Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Disclosure Is Close, Are They Coming?

I always wonder about the timing of things and rarely believe that things “just happen”, especially when viewed in the national spotlight. I gave up believing in coincidences a long time ago and realize under the guise of happenstance, many gears are turning. So it was with curiosity and a desire to see beneath the fabric that I tuned into ABC last night to watch UFOs: Seeing Is Believing (Part 2) hosted by David Muir. Part 1 of this series aired in February of 2005 and was hosted by the late Peter Jennings and Part 2 mainly rehashed the Jennings episode, but this time more respected witnesses were brought forward and less debunking occurred.

I realize across the world people are anxiously awaiting disclosure and many believe that these visiting aliens may be our salvation from a doomed and dying world, but I can’t get past the idea that we are being led, not towards disclosure, but a grand deceit. While viewing television of late, both the programming and the advertisements, I’ve kept one question in mind and that question is, “What do they want me to believe?” Those in the know understand that television is absolute propaganda, changing the thinking and foundation of our country. And when we can approach our viewing from that mindset, a lot of truths become clear - not the packaged and approved “truth” being sold with expensive airtime, but the motivations behind them. We know our media is owned by a select group of men, no longer does free press reign in our world, so we must always keep that fact in the back of our minds and question their goals.

I’ve noticed in recent years that stories of UFOs and strange lights have gotten more and more mainstream attention and although I know it thrills many in the UFO community, it puts a twinge in my gut. The only reason UFOs are getting attention is that someone, with a lot of money and power, has decided to allow it. We must remember that as tightly controlled as the media is, we will not view what we are not supposed to see. So why are we seeing it now? Where are we being led?

If the belief in UFOs and extraterrestrials had remained on the fringe, I could have looked upon it with the eyes of a child, alight with curiosity and mystery, but seeing it fall into the hands of the mainstream, it becomes suspect. With countries beginning to release their previously top-secret UFO files, the Vatican stating that the belief in aliens is not inconsistent with the belief in God and cable and networks releasing programming supporting such beliefs, I think it is time to step back and reevaluate the situation.

The media created this storm of UFO belief in the 40s and 50s and although it appeared on the surface that the government did not believe, the seed was planted and over the years, nourished by movies, books and television. And now that seed, a sturdy and strong tree, is about to bear fruit. We must remember that the sowing of this seed was not natural, it was created in a lab of ratings and radio advertisements, book sales and television, so we must truly be cautious when embracing the change we see sweep through the mainstream opinion base.

The last few years have been ripe with war, fear, financial doom and natural disasters and at the same time, UFOs have flourished in the media and again I wonder, why now? I’ve written a couple articles on the Blue Beam theory of a faked alien invasion and a couple on the idea of mass depopulation and it seems to me these ideas fit together perfectly. Or perhaps since God has been replaced by science, we need to be given a new savior. Or maybe we aren’t responding to the terrorist agenda as was expected and a new fear must be instituted to keep us in line. Whatever the motivation behind the swing towards disclosure, we must remember it is a manipulation provided by the ones with the most power and influence and the only reason those doors are opening is because there is a plan and I would wager, it is not in our best interests.

With banks failing at a record rates, gas and food prices escalating daily, parts of the Gulf coast decimated by Hurricane Ike and the elections dividing us more and more I think it grows important to analyze why our leaders want us to look to the skies. There’s a lot going on, mixed messages confusing and exhausting us, police state mentalities appearing across the map and now our leaders want us to trust them as they inform us that there may be UFOs and extraterrestrial life out there and maybe, soon to be here.

As I explore the Internet, I see more and more posts from those dreaming of craft in the skies, of a war playing out in the heavens and from what I can gather those dreams are tinged with fear and the desire to escape. And frankly as one who shares the same dream, I found it fascinating that others were also experiencing it and I take it as a warning that if these dreams bloom into reality, it is not a good scenario for the average citizen. If there are UFOs and extraterrestrials, I do not believe that they will ride in like the White Knight in some fairy tale to rescue us. And if the aliens are already here, as some surmise, then they’ve been rubbing elbows with the very elite that we know we cannot trust and again, that doesn’t work out well for us.

Last night I watched as ABC programmed millions of viewers to believe that UFOs are real, not just the die-hard ufologists who already believe, but the masses and if we don’t question the motivation behind their actions, I fear many will be deceived.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I followed the link from ats and glad I did. I have read a few of your blogs and I really like what you have to say. You have certainly put some thought in to these things and you present them a delightful manner. I have a site and I was wondering if you would be interested in swapping links? My site is It is only in its infancy but its growing daily and I would love to have your link on there.

Anonymous said...

my favorites link to your articles at American Chronicle now shows up with only some older 2007 pieces you wrote, nothing recent. I had thought you weren't writing anything new*, but lo and behold I check today at AC link and now only older writings appear... I used to be one of my favorite checkback links but I had given up think you were too busy to write. glad I found you again! Love your questions and writings!
What happened at American Chronicle? Were your comments on a whacky world a little too dead on for them?