Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

You Are Not Jesus

The first step of enlightenment is believing that you are Jesus – you see the correlations, you recognize the pain and depth and you feel it to the core. Many stop at that step and fall off the crazy wall, but true enlightenment is stepping beyond that level and understanding that you’re just a person, a single entity.

The journey to enlightenment is a challenging path. There are many roads that lead away from the path, many ways to become confused and distorted by the incoming information. The trick is stepping to the next step, you’re not Jesus and nor am I. I suppose that step is challenging, almost heart breaking in all you give up, but it was never yours, it’s just a trick of the light.

The valley is full of tricks and distortions, but we must be stronger than the illusion. I suppose some flail at that point, kicking furiously against the deception, but we must remember Jesus has already been there. We must cut our own path through the darkness and although we can lean on him, we cannot be him.

The valley is dark, the light making shadows through the trees. We must always cling to the subtle truths and forge our way through the darkness remembering that we must not fear the shadows, but also remembering that the path is solitary, it is an experience that we cannot explain. We must remember that we should not attempt to pull others with us on our journey and as much as we may need companionship, the path is not cluttered with groups.

And for those of us that have taken that step, not completely free from the valley of death and pain, but having traversed through the darkness and carrying the scars of our journey, we must remember to send out good thoughts to those beginning the path. We can only hope and pray that they won’t make the same mistakes or disappear down the endless trails that lead them from the light.


NetRanger said...

I see your postings on GLP. I am sorry for your loss. I don't know how long it has been and I've never lost one of my own, but, I will pray for you. Some things take a long time to heal. You should grow your hair back. You are a beautiful person.


angeljoymom said...

Kelly Freeman said...

I got your message, and did as you asked. I hope the burden begins to lessen.