Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sanity Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Sometimes I just know the majority of the world has gone insane, although weeding the sane from the insane has always been difficult for me. There are those that are considered sane and have high-powered positions, but I find their mental cohesion a little iffy and there are others that no one would question their diagnosis of mental instability, but I am sometimes wowed by the wisdom of their words.

It seems the divisions between sane and insane are thicker these days, what makes perfect and logical sense to one group, appears riddled with inconsistencies to another. Maybe it’s because in the last few decades’ mental health has been pulled from the closet and exposed to the seeking masses, therefore we are all armchair shrinks wishing to gently inform another of their lack of sanity.

It’s a busy world these days, the headlines come and go and it seems the descent into uniform madness is growing slippery with each passing day. Thought I’d share some news articles, I guess like beauty, sanity is in the eye of the beholder.

In Colorado an elementary school has banned Tag on the school ground, running games are still allowed as long as students do not chase each other. Two years ago another school district in Colorado also did away with the childhood favorite game in favor of alternatives with less physical contact

On August 29th a home in Indiana was raided by the ATF and although the warrant was sealed and we cannot know what brought the agency to this particular South Bend resident, Hazmat was called in due to an inordinate amount of stored material in the yard. Wood, sand bags and 55-gallon drums of gasoline were stored as the gentleman in question awaited the end of the world. WSBT One neighbor explained, “He came up and said the world was going to end and he needed the wood for his wood burners at home. He told me to start stockpiling perishable goods. Kind of a freaky scene there."

In California a young woman has covered her house in anti-government lingo inspired by God. Her neighbors definitely believe she has fallen off the crazy wall into the great beyond, but Estrella Benevides is confident in what she is doing and this is the second house she has covered with her beliefs.

And in Florida a man has been ordered by the city to remove a Ron Paul for President sign from his front yard. The city claims he needs to remove the sign or pay a fifty-dollar fee to insure that he will remove all said signs when the election is over. The resident believes the fee should only apply to the signs that litter every corner during elections, put out by the politicians or their crew, but the city believes it applies to everyone who puts a sign for a candidate in their yard.

So there you have it, a mixed bag of weirdness, sane or insane, I guess it depends on your perception. Individual insanity or group insanity, I guess we can all pick a side.

As always, Keep Seeking


Skryvenor said...

Love reading your stuff. Especially enjoyed this about sanity being "in the eye of the beholder" - ain't that the truth!

I think, in the long run, I would prefer to be considered insane - much less pressure to "fit in" and be "normal".

Everyone marches to the beat of their own drummer. Vive la difference! (ok - no more cliches! =p)


p.s. you can read my blog here (although, in checking, it's been sadly neglected for quite some time :s): (any comment and/or critique welcomed!)

Anonymous said...


I came to your blog after reading some of your other musings on other sites, and am glad I did! My son and I have been grooving...

As for this commentary about what's going on in the States at the moment, all I can say is "Oh, what a world, what a world"...

I'm hoping sanity kicks back in after 2008, otherwise, I'm not going to be able to take my son to visit some places I used to love to hang out.

It's a sad day when it has become "unsafe" for me to come across the US border from Canada. No doubt I've been placed on the NSA's "no fly" list because of "National Security", not because I'M dangerous to sane American citizens, but due to all the anti-neocon ranting I've done online since I was "shocked" but unawed in 2003!

Keep the faith though, Turtle. Your voice IS being heard.