Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Additional Links

I’ve spent the last month delving into the depths of child abuse and it has not been an easy exploration and my mind seems to scatter, stunned at all the available information. When I began this last article What Are We Doing To Our Children? I wasn’t really sure which direction I was headed. It seems that child abuse is a junction in the fabric of the tapestry, the threads leading out in all directions, certainly too many for one person to follow. Looking briefly down the corridors, I am beginning to grasp the vast darkness that resides on this planet and understand that the illusion, the blindness that has been spoken of, is truth.

We like to compartmentalize things, keeping all ideas separate and I suppose that was devised, but we don’t live in hundreds of separate worlds, just one and to see the whole picture, we have to let ideas flow and blend. So in my attempt to let ideas flow I gathered a lot of links, far too many to put into the most recent article, so I thought I’d share.

“Pending lawsuits allege that U.S. military contractors on duty in Bosnia bought and "owned" young women.” Salon

“Homeland Security official arrested in child sex sting” CNN

“Jailed ex-cop claims conspiracy of 'elites'. Duncan man tells Ontario court pedophile ring being protected.” Times Colonist

“Sex scandal divides conservative allies in Chile's Congress” Boston Globe

“McKee resigns amid investigation (child pornography). Delegate says he has entered treatment.” Herald-Mail

“Police Smash Global Pedophile Ring” Breitbart

“DCF spokesman arrested in connection with sex crimes involving minors” Tallahassee Democrat

The History of Child Abuse by Lloyd deMause The Journal of Psychohistory 25 (3) Winter 1998 Psychohistory

“Social workers blamed for continued abuse of three daughters in remote island community” Guardian

“'Foster-care nightmare' for boys” NY Daily News

“Your Child is Worth Money to the State” iFeminists

“Desperate Mother Warns of Rampant Abuse by California Child Protective Services” Educate Yourself

“Rights in Conflict, Parents Struggle to Reunite Family” Daily News Recorder

Thanks to all the wonderful folks who have supplied information and support, you know who you are!

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