Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Monday, June 11, 2007


Hope is the most important thing and in this world where the only accepted emotions are fear and hate, hope has to struggle to be felt. I spend a lot of time attempting to understand mysteries and I do so because I am truly seeking to know myself, completely and at the core. I figure anything that catches my mind and intrigues my thoughts is simply showing me another piece of myself. Some may believe that seeking to know myself is a selfish endeavor, but having given 30 odd years to not knowing myself at all and living a life of constant chaos, I found that ignorance didn’t work so well for me.

As I explore the headlines, seeking the threads that will call my attention, I notice again and again how almost all media wants us to fear. The mainstream media implies things are under control, somehow, but still we must be weary, watchful and on alert and the alternative media tells us things are awful, out of control and actually quite frightening and we must be on guard. The religious media tells us that things are bad, near the end times and we must watch the groups of other religions or atheists and understand that believers are under attack. And the atheists and agnostics warn us that the believers will take our rights and force us to conform to their ritualistic behaviors. The medical headlines inform us there is a drug for everything; even things we had that we didn’t know were abnormal and how important it is to see your doctor. The holistic communities tell us that the medical community is completely off the mark and we must be informed and fight for our rights to choose our own forms of health care. The security experts tell us a new 911 is inevitable and pulling out of the war will only hurry that conclusion along and the anti-war folks say we are only making the situation worse over there and participating in genocide. And then we have the entertainment business, selling us sex and violence at every turn, wrapped in hundreds of different guises, but always the same.

And frankly, it is exhausting, but I guess that is the point. I believe that this journey we call life is like a staircase, with each step forward on the path, we must remember what we learned on the last. And with each step forward, as our perspectives broaden, more fear and illusion will be thrown our way.

Humanity at this point seems infected with fear and it is a fear they want to share. And I, for one, am tired of living in fear, exhausted and overwhelmed by the carrying the weight. We must remember the real truth is hope, if we have faith in a better future, we can create that future and if we listen to the doomsayers and fear mongers and take up our cross in their way, we are creating exactly what we fear the most.

Fear Less and Hope More

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