Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Headcleaning....Thoughts and Questions
Many things fascinate me; often inside my brain competing for attention are dueling dates, coincidences and questions. The concept and existence of time is one thing I spend a lot of time pondering. Whether it is a flow from past to present to future as our calendars and history suggests or if it is actually a circle, as our Universe and seasons represent. I recognize that energy does not end or die, it only changes form and I am curious about that flow through, what we call, Time.

I also spend a lot of thought considering religion, having never been one that joins groups; the church is quite the enigma to me. I am also curious about the role of religion in our history and what it has truly achieved. Are we more in tune with God now, than we were 500 years ago or a thousand or two thousand years ago? Were the Native Americans more in tune with God than the Christians? Were the pagans and witches? And what is the real reason the Jews have been so persecuted? And if there were 27 gospels why are only four represented in the New Testament? And if the New Testament washed away the old, as Jesus introduced us to a loving God, why do people still go back to the Old Testament when wanting to prove sin? And if homosexuality is such a sin, why isn’t eating shellfish? They are both listed in Leviticus (the old testament) as a sin, why aren’t they equally attacked?

I am also intrigued by words and the use of words in our society. Wordplay and rhetoric are alive and well these days and many don’t recognize how we are manipulated by the words we hear, broadcast over the air right into our living rooms everyday. I am amazed by how some politicians use words so convincingly to say nothing and we walk away feeling as though a problem has actually been resolved or a question truly answered. And I am enthralled by words used in the Bible and how you can only define the words in the Bible by the Bible and how it is the only book I know of that you shouldn’t just open and read front to back, but start near the end and skip around.

Although I ask questions about the Bible and religion that probably offend many, I reserve my respect for Jesus and see how so many threads in our world go back to him, his words and the change he brought. And I know that Jesus is somehow an important aspect to the puzzle I am unraveling. I also know that Jesus was not a follower, so I find comfort in the knowledge that I am embracing his idea to Seek.

I ponder history, the rise and fall of kingdoms and what that really means in our world today. I wonder how much of the old knowledge we have discarded that was actually truth and how ignorant we have become because of our arrogance. I think that our leaders have deliberately misled us on many issues throughout the history of mankind, knowledge is power and those who have the most knowledge also have the most power and people rarely gain power with the idea to relinquish it.

I wonder why people feel so threatened by new ideas and why we do the same things again and again, seemingly not understanding that the results will not change if the actions don’t. I also wonder why people feel threatened by the simple asking of questions, when did questioning become wrong in our society and when did attack dog journalism become the norm? When did debate replace discussion?

My dad, a genealogist and WWII vet, had some interesting takes on history that I have not found reflected in what is common knowledge today. In an unpublished manuscript, he stated, “Knowledge of ancient laws and customs brought forward is a must as we delve into each generation of the past. To understand properly an ancient ancestor, we must understand three generations of political activity which preceded him.” I understood this statement to mean, it takes basically three generations to change the thinking of a nation, to erase the old knowledge subtly and replace it with the new dogma. Three generations seems an awful short time to rearrange the thinking of a nation, but it does make sense, it’s probably takes even less time now, as we are so distracted by electronics and numbed by anti-depressants and other pharmaceuticals.

I know I have been a bit obsessed by time and the function of calendars of late, but when I discovered my dad’s manuscript, I also discovered he had the same interest, which would make sense, as dates are important to one studying family histories. And the biggest discrepancy I can find in his dating and what I am finding on the internet, is that he appears to claim the difference between the Julian calendar and the Gregorian calendar is a year, whereas, I have only been able to find the difference to be 11 days.

And why have calendars and the keeping of time become so important to me? I don’t have the answer, I just follow what my brain spits out, I know that it is indeed important, but perhaps only to me. And the idea that September 11, 1752 did not exist probably doesn’t mean much if time is linear, as we are told, but what if time is circular? That absence could, theoretically, affect many things.

It is said that the Schumann’s Resonance (the heart-beat and frequency of the earth) has gone from 7.8 hertz to approximately 12 hertz and the magnetic field is at it’s lowest point in over 2000 years, these things have to affect the quality of our life on this planet. The earth is undergoing change and as residents of this planet, we are undergoing change, as well. We know we are affected by gravity, a working of the earth, and yet we wonder if we are influenced by the other workings of the earth. Of course we are, I don’t understand the refusal to see the pattern. And time, being a man-made concept or a condition of earth, is literally motion of mass and has to also be affected by the changes in the magnetic field and frequency.

I am not a scientist, I chose pregnancy and marriage at 17, versus college and parties, but had I gone into higher learning I think my choices would have landed me in philosophy and science. I am fascinated both by my knowledge of a higher power and the workings and expression of that power on this earth.

Many are becoming exhausted living in a world fueled by terror and fear, so remember to relax, turn off the electronics and breathe. As the world continues changing we will see more of that energy reflected in our media and politics, scandals will continue to be exposed and wars will become more contested, but remember what Shakespeare had to say, “All the world’s a stage, and the men and women merely players.”

And I will leave you with Jesus’ words from the Gospel of Thomas, “The Kingdom of Heaven is spread upon the earth and men do not see it.”

Love and Light

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Be Shiny!
Small minds discuss people.
Average minds discuss events.
Great minds discuss ideas.
-Eleanor Roosevelt
I ran across that quote years ago, at the time I did not know who said those words, but I felt the truth weighing heavily in them. As I sat there stunned, the resonance of those words vibrating strongly inside of me, I knew that what I aspire to become in this life is a thinker. I love to ponder ideas and the path on to which others reached their conclusions. I don't just want to know "what" they think so that I can judge it as right or wrong, I want to know "why" they think as they do, what led them to believing this image versus that image to be the truth. I guess that's where my frustration with the cable news shows resides, notice that Mrs. Roosevelt didn't say debate, she said discuss. Discuss is calm, rational and open minded, debate is to challenge the other's ideas. I believe that when exploring an idea, we should be in the idea, suspend our judgments of what we know to be truth and step into another’s world for a moment.

I am enjoying writing for the American Chronicle more than I can express, although the knowledge that thousands of people have read my words is a little intimidating. I've received much e-mail, mostly thanking me for helping to open people's minds, a huge compliment for me. The most read article thus far has been "Looking for UFOs in 2007", followed by "For A Good Scare...Conspiracy Theories Abound" and in third is "The Internet is Alive with Chemtrails". I am grateful to know that I am not alone in my fascination of these ideas.

I've received the most e-mail concerning the Chemtrail article, some thanking me, some sending links to other information on the subject, some telling me it is HAARP and weather modification and one saying that I had not studied the subject deep enough and I could not straddle the fence forever. I have come to no conclusions about the Chemtrail phenomenon and for some reason my mind leans more towards philosophy, when I encounter the subject, than it does science and conspiracy.

I have often said that you cannot un-see what you have seen and many do not see the lines in the sky, are not aware of the speculation bubbling in small pockets around the world and for them they do not exist. For those who have seen them, now they witness them regularly. So my mind wonders, have they always been there and we've not seen them? What is the difference between those who do see them and those who do not? Is the simple knowledge that they exist enough to make them viewable? I personally was not aware of chemtrails until I read about them on the Internet and as a life long sky watcher, a sun, bird and nature lover, I find that very odd. I am an observant person, but I didn't notice planes leaving ropey trails across the sky? How strange is that?

So with all great mysteries, the clues are hidden in sight and it is the perception that determines our truths. So perhaps for me to view chemtrails as a spiritual or philosophical issue, instead of the fearful expression of death raining from the clouds, is just my view that the world is a mystical and miraculous place and that we are merely infants in the Universe. With fear reigning supreme in our society these days, I refuse to accept any ideas that are based and built on terror.

We must remember that feeling hope, loving and laughing and focusing on the positive creates real and powerful energy. We must remember that we are creating the future with our thoughts and with our fears. If you knew what you thought today would become your tomorrow, wouldn't you be careful? There is nothing in creation that was not a thought first, everything that surrounds us, from the computer monitor to books to TV to sports to medicine to religion to music to cars and space shuttles to ipods and cell phones, each of these things began as a small thought in someone’s mind.

Be Shiny!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Internet is Alive with Chemtrails

Of all the conspiracy ideas circulating the Internet the one that intrigues me the most and turns my eyes to the heavens, is the mystery of chemtrails. Simply the number of websites is enough to lure interest and investigation, but as usual with all great mysteries once inside the possibilities seem almost innumerable. Chemtrails are said to be the stripes, crosshatch designs and X’s we are seeing in the skies above us these days. This writing over our heads soon spreads out to become soft, feathery clouds that dim the sky. Proponents of this idea claim that they are just contrails, condensation trails left when heat meets cold and the reason we are seeing so many of them is because there is far more air traffic now than 20 years ago.

When I first heard of this theory, I chuckled and filed it next to alien abduction as another fun thing to ponder when bored and went about my day, but later while cutting grass I glanced into sky and saw a long white trail being left in the wake of a plane and I was forced to reevaluate the previous information. Surfing the conspiracy sites I found a lot of photographs, a myriad of theories of what is in the emissions and a lot of fear of our ultimate demise raining down on us from the artificial clouds looming over our heads.

Labeled as a conspiracy theory, chemtrails receive little legitimate discussion, only increasing the speculation and fear, but in a bill introduced by Dennis Kucinich in October of 2001 ( it clearly states the term chemtrails. The bill, H.R. 2977, is also known as the Space Preservation Act and in it is a list of things we should not do in the skies over our heads and distributing chemtrails is listed as one of those things. The bill was later rewritten, as bills often are, but when rewritten all mentions of chemtrails were omitted.

Some wonder if this is tied to global warming and a secret attempt by those in the highest ranks of world government to protect us by dimming the sun and lowering the earth’s temperature. Science is exploring what previously would have been considered outlandish ideas, including a monster sunshade for our planet, ( and even Nobel Prize laureate Paul Crutzen has stepped forward with his ideas of injecting sulfur in the atmosphere to lessen the greenhouse effect
( ).

Other theories across the Net range from weather manipulation as a tool in warfare to a grand plot by the New World Order to reduce the population of the earth by seeding the clouds with disease and still others compare it to the crop circle phenomenon. There are fabulous videos of these designs being laid across the skies on both You Tube and Google Video and more opinions of what is occurring than you can swallow in a day.

For those who love a good mystery and love to ponder the unknown and unexplained this conspiracy theory is like seeking the Holy Grail, the twist and turns will leave you breathless.

Happy Surfing

Monday, January 15, 2007

Shouldn't Our President Want to be Popular?

I watched 60 Minutes last night, as I’m sure many did, in rapt fascination. President Bush in his role as The Decider stands firm in his beliefs that this is a just war and his position will make America stronger. The latest AP poll shows that approval of Bush’s handling of the war is at 29% and yet the biggest mistakes our President sees has been in Abu Ghraib, bad language and troop levels.

According to an article on entitled Corruption Rivals Violence as Threat in Iraq, corruption in Iraq is pandemic, losing up to $4 billion a year. Sen. Susan Collins of Maine is quoted as saying, “It is a story of mistakes made - of plans that (were) poorly conceived or overwhelmed by ongoing violence and of waste, greed and corruption that drained dollars that should have been used to build schools and health clinics.” The article goes on to say that U.S. investigators have identified more that $300 million of our tax dollars being spent on suspect projects.

Although it’s nearly impossible to get an accurate count of how many Iraqi’s have died during this war, the numbers quoted range anywhere from 50,000 to 655,000. Whichever number we choose to believe, lets face it, that is a lot of people and a lot of devastated families. President Bush has claimed responsibility for his decisions and has said if they are wrong he takes the blame, but I can’t help but wonder if he realizes that we are talking about human lives and not numbers, polls or dollars. And what is the definition of success? I keep hearing we must succeed over there, but am I the only one who is unclear exactly what that means?

Is controlling the oil the ultimate goal? How many American deaths will history record? Will it be a success when the Iraqi death toll reaches one million or two million? Since the democratic elections were held and a government put into place, are we now only waiting for the insurgencies to end before we can withdraw? And what if the insurgency doesn’t end? Are we going to set up permanent bases there to police the democracy? And what about Iran and Afghanistan? Are we really just setting up to make war a never-ending business? We know that military contractors and oil companies are posting huge profits, is this just a coincidence? I know I am perennially perched on the pedestal of the na├»ve, but it seems as we get lost deeper into the rhetoric, the simplest questions go unasked.

President Bush also stated in the 60 minutes interview that he was not going to change his principles to be popular, but as the President of a democracy, defined by Webster’s as - government by the people; especially: rule of the majority, shouldn’t being popular be the idea?

Love and Peace

Sunday, January 14, 2007

On Our Journey

In this life there are many twists and turns, many chances to step off the path. When walking the byways of life, through the shadows and into the light, we must not just keep our eyes on the road before us, but on the scenery, as well. Our peripheral vision must be sharp, our instincts poised and our memories of what has transpired before strong. It is said that history repeats and that is truth.

We must stay diligent in recognizing the patterns, because once the design has been acknowledged, it loses it’s power. We must remember that the truth is often hidden in plain sight and is sometimes so simple that many get lost while looking for the mystery.

We must trust the Universe to send us the knowledge we need, but we must remember that seeing the familiar does not automatically mean we are seeing security and safety. Often times the familiar is something we need to examine carefully, the familiar means we could be in the grip of a recurring history and then is the time to pull into our God center and proceed with our intuition in tune.

It is a journey through the fun house, shadows are lurking to make our hearts leap and our brains stutter. The valley of the shadows of fear and death can be a long journey as we struggle in one spot stopped by fear or it can be a short jog as we recognize the special effects and keep our pace forward.

We know that once we step into the light, the journey will make sense, the world is wonderful, mystical and miraculous, but it throbs with rhyme and reason. God has invested a lot in seeing us complete the journey, transcend the walls of the fun house and claim the beauty of our eternal existence.

Love and Light

Friday, January 12, 2007

America Heals as Protesters Trickle Out
I was pleased to see the protesters, after President Bush's announcement to send 21,500 more soldiers into war, trickle out across the country. I am pleased because it assures me that things are getting better, that the country still has a pulse. I recognize that war protesters offend many, as though protesting a war equals disrespect for the sacrifices of the soldier, but I believe it is an important aspect of maintaining our own democracy. Lets face it, a country where all men and women are considered equal should have a voice in how the nation is run. A democracy is a lot like a marriage, if you marry and quit speaking to your spouse, your relationship is going to run into a ditch and the same could be said for raising a country of equals.

Depending on the poll you check anywhere from 48% to 70% of the people polled oppose the war and oppose sending more men and women to be traumatized (because war is hell) or die. So, after the news of more of our family members being deployed and seeing the resigned acceptance by many interviewed on the local news channel, it was a shot of adrenalin in the veins of our own democracy for people to hit the streets and speak their minds. Isn't that one of the things that makes America great? People joining together to change policy are the foundations upon which this wonderful country was created.

If I had my way, we'd retire the "Anti-War" slogan and turn to the idea of Pro-Peace, because isn't that what we want? We want the killing and suffering to stop, not just for American soldiers, but for the Iraqi's, as well. We want our soldiers home, we want them safe and we want them to be healed. War is dirty business and it leaves lasting scars, there is no doubt that the men and women fighting for America are heroes, with courage difficult for most to comprehend, but haven't they fought long and hard enough? Must we send more to experience the ravages of war?

It's interesting that no matter how advanced we become, how civilized we appear on the surface, we still choose to fight and kill as a way of solving problems. It's a tired saying, but war does not create peace. We learn on the playground we should not hit our peers, but as adults we have no problem launching bombs at them. My father, a WWII veteran, used to tell me that war is good for the economy and it appears to be booming, but just because we have always done it this way, does that mean we can not change? Are there no new ideas?

I support both our troops overseas, fighting to bring democracy to the Iraqi people and our protesters at home, stepping out to keep the wheels of our own democracy oiled. So as the news of protests, from California to Washington DC, come to my attention, my heart skips a beat and I know that America is healing and functioning as it should.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

America's Jingle

We live in an odd time when governments have to hire advertisement agencies to bolster their image to other nations, perhaps I am naive, but that just feels like a snake oil salesman is giving me his spiel. In an article on entitled "Image Makers Weigh in on Improving USA's Perception Overseas", it states that if the USA wants to improve it's image overseas then it would be wise to downplay our politics and act like we're listening. I don't know why this surprised me; it's evident that our own government isn't listening to the people after Wednesday night's announcement to send more soldiers to war, despite the election in November and the polls showing again and again that we are tired of this war and confused as to why we are there in the first place. Astounding to me, the lead-in to this article seems to imply that the actual listening is not important; we should only pretend to listen and do what we want anyway. Kudos to the honesty about the deception, am I the only one that feels like a stranger dropped in a strange land?

It seems that on Wednesday, Rice held a Private Sector Summit on Public Diplomacy sponsored by the State Department and the Public Relations Coalition, with State Department officials and 150 top public relations professionals in attendance. Their mission is quoted as "to identify clear action steps the private sector can take to support U.S. public diplomacy."

So, we are asking advertising professionals to create an image for the world to see, instead of actually improving what ails us and then we wonder why America is not liked on the global stage. We are appealing to PR savvy to manage human beings; because we can not forget those nations are full of individuals with hopes, dreams and families, just like our own. We don't believe every advertisement we see, I'm know I'm not going to lose 10 pounds in a week unless I am very sick or I won't develop ripped abs in a month no matter how hard I try, but we, as a nation, are seeking to project such shallow images on the world stage? And are we giving the disclaimer at the end? Is a created image better than the truth of what we really are or just easier to sell?

I wonder what our jingle will be? Will an American Idol sing it? Will Ford or Chevrolet get product placement rights? Will FOX air a new show, "America's Commercial", where we can call and vote for our favorites?

It's no wonder that there is a growing disconnect between America, her people and other nations. When we begin asking the advice of those who are attempting to sell us a thousand products we do not need, when we begin looking at America as a brand name, with all the marketing that that implies, we are losing the connection with the people and isn't it the people that make our country great?

Love and Light

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Conspiracy Theories

I've always been attracted to oddities, the strange and unexplained tickle my senses the way nothing else can, perhaps I am a nerd, living in my own little world where wonders aplenty still exist. As a child I spent many hours exploring the woods and wondering about the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island, Bigfoot, UFOs and I still have the tattered copy of Frank Edwards "Stranger Than Science" that I discovered when I was 10 years old. The world of the unexplained seemed so colorful and vibrant to me and my experience in school of black and white rules, yes and no answers felt as through something was lacking. So as an adult I have found that not much has changed, the unknown still intrigues me and in our society there are still mysteries and wonders to explore.

I turn my attention to the conspiracy theories to be found on the Internet with absolute fascination, who knew such ideas were rapidily galloping through cyber-space, as though we were living in a Stephen King novel. Now, I think the whole conspiracy ideal has gotten a bad rap, the definition of conspiracy is an agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful or subversive act or a joining or acting together, as if by sinister design (American Heritage College Dictionary). We know people conspire, we know people and leaders have always conspired, it only takes a few moments of exploration into history to discover this fact, so to label all conspiracy theorists as lunatics and crazies is in itself, a conspiracy. I recognize that 100% is never true, so all conspiracy theorists can not be right, but all can not be wrong, either and even if 1% is truth, wow, an even bigger puzzle begins to emerge.

I have to say my favorite, thus far, is the former footballer from England, David Icke ( . The man can weave a story, his grasp of history is impressive and the tales he tells are mind blowing. He paints an unforgettable portrait of lizards, yes, lizards, ruling the upper class of our society. Mr. Icke claims the royal family, our own adminstration and many others in roles of leadership, are shapeshifting lizards with a taste for our blood. Sounds outlandish and outrageous, but spend some time watching his videos available on YouTube and Google and you will find yourself swept up in his vision of the New World Order.

Jeff Rense, a radio host, is the go-to place for all your conspiracy ideas ( He carries a little bit of everything from UFO sightings, paranormal activity, chemtrails, new diseases and 911 corruption. After spending a few hours exploring his website, you won't just fear the monster under the bed, but the monsters in the government, water poluted with floride, aspartame, diseases of all description and of course, the New World Order.

And then we have the master of all conspiracy theorists, radio host from Austin, Tx, Alex Jones ( . Mr. Jones sees corruption on almost every level of government, he is best known for sneaking into the ultra rich retreat Bohemian Grove and recording what looks to be a mock human sacrifice carried out by upstanding and powerful members of our banking systems, government and newspaper communities. It's fascinating stuff and Mr. Jones also has a great grasp of history and uses it to impressively to connect his theories of the New World Order in a tight package.

These websites push the envelope on the hard to swallow, but once you get past the initial gag reflex, the ideas go down much easier. So the next time you're interested in a good scare, skip the theater and tune in to these websites, chances are you'll never look at the world in the same way again.

Love and Light

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Shift

It has been said that a polar shift is upon us and that may be the cause of global warming. The idea that North will become South seems like an outrageous idea to most, that the rising sun would also shift locations, seems even more so, but surprise! Scientific magazine are discussing such theories. Wow. Evidently the magnetics of the earth are at the lowest point in over 2000 years. In the summer of 2002 airports in the US began renumbering their runways to correlate with the new magnetic headings the pilots were seeing. It seems that both Hebrew traditions and Native legends speak of a time approximately 3600 years ago when the sun rose in the west and set in the east, then on one particular day it lingered in the sky longer than usual and the next day the sun rose in the east and set in the west, as it does today.

I've heard about the shift and have compared it to the Christian version of the Rapture and I don't think the ideas are very separate, I think most traditions have passed down the legends and stories of the past shift. But as with most stories passed by word of mouth, a lot of the details get lost and other people add their own personal spin to the tales, so we must find the kernal of truth in the tapestry of fancy.

Although we don't have any ideas of how this shift may affect our electronic world, most believe that the change will be greatest on our own consciousness, that the change in the magnetic field may "re-set" us much like reloading our computer's operating system. The effect would be to bring forward our original self, instead of the social masks we adopt, our true selves would be exposed. The past evils or wrong-doings, our guilts, fears and hurts we gave to others would be erased as The Great Cleansing occurs at the level of our core memory, our consciousness.

Evidently, the magnetics of the Earth help keep us regulated in a certain mind set and the lessening of the magnetic field, lessens the hold over our consciousness, sets us free. It's seems that when the astronauts left the magnetic field of the Earth they each had their own spiritual awakenings, sudden awarenesses and revelations that had never occurred to them when their feet were planted on the ground, but looking back at the Earth from a distance totally changed their perceptions of reality.

So for those of us who have felt the change and continue to feel the changes, the quirks of perception as our old realities slide away from us, there is good news, Science is pondering the same questions. Although there is little known about past shifts (estimated as four or up to nine), we know that as a species we have survived, and there is nothing to fear, this is a natural and expected evolution. The most important things we can take into this change is our positive attitude, our openness to life and the love we wish to see reflected on the Earth.

Love and Joy

Friday, January 05, 2007

UFOs, Meteors and Space Junk, Oh My!

I've always been fascinated by the night sky. Since I was a small child I've stared at the stars, always looking for something out of place, something moving. Even spotting a plane's lights overhead can give me a momentary thrill. When I was three or four my imaginary friends were Big and Little Mr. Moon Man and my dreams were of brights lights moving in the night sky. I've seen Close Encounters of the Third Kind more times than I can count and I still get the same excitement in my gut when the lights are soaring over that dark, curvy road.

So it is with child-like wonder that I turn to the news... UFO spotted over O'Hare Airport, also over Istanbul, Turkey and one was reported to have crashed in South Africa. A retired police officer in the UK states that he saw a UFO "burning up in the sky" and the French are publishing their UFO reports online soon. The "space junk" or Russian rocket burning up in the sky over Colorado was a spectacular sight and a meteorite crashed through a roof in New Jersey. Meteors were also seen over Canada and Florida. Checking out Google video and YouTube is a veritable feast of sightings, both of meteors and ufos, but it is difficult to date them. So what does all this mean? Are the ET's here? Is the sky falling?

Well, we know folks have been watching the sky and reporting strange lights since written records began, cave drawings show discs coming out of the clouds. And even in the Bible, folks are coming and going by way of the sky. The possibilities seem endless, is it future us time traveling? Is it benevolent beings sent to guide us? Could it be evil aliens hungry to eat us? Demons coming to destroy us? Secret government agents with a mission to discredit and confuse us? Or is it a naturally occurring event, a scheduled cycle that we are too young to understand?

I don't profess to know anymore about the subject than the next person, but the allure of the unknown is hard to resist, that Christmas morning excitement of what we may discover once we unwrap those packages. My dreams have always been littered with images of shooting stars, crashing planes and unknown lights and it is with that in mind that I search these reports, wondering what it means.

There are groups of people out there claiming to be "starseeds", waiting for their mother ship to come and rescue them from this god-forsaken place. There are others claiming to channel entities from all sorts of planets, known and unknown, and these beings are warning us of the ultimate demise of earth or offering hope for our salvation. And, of course, there are those who claim an alien colony is alive and well in the tunnels under the Denver Airport and various other locations across the globe. Others claim they have already infiltrated the government, an X-Files, Smoking Man scenario. And we've all heard of the abduction stories. But the majority still seem to believe that is it pure rubbish, that we are all there is and all there ever was and this is the notion I find hardest to swallow.

Life grows pretty boring when we stop wondering, when we stop asking the outrageous questions, when we stop pondering the what ifs of the Universe. That child-like desire to know is one of our greatest gifts, but maturity seems to sweep it under the rug as we learn to fear looking silly. So, have you watched the sky lately?

Love and Joy

Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Thought

I speak a lot about intuition because I believe in this day and age it is the most important asset we have, it seems that the world is going a little crazy, or perhaps it has always been and I am now just aware of the fact. The morning I saw an article that Henry Paulson, the US Secretary of the Treasury was arrested in Europe on charges of money laundering. That does not bode well for the US, I think, when our own government is accused of handling dirty money in an international forum.

I tried to verify this information, but discovered that everywhere I found the headline posted, the news article had been removed. The mainstream media has not mentioned this tidbit and Mr. Paulson was seated beside Conde Rice at Pres. Ford's funeral, so obviously he was quickly released.

I mention this information because it is a confirmation that the age of ethics is upon us. I predict that 2007 will bring big changes to our country, the machine of lies and corruption is dying a slow death, winding down, rusted and no longer viable. We are waking up and expecting more from our government, more from our religious leaders and more from ourselves. It is a beautiful time to be alive and history will speak kindly of us.

So where we used to look to our politicians, evening news and newspapers for the information we need to make the right decisions in our lives, it is now time to relax into our inner knowings, our God center to lead and advise us. We must remember that corporations, pharmaceutical companies and money hungry politicians have no need to tell us the truth, if they did, they would lose our support, so they tell us pretty lies of how they are concerned about our well-being, our future and the future of our children. But is that what you see? Is that what you feel?

The cable news shows push their agendas, their political leanings, they prey on our fears, they scream and yell like 3 y/o's fighting over Play-doh and we still trust them? Our media has learned the lessons well of Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda minister, that a lie repeated often enough becomes truth to those that hear it.

Folks, it is time we trust ourselves, it is time to know ourselves, the collective society has gone insane, has lost touch with reality and if we don't start using our God given talents, we will go down the drain with the masses. If we continue spending energy worrying about Trump and O'Donnell or Miss Who The Hell Cares making out with Miss Who The Hell Cares or whether Brittany has chosen to wear panties or who is saying Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas, we are going to run out of time, valuable time. This is indeed the most glorious time on earth to be alive, don't miss it living in the box.

Love and Peace

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Near Death Experience

It's funny that although I had a near death experience a few years ago, I never really studied up on the idea. I guess I didn't need to know, as I was busy enough just working through the changes the experience brought to my life, questioning every aspect of myself, my motives and my intentions. I won't say that the aftermath of being thrust back into the world has been an easy thing for me, but I can say that these last few years have been the best of my life.

The most successful way I have of describing what occurred to me is that it was like I was set free in the most beautiful forest you can imagine, to frolic in the warmth and I awoke with only a couple leaves to understand the experience. The forest, heaven, vast and filled with knowledge, light and beauty and the leaves, a reminder that it exists and I am welcome. I have heard that heaven is a beautiful city with streets paved in gold, but I guess for me it is a landscape of rolling fields, crystal streams and forests waiting to be explored.

I can't remember details of tunnels and light, I remember love, warmth and my son. As I lay in the hospital, fighting infection after infection, littered with bags and tubes, I would awake from that land and cry, depressed that I could not stay. I would look at what I perceived as my ruined body and I would cry some more, but my tears were not anger, they were frustration that I had to go to such extremes just to wake up to my own sense of self, knowledge and beauty.

The changes, once I began to recover, came slowly. First, it was a realization that I had to be a better person, nicer, more considerate of others, sounds simple enough of the surface, but life had trained me to be on guard, to be a soldier, to be a victim and I had to step out of a lifetime of training. Then, I had to learn to love myself, because what I see is a reflection of me and how can I love my neighbor, when I am hating myself? Next, in what felt like an act of preservation I had to weed my garden of friends, I had to cut ties with folks that I loved, but who I felt were ultimately pulling me from the place I longed to be.

I've always had a subtle knowing of things, a knowing without knowing, if you will, but as time progressed that feeling grew in intensity and I struggled to accept a broader view of life. And I began to question. It seems so much of what I was told in life, I accepted and filed, but as I began looking over the data, I saw that I had believed in many fallacies, many about myself and if I was wrong about me, then I had to look at the whole world with new eyes. In this life we have many people telling us who we are, where we fit, what our role is, what we should be guilty about, whether or not we are saved, good or worthy and it is incredibly freeing to throw all that aside and say No. But it is also frightening, because then we have no old clothes to pull about our self as we shiver in a land of newness, we can no longer blame others for our situation or mistakes.

The greatest lessons I have learned from my near death experience is that the world and the universe is a mystical place, full of treasures, miracles and wonders. That the only thing that stops us from achieving our dreams is our thoughts and attitudes. That questioning and looking at situations from a different angle is not a sin, but our duty as spirits sent into this world. That chasing our dreams is not selfish, but what is expected of us, to do anything less is to be mired down in the muck of the earth. That pursuing that thread of creativity that runs through all of us is the greatest gift we can give.

Happy Living

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


It is said that the more you learn, the less you know and I have found that statement to be truth. I have spent the last few months on a flow-of-consciousness exploration of the world, consuming great deals of information, secure in the knowledge that at the end of the road all the pieces would fall into place and I would see the complete picture. A bit of a naive thought, I think, for that has not occurred. I have more questions now than when I started. It seems the more I have learned, the less certain I am of calling anything a "fact".

There are so many facts out there, many totally contradicting other facts and yet they all exist and they all have followers, believing to their core and willing to suffer dissension just to maintain the status quo. There are facts in medicine, politics, religion and spirituality and they all have exceptions to the rules, to the facts. How can that be? Facts are suppose to be solid, things we can lean on and trust in, but if they are not always true, are they still facts?

So if it's not the facts that count, but the interpretations and the loudest voice, the one repeated the most is the one that wins, where does that leave us? People have spent lifetimes studying one thread of the vast tapestry and have found only a tiny snapshot, so how are we to learn the secrets in the time allotted us?

I think the answer is to know ourselves well enough, to be comfortable enough in our skin and in our thoughts, that we can let our intuition guide us. We must understand that there are as many facts and realities as there are human beings to believe and live them. We must not make any one's opinion more valuable than our own.

There are a lot of known facts in the world and one could look like a complete fool for disagreeing with said information, it's sort of like yelling at the t.v., a useless endeavor. Perhaps it not so much about changing The world, but changing Our world and knowing that the domino affect will handle those things outside of us. We are all connected on one level and disconnected on another, so it should be enough for each of us to hold our own truths dearly and not harm our neighbor's truth. We don't have to make everyone see the world as we see it, that is how dictators are born.

Happy Seeking

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy 2007

The Associated Press has released American's predictions for the new year and it appears we see gloom and doom, as the headline proclaimed. It's really no surprise, considering what the television tells us daily, how could we hope to see anything positive in the future? I, on the other hand, see that the new year will be the best I have known.

One in four believe that 2007 will see the second coming of Jesus, which actually surprised me, as did the fact that one in five believe this will be the year we discover extraterrestrial life. Six in ten believe there will be another terrorist attack in the form of a nuclear or biological weapon. 35 percent think that there will be a cure for cancer found and the same percentage agree that the draft will be reinstated. 70 percent of those questioned believe that we will have more natural disasters and that the earth will grow warmer, still.

I was pleased to see this poll, because it shows me clearly that the energy I speak of so often is being felt by many. We all feel that something big is about to transpire, the earth is electric with anticipation, but we seem to be confused about the direction we are supposed to look. America is a great place, with so many opinions available, thoughts, theories and ideas tossing about, waiting to be explored and we are the seekers, sent to put the puzzle together. It is a great time to be alive.

So, do I believe we will see the second coming of Christ? I think it is likely, history has been shown to repeat itself, so it only makes sense that we will indeed see the coming of Christ. I hope this time, though, that we do not kill him. It has been said that we love our live conformists and our dead trouble makers and Jesus was a trouble maker.

As far as extraterrestrial life, I think we are only waiting for our government to confirm what we already know. I have always watched the sky, knowing that more exists than what the common belief holds, it's really only a matter of time before we see the evidence of what the world has called crazy and impossible for decades.

The terror attacks will happen, we are prepared daily by our media for such an event, so it seems likely that it will happen and it will be bad. There has been a steady increase of anxiety building in anticipation for this destruction, so it's hard for me to imagine that it will not occur. The same goes for the natural disasters, when we expect bad things, bad things happen.

So for 2007, I see us growing in consciousness, love and compassion. I see the hate that divides us, dying. I see corrupt governments crumbling. I see creating becoming as important as striving and fighting for money. I see the world awakening to love and putting down their weapons. I see dis-ease healing. I see wonders we've never known manifesting in our daily lives. I see the earth and mankind evolving to a healthier state. I am seeing the best that I can imagine and trusting that others are as well and I know just as we can create the gloom and doom the AP spoke of, we can also create the most beautiful world we can envision. Mind your thoughts, watch your words, speak only of the best and know in your heart that you have the power to make those beautiful images reality.

Happy New Year!!