Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Life is cylindrical, repeating cycles and defined patterns and I wonder what that means in our lives as inhabitants of this planet. History is a funny thing, written by the winners and impossible to verify. And I can’t help but ponder if the facts we know of our past as a people are true or just an illusion we have been fed. A wise man, my father, stated that it only takes three generations to change the thinking of a nation and as far as time goes that is just a drop in the bucket, so how many generations are we from truth?

It appears that we are at the apex of learning, medicine and technology, it seems we know just about all there is to know, but in the back of our minds resides an itchy doubt. We’re in an age where the average citizen can broadcast across the world, where Al Gore can appear as a hologram and the only thing stopping us from stepping foot on any part of the earth is the price of a plane ticket. And still we are rushed, harried and unhappy as though an essential piece of our being is missing or perhaps as though we are living a lie.

I spent a lot of time exploring what people think, the ignorant, the arrogant, the humble and the wise are the opinions I seek, knowing somewhere in all the buzz will be a thread of truth. And I am more interested in those who have not found the answer, who are still questioning, than those who profess to know without doubt. We are living in wired and confused times and we grow harder to shock and more disaffected with each passing day. We are numb and punch drunk by the constant barrage of sex, violence, lies, deceit and brutality we see daily, beyond jaded and seemingly approaching the barbaric mentality of out ancient predecessors.

As I spent the last couple weeks really studying the headlines, digging into forums and message boards, trying to understand things, perhaps best left unknown, I’ve come to the conclusion that we are de-evolving. I don’t like to play into the ritualistic ideas of some of the better-known conspiracy theorists, but last week seemed ripe with clues of those theories. From the Live Earth concerts, to the renewed interest of the media in UFOs, to the ugly and depressing headlines screaming of children being hurt, abused or killed in the most bizarre fashions.

Life is cylindrical and I suspect we have been here before and I wonder if we, as a people, have the energy to change this downward spiral or if we are just stuck on a carnival ride through hell.

Keep the faith

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