Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Something Squirrelly This Way Comes?

I’ve been perusing headlines seeking some sort of confirmation of what I feel inside. I’ve been on the Internet for hours each day for almost a year, knowing there is something that I am supposed to see. And I have seen a lot. When I look back I try to find the exact place this desire to seek started and I can’t, it’s been both a steady growing and a sudden explosion.

Spring of 2004 keeps a place in my memory, as does Hurricane Katrina, both times filled with signs of some scary thing lurking in the back of my mind. Previous to Katrina I was having a lot of water and storm dreams and one dream journal entry simply says “something about food and water in the attic”. When the events of Katrina were occurring, I sobbed for days, the sight of dead bodies lying on American streets ravaged me inside in a way I still can’t explain and I kept thinking, “It’s really happening, I can’t believe it’s really happening.” Deep in my mind it felt like a road mark, it felt like I had known it was going to occur and now I was in disbelief that it had.

Spring of 2004 was the first Spring I felt anything like hope after losing my son in 2002 and nearly losing my own life in 2003. It was wonderful, but strange. Sudden insights would come to me out of nowhere and although I had always known there was more to the world than I see, that knowledge of otherworldliness became concrete. I attributed the strangeness to a near death experience, but that didn’t really seem to be real to me. It was a though I was trying to convince myself that that was the reason for the strange change in perception and to this day, I still don’t understand the whys.

My life has always been filled with strange and synchronistic events, always and the older I have become the more aware I have grown of the odd threads that run through my world. I’ve always said that I have lived life by the seat of my pants, I go on instinct. And as a younger person I didn’t question those instincts very often, I used to run through life as though the devil was on my tail and perhaps he was. But life has a way of kicking your ass to get your attention and I guess that’s what happened to me and led me to the search.

Last summer I was drawn to the Internet and began exploring the world with a fervor that I could not explain, as though time was short. And in this one year I have learned of 9-11 truth, chemtrails, Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones, disclosure projects, government deceit, corporate and medical lies, government funded pedophilia and sexual slavery, mind control projects, black ops, weather manipulation, directed energy weapons and other new age gadgets, religious deceit and the list goes on and on. And in all that mess, perhaps I have found was I was looking for, something squirrelly this way comes.

Now I am not a prophet or a psychic, but I have a bad feeling of what may occur this summer. And in spending some time on various forums, I am discovering that I am not alone. It seems our president is speeding along to an agenda that we, the people, have absolutely no awareness of, but I think we all know that he has a goal, an ending place. And it seems to me he is in quite a hurry. He’s signed more executive orders than any other president in history. He’s preparing for something, but what?

I was absolutely drawn into a forum thread on Above Top Secret when an supposed government “insider” going by the name of Ghost Raven stepped forward to warn us that a ET “false flag” invasion was scheduled for this summer. And I was not alone, the thread received record hits and over 1600 comments in a four day period before the “insider” claimed it was all a hoax, simply practice for him. I suppose what captured my attention was that I had recently written an article NWO Deception: Faked Rapture and Project Blue Beam about basically the same event, but his disclosure had a time frame, this summer.

He explained, before calling his missive a hoax, that sometime in July strange things will begin occurring, not scary, he stressed, just strange. Followed by more missing persons reports on the news and sightings of more strange lights in the sky. These events being timed to coincide with vacation schedules, when people talk more with friends and family about “scary” stuff. Then electromagnetic disturbances will occur, with disruptions of radio and TV signals and messages coming over the air. After these events have us on edge, a mass disappearance will occur and then a call to battle the evil aliens that captured our missing. This “insider” claimed to work with the a branch of the federal government concerned with domestic affairs and public attitudes.

It seems many on this forum took this statement as truth and even after the “insider” fessed up and several wondered exactly which part of the statements were hoaxes, myself included. Many spoke of dreams of seeing the skies full of UFOs and although I did not participate in the discussion, I have also had those dreams, with increasing frequency since Hurricane Katrina.

Now for such an event to occur the media would have to play their role and I noticed that at the same time the “insider” had us enraptured with his tale, FOX news had a story about a mile wide UFO spotted by a pilot. FOX News
And then to add to the mystery, right before the hoaxer confessed, the Emergency Alert System in Chicago went haywire, sending out false alarms. EAS and
Daily Herald

So after the excitement died down and the hoaxer was banned from the site, I began looking at other forum threads on different sites and found that folks who apparently weren’t privy to the happenings on Above Top Secret were also discussing the feeling that something was going to happen in July and August. The date of July 15th seemed to be quite popular, as well as, many foreboding feelings surrounding August, the pervasive feeling is that we are on the edge of some big event and although I have no clue what, I feel it too.

Now do I know that something will actually happen? Absolutely not, but the feeling persists and hopefully I am wrong. And if something does happen, I have no clue what it might be, from new and more inventive terror attacks to UFOs racing through the skies to dramatic earth changes to the second coming of Jesus. For those intent on reading the signs and patterns, the world seems primed for something and I guess this is my way of saying “heads up”.

Love and Light


A.V. Michaels said...

Hi, I found you from your article in American Chronicle. Thanks for speaking out about this stuff. Your blog is well written and thoughtful. Nice to find you.
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Anonymous said...

oh my god, this is my EXACT story. It's as if you've read my mind. I fell down the rabbit hole in 2004 and didn't stop falling until I got sick with Morgellons from the aerosol spraying.

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