Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Sunday, May 08, 2011

You Are Not Special! Conspiracy Theorist = Christian?

You Are Not Special
Conspiracy Theorist = Christian?
I know that you are not special, just as I know I am not special because the world makes it clear every day that we just didn’t make the cut. No one is special, we are just like everyone else, and there is no difference between us and our neighbors and those of our same race, sex, religion and profession. We are cardboard cutouts and just a step above the monkeys. Oh sure, there are special people out there, just not you or me and the world will be the one that defines who and what is special, not us.
The world is heavily invested in your maintaining this idea that we are average, stupid and just a number on a chart. The world, and the decision makers that keep it turning, is afraid that you will come to the realization that something powerful and very special lurks deep within you. The world keeps you busy and distracted, hoping against hope that you won’t find that spark inside and it has spent many years and much money to make sure your ticket off the Ferris wheel is hidden.
The world decides for us our politics, entertainment, fashion, habits, rules, laws and morals and it tells us what these are through our programming on the television and in popular music. It implies that you have choices, but there is no real choice when the world dictates what can be chosen. The world tells us what is politically correct and we accept the boundaries without much thought, remembering that fat people and the religious are the ones we can still joke about and snub.
The world holds up its Idols for us to worship, admire and emulate – it decides the rulers of science, religion, medicine, politics, media, entertainment, sports – picking a hand full from each area to showcase primarily. Some it chooses are the jesters for us to mock and take pleasure in the 15-minute hate, others it chooses as our gods and goddesses. The world decides who is special, be it Lady Gaga or the Pope.
But you and me are much like bits of sand on a beach, here simply to support the machinery of the world and to accept the offerings gratefully. We are to look out at the world and never wonder how our Idols abilities are any better than our own. We are not to question industry, be it pharmaceuticals – they care about our health, or politics – the government would never lie to us.
Truth be told there are special people, many special people and you won’t find them on the television or radio – the special people are the ones who haven’t lost their spark. They question, they critically and/or intuitively think, they are odd and don’t fit in. You were told that in the end times the Christians would be persecuted, but the world holds up a distorted caricature of what a Christian is and we have swallowed the lie.
A Christian is a truth-seeker – nothing more, nothing less. We were told to pick up our cross and walk in his way, we were told to seek, we were advised that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
Real Christians call out the money-changers, they point out the evil and darkness in the rulers and leaders, they draw attention to the manipulation and the lies. Real Christians understand that they will be hated because of His name and His name is Truth. Real Christians walk a very narrow path, understanding that the wrong word to the masses could cause upset, but steadfastly moving forward because they were called to pursue the Truth.
Real Christians don’t thump the bible; they pound the truth and yell it from their rooftops. Real Christians make the masses uncomfortable, because their truth and the world’s truth are two distinct things. The world portrays the Truthers as insane, unpatriotic and no more a Christ follower than a Muslim, but the world also held up Jim Baker, Jimmy Swaggert and Ted Haggard for us to follow.
I’ll wager that many a truth-seeker will claim no allegiance to Christ and will be quite surprised when they discover their relentless drive to uncover the hidden is Christ. Yep, I’m saying it - the conspiracy theorist with their persistent need to know the truth is a Christian. Not the caricature that the world shows us of what a Christian is, but the gritty reality of what Jesus tried so hard for us to understand. We are the sheep sent out among the wolves, wisely seeing through the illusion and innocently causing no harm.
We live in a one thought fits all world, but reality is so much different than what we are shown. As the world begins its crack down on the conspiracy theorist for asking questions and the masses go to church, learn about prosperity and drop their money in the collection plate they will never understand that those tinfoil hat, nut jobs are walking the lonely, narrow path.
It is my opinion that the truth seekers, the cross bearers, were called and the spark, the light within them cannot be covered. The world will work diligently to extinguish and mock the light because the world works best when we are kept in darkness and ignorance. But for the questioners, the dreamers, the seekers, the thinkers and those who have not surrendered their individuality to the machine know that you have been chosen to lead as much of the flock as you can to safety.
Keep seeking and continue to point out the wolves, the darkness and the wickedness. You are special, more special than you ever realized.

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Del said...

Nicely said! I appreciate your take on true Christianity and I agree with it. In the gospels, I see Christ primarily urging people to come out of the world system. I don't recall him ever accusing anyone of sin; that's Satan's job.