Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Sunday, November 26, 2006

What We Are Told

We are told is it hard, therefore it is hard. What if you had never heard that it was hard, no matter how incredible your dreams may seem, what if you never heard the word hard? What if you were told achieving your dreams was as possible as seeing them? Would you have believed? It's been said, "The simplest lessons are the hardest to learn." And I believed. It made sense with all the others pieces I had discovered, it fit right into the puzzle, as if was made to be, life is hard. But what if the most important lessons are simple and easy to find, by stating an intention?

What if achieving everything you ever wanted or imagined was yours upon seeing it, truly seeing it in your mind and feeling it in your heart, soul and intuition? Would you believe that? No? Because it's hard, right, you've got to toil, struggle, earn, fight, claw, suffer and pay your dues, then, if, and only if, God smiles down on you and it is in the infinite plan, you may have what you want, but don't ask for too much, don't be greedy. That is the illusion. Truth is all you have to do is see it, intend it, want it without guilt and it will be yours. See your life as you want it and it will be as you want it. Look around, you've already designed your life, you've created what you saw for yourself. If you see that you'll never have enough, then the world will reflect that right back to you, if you see yourself as beautiful and happy, the world will also reflect that right back to you. If you feel fear, you will see things to fear. It really is that simple.

Words have incredible power and I'm not talking about other people's words, I'm talking about the words we feed ourselves daily. Words like can't, lack, never, sick, hurt, bad, inferior, and all words that create fear inside. Words create thoughts and thoughts create reality. If you are telling yourself things are bad, then all you will see is bad. You see what you focus on. The power is not outside of us, as we've always been told, the power is completely in our own hands, our own mind, our own heart. The power to create or destroy is inside each one of us.

I have heard many wise folks say that this is the greatest time in the history of mankind to be alive and I have pondered that statement and wondered, are these people crazy, look around, everything is so screwed up. What I didn't realize, I was creating that screwed-up scenario with my words and my thoughts, with what I seeing. Why couldn't I believe that this is a glorious time to be alive? It's not that I haven't seen glorious and beautiful things, I do, all around me. But I knew the world was going to hell in a handbasket, it's hard to watch the news and not know that, right?

Then I thought, if thoughts create reality and this is my reality, what am I creating? Fear, lack, can't, dark, doubt and that straightened my backbone, I am not those things! I am good, happy, vibrant, loving, talented, fun, shiny and blessed! And then it dawned on me, it is a choice. I was choosing to see the bad, instead of the beauty and offering a world of excuses, all reasonable, rational excuses, "I need to be informed. It's important to know whats going on in the world." Sounds mature, right? But I was giving energy to something that was not my world, instead of giving energy to what is my world. I was fighting the negative, instead of relaxing into the positive.

So the truth is, it is easy. You can have everything you ever wanted, fame, money, health, contentedness, peace, anything and everything you ever wanted simply by seeing it and knowing it in your heart, it's not just possible, it already exists, just recieve it. And if you don't believe, because you know it's hard, just start with that one word and change it to easy. Every time you hear that word in your head or see it's creation in your thoughts, just change that one word to easy, try it for a week and you may be very surprised to see the change.

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