Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Words Are Limiting

If I had to say what was underneath all of our problems here on earth, I would give the credit to evil, yes, I said it, evil. Our perception of evil is interesting, no longer do people see right and wrong and when someone does something hideous to another human being, it is not evil, it is simply mental illness. We’ve developed a new language to disguise the black and white duality in which we exist and we have become a muddied gray of inconsistencies and untruths.

I’ve heard it said that all the world’s problems are caused by religion, the wars, the inquisitions, the witch hunts, slavery, oppression, pedophilia, abuse and on and on, and most people believe that religion means belonging to a religious organization. But according to the dictionary, religion means - Belief in and reverence for a supernatural power or powers regarded as creator and governor of the universe or a personal or institutionalized system grounded in such belief and worship. So anyone that believes in a higher power, or God, is religious. And according to the growing popular belief system, anyone who believes in God is the problem.

I often read intellectual debates of those trying to disprove the existence of God, but I tend to find most of them circular and in the end, it comes down to a simple difference of perception. I know God exists because I see Him everywhere. I see Him in the faces of the children who come to our gigs and dance and giggle. I see Him in the smooth wrinkles of the elderly. I see Him as the ocean ebbs and flows, in the trees that contain too many greens to name, in the birds nesting trustfully, in the flowers that return every year like a promise. I see Him in wildlife and in the instinctual wisdom of animals, I see Him when a human being expresses empathy and compassion towards a stranger, I see Him, I always have. And my seeing Him doesn’t come from rigid religious training, I wasn’t raised in a church or by Bible thumpers, I simply came into the world knowing that above all else, He is real.

My knowledge of God goes beyond the books and the organized religions and the semantics, words are limiting and cannot, in many cases, express the basic truths. We are pretty arrogant these days, educated and self-esteemed beyond measure and we carry our belief systems, either for or against, like a billboard on our shoulders, daring another to comment. I’ve had both Christians and Atheists attempt to convert me and have been informed of my lack of understanding and ignorance by both sides and yet this subtle tug, this small beam of light in a gray world will not be denied.

If I had to label myself, something I loathe to do, I would say I am a follower of Christ’s teachings. Although I always knew of God’s existence, I did not understand Christ until 2003 while I was recovering from the loss of my only child and from a surgical mistake that left me bedridden for months. I did not go seeking Jesus, he found me and I grew to understand the words “born again”. I did not join a church and attempt to convert others because I understand how infinitely personal the change is, it not something to be found looking outside of oneself, but by keeping a focus inside. It is not something to be found by saying a certain prayer and it is not something to be found by spending more time in the world, but less so.

There is wrong and right and good and evil in this world, but it is not my job to judge others, only my job to judge a situation for myself and decide if it is taking me closer to God or further from Him. If we believe that life ends here and we are worm food, we have no need to strive for anything more than control, money and material possessions, but if we believe, as I do, that there is something after this life, then we must stay on the narrow path. And the path is not as clear as organized religions would have us think, it is hidden, that is why we were instructed to seek.

As I see the manipulations we endure down here I understand that evil is real and not a mental illness or a sickness. As I see the manipulations I wonder how any of us will survive. We have been well taught that the real truth only comes from the government, religious organizations, science or the media. We believe that we must have a middleman, an expert, to explain the truth to us. We have lost our way, have become dependent upon our leaders and we have learned that it is far easier to give into peer pressure than to think for ourselves.

It is my belief that this journey through life is like a staircase, each time we move forward we will see, learn and experience disturbing things, the trick is to overcome the fear and take another step. We must challenge ourselves; we must seek beyond where others have found their truths. And above all else we must not be blinded by arrogance, popular opinion or fearful conclusions. Some say we only get one chance at this life, but I have a feeling we get many, too many to stay blind.

Keep Seeking


Anonymous said...

Its quite ironic you said you first called the arguments disproving god's existence as cicular and then stated "I see him everywhere around me". Sounds to me you are guilty of what you accuse others of. The existence of god is neither confirmable(mystic-filled irrational answers like the ones you gave aside) nor deniable. God's existence is simply unprovable/undisprovable and is on the same level as the existence of for example klingons, we can not say with 100% surety whether they exist or not. The rest of the "proof" you gave was just illogical and would never bear any scientific scrutiny. As a "weak" atheist leaning more towards the agnostic view than the fervant atheism shown by people, I would say that the world's problems are a cause of greed, blind faith and as a result of that blind faith, ignorance. The ignorance has been spread largely by religion which asks for blind faith rather than instilling the thirst to actually find out, the greed is pure animal instinct to be better than the ones around us. The blind faith is coz when we dont know something, we are too easily satified with half-answers which rely on us to blindly believe. Indeed, it is a measure of our impatience to know the answers to our questions and not the logic behind them that is the reason for the spreading of nationalistic and religious views like wildfire amongst human society.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Victoria. :-)

A friend just sent a link to something you wrote, I am the WebMistress of wispofsmoke among other websites and, as it happens, I am currently residing in North Carolina--specifically, Tarboro. I went to the suggested article and found your blog through there. This particluar blog is very appealing to me. (However, I do believe that we must be able to rely on experts in many ways because we can't "do it all" and "know it all" in this lifetime. Hence, when experts go astray and let us down, it is a grave problem.) Yes, courage to take the next step forward is of the utmost importance--just be careful where you step, LOL! Being of a scientific bent, I have had many, uh, debates with colleagues who find faith in God absurd. I have faith and I'm not afraid to say so, and that is quite the contrary of absurd.

Just as a sidenote, I find the intermingling of the concepts of faith and greed interesting. I have actually used a dollar bill to illuminate the concept of faith to others. The fact is that our modern currency is backed entirely by faith! Little pieces of paper and coins that aren't backed by gold or any other tangible material, yet everyone believes that a dollar will buy them something.

In any event, pleased to meet you. *curtsy*