Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Thursday, July 09, 2015



We are so easily offended now, and at nearly fifty years in this life, and in this country, I am astounded at our divisions.  I suppose I must admit I am a bit na├»ve, and trust me when I say that I am laughing – you know that crazy laugh that the mentally and creatively deprived share among themselves that make the “normal” folks afraid. 

I naively thought we were a nation of like-minded people, no matter the country that brought each of us to these shores - no matter our religious views or lack of them.  Now I find that if I treat my fellow Americans like I would treat anyone, I am racist or homophobic.  If I don’t see skin color or sexuality, the colleges are now teaching that is also racist or homophobic, and if I do see skin color or sexuality, I am still a racist or homophobic. 

I am a person.  I am a living, breathing example of humanity.  I am a God fearing, God loving, and sometimes a God cursing individual who struggles under the weight of loss, like most of us. 

This division among adults is not the natural way of children, but we crush the children’s ideas as we push agendas.  Children don’t see skin color or sexuality or divisions, they just know the monster is in the closet and under the bed, and that God is good because he made the butterflies, dragonflies, and lightning bugs.

My mother asked me the other day if I was depressed after reading my most recent blog posts.  No, I’m not depressed.  What I am is disgusted.  Here we are in the greatest country, fighting among ourselves in this day and age about the silliest things.  It feels like the bullies are running our country and instigating wars. 

I know who I am.  I am a woman, overweight, nearly fifty, and have a clubfoot - sometimes I dance, sometimes I limp.  I love all children, not giving favors over the tone of their skin or ethnicities, and I love all people.  I am a Christian, but I respect all other religions or lack of religion.

It’s a big world, folks, and if we tear this nation down, or at least watch it be torn down and burn without speaking we are literally the only ones who suffer.  I don’t know why this message is so hard to hear.

I am tired of the battles of the social agendas.  We’re just folks and if we continue to battle our neighbors we're going to see or participate in genocides.  Is that what we want?  Do you want to kill your neighbor?  And how did we lose the simple truths? 

People attack me for trying not to lose the Confederate Flag, but I am trying to retain history before it is lost again, and then quickly repeated.  Look at the genocides in other countries.  Look at Sudan; I know that is not in the forefront of American minds, although millions were killed. 

I mention Sudan because I met a friend named Both right after my son passed away.  He was a recent refugee in Maine.  And he told me how they were raping and killing millions of people.  He was grateful to be a “lost boy” who found his way to America.  He explained that his name was Both because he was one of a surviving twin.  He was Both to me because he reminded me of my son - he was like my passed away child, but he was also not - he was Both.  And he mentioned many times how his mother would appreciate my attention and understanding of his trials.

After hearing the tales Both shared with me - how his mother was a Christian, and had barely survived the genocide (and the rapes), lived in a dangerous refugee camp, and then sent her only son off to walk the deserts to salvation - to America! …  I’m so disappointed in how we are fighting now.  

I know now that the phrase “melting pot” is being banned from colleges, because somehow it’s offensive to someone, but that is America.  We accept folks from all countries, from all walks of life, from all ideologies. 

Why has freedom become breaking other things?  Why is freedom now destroying other people’s hope, heritage, monuments, and livelihoods?  

I want all folks to be free to live their lives – that literally is the glory of God and the basis on which America was founded.

We have an awesome country that accepts all folks.  In many countries gay people are killed.  In many countries women have their sexual organs removed.  In many countries Christians are killed.  In many countries women can’t let their hair be seen.  In many countries women are raped as a matter of course.  In many countries everything you do is seen as an offense …  Do we want to live in those countries? 

We need to get our druthers about us.  Let’s love our neighbors - let’s stand unified.  Let us be the Christian nation (love thy neighbor as thyself) I have heard repeatedly of late that we are not.  Looking at the world, it’s a safer place to be in the United States than living in the nations that kill gays, behead people, and circumcise women.

I’m not depressed, I’m agonized by the educated ignorance I see day after day.  We have a great nation, but truly folks, if we don’t get our stuff together we’re going to watch it fall.  And that is a very, very sad thing.

Love your neighbor and as always, keep seeking.

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