Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Devil's In The Details
It's a phrase I've heard since I was a child and always figured it meant life was hard, if you aren't detail oriented, don't bother. We hear that we should be detail oriented and able to multi-task if we want to work in the public sector, it is a valuable asset that employers want and I wondered, why?

Many of the great thinkers have said we need times of solitude, a time away without deadlines, details or stress and we need it often. Some of these thinkers believe that to worry is to strangle the spirit, the connectedness with God, the All. Some even know that if you slow down and see in your mind exactly what you want, and give the details to the powers that are all around you, you will own paradise.

It's a radical idea, I suppose, but what if we just kicked the fear out of our brain? The fear of what others would think, the frustration of lack, the judgements of what punishment may be doled out for our actions, what if we banished those thoughts and then pondered, what do I want my world to be? Would I be happy? Would I do good things for people? Would I laugh more? Would I write, sing and paint? Would I dance, study and heal? We all use to want to be great until a lot of us learned that we couldn't. We can. What do you want?

If you want a perfect body, see yourself with a perfect body, not what is best for the body you have, the scars you have, see the perfect body. Don't limit yourself by what you think you see in mirror, know that if you want the perfect body, you will have it, it will arrive. Dream big. See the best your mind can conceive, not what you are told you can have, see what is said to be the unimaginable. It has been said that slaves only ask for freedom, they do not ask for the kingdom. Ask for the kingdom.

If you want to stand before huge crowds sharing your special gift, see it, know it and it will be yours. Don't worry how the people will arrive or consider how the people will learn your name, they will. The Universe sees the image in your mind, sees the beauty in that world you are creating and goodness is rushing to you to seal that imagery into reality. Trust that the Universe doesn't need to be managed and is perfectly capable of handling the details.

3 Feet UP, the band that is causing a storm of enthusiasm in the music world.
Inspired by new and yet to be released song "Slice and Dice"

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