit as “The vital principle or animating force within living beings”. I once asked a religious man for the difference between the spirit and the soul and he could not provide an answer, but for me, I define the soul as that spark of light inside and our spirit determines whether or not the spark becomes a flame.

From the time of our birth we are told we are all alike, the differences between us are only visual. Medicine and science also confirm this idea, although we are men and women, young and old and come from a variety of cultures and religions, basically, we are the same. But I have wondered, are we really all the same? Do we all have souls? Do some possess neither the spark nor the flame? I think that the difference between us is deep below the surface, unseen and it has nothing to do with race, culture, religion or sex and has everything to do with either having that spark or not having it.

Some have suggested that those in power, relentless executives and those making the rules for us all to live by are psychopaths, which Dr Robert Hare, creator of the psychopathy checklist, describes as "Psychopaths are social predators who charm, manipulate, and ruthlessly plow their way through life, leaving a broad trail of broken hearts, shattered expectations, and empty wallets. Completely lacking in conscience and in feelings for others, they selfishly take what they want and do as they please, violating social norms and expectations without the slightest sense of guilt or regret." Often when we think of psychopaths we think of brutal criminals sitting in jail or receiving the death penalty for their unimaginable behaviors. And statistically we understand a lot of folks jailed for their criminal actions tend to come from poverty and abuse ridden homes, but what happens to those young psychopaths born into grace and wealth?

John Lennon once said, “Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what's insane about it.” And I think he was correct, we live in a psychopathic world and we are being trained to become a psychopathic population. I think the mistake many make when thinking about psychopaths is that we envision that they are sinister, murderous and television has done a fine job of teaching us that they usually get caught. But the truth is psychopaths are charming, cold-blooded, superficial and I am beginning to understand, lacking both the spark and the flame. They are the movers, shakers and climbers of the world, carelessly seeking their own agenda, while around them those with simple goals, conscience and who feel compassion and empathy for their fellow man, fall.

They hold power over us because we believe we are all the same, we believe we all possess the same emotions, so it is hard to imagine a view without those connections. When Katrina hit, I cried, I didn’t know anyone affected personally, but the sight of dead Americans lying in the streets hurt and scared me in a way I still can not express. While many of us mourned and agonized over the suffering and despair in our own back yard, our Secretary of State was reported to have been on a shoe shopping spree in New York. Snopes And across America while many families are wondering how they will survive, as gas prices are topping 3.50 a gallon and food prices are exploding amid rumors of rationing, our President was seen dancing in New Orleans. NECN These actions speak more of superficial showmen concerned with appearance, than of compassionate and empathic leaders struggling to protect the best interests of Americans, but we still don’t see.

I am coming to the conclusion that we do not all have the spark of light and for many who still do in these days of old, it is sputtering. This darkness is not a new thing on this earth, history and legends have always attempted to explain the lack and left us clues in scary stories of monsters, devils, aliens, zombies and vampires. But what has been lost in translation is that on the surface those monsters look just like us, the calculating beast resides deep below what we are able to see. And because our lack of knowledge has made us blind, we follow the boogey men and our spark begins to sputter and die.

The psychopaths and monsters have taken over and they have convinced us that their way, full of lies and deceit, is the truth. And we believe because we can not imagine that some folks are completely empty inside. They keep us distracted with chores, sex, fancy gadgets and sooth us with convenient drugs. We quickly learn if we work very hard we can find God and our mansion, which can only be bought with lots of money. We spend hours watching their magical and hypnotic box as they instruct us in the way we should go. We hand them over our children, earlier and earlier, with each passing generation and then wonder why our children begin to grow to see us as the enemy. We, that carry the spark inside of us, are being conquered, divided, deceived and extinguished at an unbelievable rate.

It seems we have come to believe that if it is not on television, then it is not the truth, as if those attempting to deceive us are going to tell us the truth. The television has been the evil-doers greatest success in molding a human, tearing down the moral fiber, dumbing down the population and creating a sense of apathy, fear, division and sedation among the people. Do we really believe that they, the ones without spark or flame, are going to inform us that our flame is in the process of being extinguished? How can we understand we are living in deception, yet accept that deception as truth?

With all the chaos that is occurring in our world, I wonder how many understand that underneath the chaos a spiritual battle is being waged. In these modern times, it is easy to believe that what is occurring is just a product of advanced civilization, a sign of the times of living in a terrorist era or a technological age, but the battle being fought under the surface is as old as time. A wise man once said that the path is a narrow one and as I look about the world and see how easily we have accepted the training to surrender our empathy and compassion, to accept this psychopathic way of being as normal, I understand that man spoke truth.

Keep Seeking

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Additional Links

I’ve spent the last month delving into the depths of child abuse and it has not been an easy exploration and my mind seems to scatter, stunned at all the available information. When I began this last article What Are We Doing To Our Children? I wasn’t really sure which direction I was headed. It seems that child abuse is a junction in the fabric of the tapestry, the threads leading out in all directions, certainly too many for one person to follow. Looking briefly down the corridors, I am beginning to grasp the vast darkness that resides on this planet and understand that the illusion, the blindness that has been spoken of, is truth.

We like to compartmentalize things, keeping all ideas separate and I suppose that was devised, but we don’t live in hundreds of separate worlds, just one and to see the whole picture, we have to let ideas flow and blend. So in my attempt to let ideas flow I gathered a lot of links, far too many to put into the most recent article, so I thought I’d share.

“Pending lawsuits allege that U.S. military contractors on duty in Bosnia bought and "owned" young women.” Salon

“Homeland Security official arrested in child sex sting” CNN

“Jailed ex-cop claims conspiracy of 'elites'. Duncan man tells Ontario court pedophile ring being protected.” Times Colonist

“Sex scandal divides conservative allies in Chile's Congress” Boston Globe

“McKee resigns amid investigation (child pornography). Delegate says he has entered treatment.” Herald-Mail

“Police Smash Global Pedophile Ring” Breitbart

“DCF spokesman arrested in connection with sex crimes involving minors” Tallahassee Democrat

The History of Child Abuse by Lloyd deMause The Journal of Psychohistory 25 (3) Winter 1998 Psychohistory

“Social workers blamed for continued abuse of three daughters in remote island community” Guardian

“'Foster-care nightmare' for boys” NY Daily News

“Your Child is Worth Money to the State” iFeminists

“Desperate Mother Warns of Rampant Abuse by California Child Protective Services” Educate Yourself

“Rights in Conflict, Parents Struggle to Reunite Family” Daily News Recorder

Thanks to all the wonderful folks who have supplied information and support, you know who you are!

Keep Seeking

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Calling

I’m often asked, “How do you read all that stuff and not lose your mind?” I usually just shrug or laugh as an answer to the question, but I know I walk a fine line. I am reminded of Friedrich Nietzsche’s words, “He who fights monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.”

The truth is, ignorance is bliss and opening our eyes to the realities behind the illusions can be frightfully disturbing and challenging. The fear comes when the veil is ripped away and we realize things are not what they seem and the challenge comes in ignoring the shock value and discerning the bottom line.

As the information swirls about, now carrying prefixes like dis- and mis-, and the weight of our responsibility hangs heavy on our shoulders to discern what is real, we are literally being driven to distraction. I struggle, we all struggle.

There are folks on the earth that feel they have been called, not to join the priesthood or commit to a religion, but called to speak out, to study, to unravel, to discover and to share what they have learned. This calling doesn’t seem to have a clear goal or ending point, it just is and it is strong. These people have nothing in common and often see the same ideas from radically different perspectives; the only thing they seem to share is an odd pull and a strange, unknown knowledge leading them to seek.

I suppose in society, we are all walking a fine line, a lot of money is spent to keep us all thinking in the same direction and straying from the path is frowned upon. Yet, those who feel that they have been called cannot help themselves from boldly stepping from that broad path and in a sense, it often feels as though their choices have been removed. Something inside them has awakened and will not be denied. The simple, rehearsed answers known from childhood no longer satisfy.

I complain a lot about the psychotropic pharmaceuticals being passed out like candy these days and the way angst, struggle and rebellion are now classified as diseases and I do that because the calling is different for each of us, but we must be able to hear it and know that it is natural, not a disorder. The time has come to put faith into our instincts, our subtle knowings and understand the world is submerged in illusion making, not truth telling.

Not all feel the call, and many who don’t may tell us the call itself is the illusion, the disorder, but for those who dampen their instincts, they are much like the frog in a cool pot of water, set to boil. We must remember that no one said the path is easy and if it were easy, would it be worth it in the end? Not all will understand and truly, how can we expect them to when we don’t fully? We only feel a new, undeniable drive and sudden flashes of insight, we didn’t design it, we’ve only been called into something that is larger than we can imagine and although a blessing, it can be frightening and disorienting.

I am often told that I am brave to write what I write and I have been warned that perhaps I should not be so bold, but even fear is not enough to dampen the call. Hang tight, Seekers, keep doing what you are doing and know that in the end (which is also the beginning) we will have made a difference.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Speech by Dr. Thomas Szasz

(Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at the State University of New York, Syracuse)

When the school authorities tell a mother that her son is sick and needs to be on drugs, how in the world is she to know that, that is simply a lie? How is she to know that what we now call ADHD is simply not a disease?

Now such a mother is not an expert in the history of psychiatry. She does not know that psychiatrists have, for hundreds of years, used diagnostic terms, so-called diagnostic terms, to stigmatize and control people.

I will give you a few dramatic examples. When black slaves in the South ran away to freedom it wasn’t that they wanted to be free; they suffered from a disease called drapetomania, from drapetes, runaway slave, and mania. I’m not making this up. This was a legitimate diagnosis, just like ADD is.Women, half of the population of mankind, of course, if they were foolish enough to rebel against domination by man, well, then they had a serious disease, called hysteria, which was due to their wandering womb.

Now none of those behaviors was ever a disease and of course, is not a disease. Nor is ADD a disease. No behavior or misbehavior is a disease or can be a disease. That’s not what diseases are. So it doesn’t matter how a child behaves. There is nothing to examine. If he is sick, then there must be some objective science to it, which can be diagnosed by physicians and objective tests. That’s why as soon as you go to a doctor, they take a lot of blood and take x-rays. They don’t want to hear how you behave.

When I went to medical school, sixty years ago, there were only a handful of mental diseases. I think there were no more than six or seven. Now there are more than 300. And new ones are “discovered” every day.

Labeling a child as mentally ill is stigmatization, not diagnosis. Giving a child a psychiatric drug is poisoning, not treatment. Diseases are a malfunction of the human body, of the heart, the liver, the kidney, the brain and so forth.

Typhoid fever is a disease. You all know that, you don’t question that. Spring fever is not a disease.

The task we set ourselves, to combat psychiatric coercion, is important. I think it’s important, you all think it’s important. Not enough people think it’s important. It’s a noble task in the pursuit of which we must, regardless of obstacles, persevere. Our conscience commands that we do no less.
Keep Seeking

Monday, January 14, 2008

Comets, Meteors and Asteroids, Oh My!

Seems the last year was littered with sightings of strange lights in the sky, meteors, comets and now, asteroids. The most intriguing thus far has been Comet Holmes which still can be seen in the constellation Perseus and in the coming days it will appear to swallow the star Algol. Space Weather I’ve pondered at great length why Comet Holmes hasn’t received the media attention that it was due and I remember a time not that long ago when comets, meteor showers and celestial events were mentioned regularly in the mainstream media, but those days seem to be gone.

Recently there has been discussion of the small asteroid 2007 WD5 that was discovered on November 20th at Mount Lemmon Survey. At first astronomers gave the asteroid a 1 in 25 chance of striking Mars on January 30th of this year, but those odds have recently changed to 1 in 10,000. NASA And interestingly enough, 84 PHAs were discovered in 2007 bringing the total to 909 known Potentially Hazardous Asteroids. 2007 TU24 is included on this list, discovered on October 11th by Catalina Sky Survey, just 110 days before it passes within 345,000 miles of Earth on approximately January 29, 2008. Astroguard

Goldstone Observatory located in the Mojave Desert lists 2007 TU24 on the asteroid schedule as an extremely strong target with need of astrometry, which is the scientific measurement of the positions and motions of celestial bodies. NASA And the simulator seems to show 2007 TU24 passing incredibly close to earth at the end of this month, although NASA has not updated the information since January 1, 2008. NASA

The skies above our heads are very busy these days, as NASA has recently sent the Deep Impact probe on a new mission to meet up with Comet Hartley 2 in the year 2010. The spacecraft will swing by the earth three times, gaining momentum and then, according to William Blume of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, "We're taking laps around the sun until the comet comes.” Initially NASA wanted the probe’s second mission to be an exploration of Comet 85P/Boethin, but surprisingly it seems to be missing and both ground and space based telescopes have been unable to locate the comet. CBS

And down here on earth the skies appear to be busy as well, as people seem to be reporting more and more sightings of meteors streaking across the skies or meteorites crashing into their homes. Wednesday night in Nigeria a meteorite crashed into the home of a Mana Village resident, completely destroying the roof and coming to rest in a hole two meters deep. This Day

Also on Wednesday night a green streak of a meteor was sighted in the skies above Peterborough and Stamford in the UK. Several people spotted the streak in the sky; including systems engineer Adam Warr as he walked his dog in Peterborough. "I'm glad someone else saw it, because I thought I was imagining things.” Mr. Warr stated the meteor was football sized, very bright, had a green halo surrounding it and it was heading towards Ferry Meadows. “Any fan of HG Wells or '70s prog rock would find startling parallels between this and the Martian cylinders in the War of the Worlds. I was half expecting to see giant metal tripods emerging from Ferry Meadows.” Peterborough Today

On Tuesday in Florida, Alexandra Gregory photographed a meteor coming down in the Poinciana area. FOX Orlando And a green fireball was seen over Baltimore by several witnesses on Monday evening. One witness states it is the second one he has seen in two months. Baltimore Sun

On Christmas Eve in California, several firefighters on their way to check burn piles saw a greenish, bright light and an object streaking across the evening sky. The firefighters were not alone in spotting the flash of light in the sky as several residents, a couple of state patrol officers and a sheriff’s deputy also reported seeing the event. Shasta County Sheriff's deputy Jesse Gunsauls endured some ribbing from his co-workers when he admitted that he’d seen the “greenish light”. "It didn't look like a shooting star," he stated, adding, "Do I think it was aliens -- no."

On December 26 in Canada, a couple out for a late afternoon walk saw a mysterious object falling from the sky followed by a dark, spiral-like plume of smoke. The couple thought it may have been a plane crash, but after calls to the area airport and the
Federal Transportation Safety Board they concluded that no planes had crashed. Ottawa Citizen

And in the most interesting case of the year a meteorite crashed in a small Peru village in September, creating a crater 65 feet wide and 15 feet deep. Soon some 200 villagers began complaining of headaches, nausea and respiratory problems. Even though the water in the muddy crater boiled for 10 minutes and released a foul odor, officials did not feel that the sickness was related to any toxic fumes released by the meteorite, but was induced by the fear of the thunderous roar the meteor made entering the atmosphere. Any sickness the villagers experienced “wouldn't be the meteorite itself, but the dust it raises," stated meteor expert Ursula Marvin. CNN

These examples are just a handful of the meteor sightings reported in recent months, not counting the UFO sightings and sightings of what NASA refers to as “fuel dumps”. It appears that an awful lot is occurring over our heads these days, both literally and figuratively and while we are focused on Britney Spears and political bickering we may be missing something quite important.

The lack of media coverage of Comet Holmes made me think that someone does not want our attention focused on the sky and the mixed message of informing us that an asteroid may hit Mars, but not informing us that an asteroid is coming very close to Earth, leaves me a bit concerned. Could we are entering some type of debris field? Will the reports of streaking lights and crashing meteorites only become more common? Over time will the drizzle of rocks become a storm as predicted in the bible?

Perhaps there is a reason that old civilizations spent so much time watching the heavens, perhaps they knew something that has been lost through the ages. In today’s world we seem to keep our eyes focused only on what is directly in front of us, but the prophets of old tell us that to be prepared for the upcoming changes we must look for signs in the sky. Perhaps it is time we began looking up.

As Usual, Keep Seeking