Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Friday, November 30, 2007

More Chemtrails
(Survey Closed)

I have written quite a few articles on chemtrails and surprisingly, they have been some of my most viewed articles, which I find interesting because most folks say they not do exist and are simply contrails.

I sense that there is a common thread running between those who see chemtrails versus those who see contrails. This is not a debate about whether they are contrails or chemtrails, my curiosity has always been why some see the lines in the sky and are disturbed and others see them and say they are normal.

I have my personal beliefs of what those lines or writing is the sky actually are and I will elaborate if asked, but I suppose I am attempting a sociological experiment to understand the mindset of those, like myself, that look up and are disturbed by the scribbles in our sky.

I have created a survey and it is anonymous, but I am curious to understand what “chemtrailers” have in common. This survey may be followed by others as I attempt to understand our differences and what possesses us to not follow the company line and not believe what we are told.

Thanks for your time
And Keep Seeking

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Anonymous said...

I want to report the sighting of chem-trails in St. Petersburg, FL on 12/7/07 around 4pm in the area just west of downtown.