Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Media Silence and Comet Holmes

I didn’t watch the news or check the Internet on my trip to Maine and I returned relaxed, refreshed and at ease with the world. But upon returning home I got back on the horse and began my exploration into recent events and have found the world is only growing stranger.

We have a comet hovering in out NE sky, visible to the naked eye and the mainstream media has not touched the subject. That disturbs me. Usually any major sky event from eclipses to meteor showers to comets garnish a mention on the local and national news, but this “comet” lighting up our night sky, hanging over our heads, is a non-issue.
Sky And Telescope

The experts appear to be stumped about why this comet has brightened by a factor of a million in 24 hours, but the forums are hot with this subject and the average folks have a lot of opinions about what it all means. From rumors of Planet X’s return, to Biblical quotes and all types of prophecies, to all known and some new and surprising conspiracy theories, people are speculating the what ifs of this new light in our sky.

For me, I have no answers and I’m just sharing in the speculation with others who may or may not know more than I do. It’s no secret that the Bible speaks of signs from the sky and it’s no secret that I spend a lot of time looking for them, since I was a small girl my eyes have been drawn upwards, half anticipating and half knowing something I cannot articulate. And my dreams have been littered with sky scenes for as long as I can remember.

I find it interesting that this sudden brightening of Comet Holmes appeared on my return from Maine, as it was in Maine that I began dreaming of a bright light in the sky. In the dream the bright light changed the world and exposed our essence, who we really are down deep and to steal a phrase from Dean Koontz from the novel Twilight Eyes, the light reveals our “underneath, under the underneath”. So the result of this light in our sky was good and bad, challenging and beautiful.

As the theories continue and I continue to bundle up several times a night and watch the comet through binoculars, attempting to discern if it is growing or fading, I am totally intrigued. I don’t know if this is the light that I have dreamed of or if it is the Star of Bethlehem as a few have suggested or if it is something normal and natural or something totally beyond what anyone has suspected, all I know for sure is that I am fascinated.

My only fear concerning Comet Holmes is the lack of media attention and how they may spin it when it is eventually mentioned. I have also noticed a sudden increased interest in space exploration from many countries and I wonder if Comet Holmes has anything to do with the renewed focus on the space above our heads. I also wonder why the space shuttle was launched recently, against advice not to and just happened to coincide with the brightening of the comet.

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