Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Friday, February 09, 2007

Dreams and Stuff

I’ve always been a vivid dreamer, full color experiences that sometimes seem more real than waking and I can remember the dreams I’ve had reaching far into my childhood. As a kid I wondered a lot about dreams, which world was real, the sleeping one or the waking one? And how could the sleeping one bloom into the waking one sometimes? How could dreams that we have no control over manifest right in front of our eyes in the cold light of day? It happens sometimes, not often enough to plan on, but occasionally I feel like Alice in Wonderland falling through the mirror.

Dreams are difficult to decipher, there are plenty of dream dictionaries available, but they are really just a measure of archetypal standards and need a lot of personal interpretation. Things that are frightening to some, are not to others, thus the interpretation becomes quite individual. I often dream of turtles, typically relaxing and refreshing encounters, occasionally through, the turtle in the dream will turn on me and bite me. I have now learned to pay attention in my waking life when that happens and try to see around the corners to what may be coming or a mistake I am making.

I mention dreams because I have been having several interlaced recurring dreams for a while and I thought I should share. The first set of dreams I’ve had since I was a child and the Moon Men were my imaginary playmates of strange lights and craft in the skies. The dreams have continued through the years, with only the location changing, typically my Grandmother’s house in N. Georgia or the house I grew up in, in SC, but sometimes I’m not familiar with the location in my waking life, but I am in my sleeping world. These dreams have increased dramatically since Hurricane Katrina and as I watch the headlines for sightings of strange lights and the like and see more and more, my stomach becomes tense.

The second set of dreams started in the summer of 2002, interlaced with dreams of my son’s pending death and they always follow the same pattern. There is a bright light in the sky and people are changed, I use the word zombie, but understand not like the zombies we have come to know in the movies, these zombies look just like us and act like us, but the difference is on the inside, nearly imperceptible. The first dream was the longest and ended with me racing the zombies to retrieve a radio from a cemetery. The dreams made little sense and only served to put me on edge, until I began reading about HAARP, the GWEN towers and chemtrails.

Sitting in the backyard on the anniversary of my son’s death, I was watching the planes leave trails in the sky and I was talking to God or my son or the birds, whoever was listening and a couple things dawned on me. Things are occurring right here in the states under our own noses, while we are looking to the skies, seeking salvation from aliens or Jesus, a big plan is underfoot by the powers that be and we are being distracted. We are being gridded and mapped, studied and scrutinized; we must remember the government is at least 30 years ahead technologically than we are told. I wrote in my journal on that day that three things were going to occur in the states and I divided them by region. I predicted illness in the south, weather in the west and some type of destruction be it bomb or earthquake somewhere else in the states, perhaps the middle of the country.

Evidently a lot of lights are being seen in the skies of NC and I have noticed a lot of illnesses being reported on our evening news, with warnings to stay out of the emergency rooms, the “cruise ship” virus is currently being talked about in Greensboro, a couple weeks ago it was red measles. Also on the late news night before last, an elementary school had 410 absences on the same day; the school only has a little over 700 students. And the Christmas snows in Denver certainly made the news as thousands were stranded in that creepy Denver International Airport.

So as usual I have no answers, only more speculation and questions. Are the conspiracy theorists correct and we are being marked for destruction by some global entity? Are the Christians right and we are on the brink of the Second Coming? Are the New Agers right and we are about to meet our galactic neighbor? Or is it a combination of all the above? Until next time, what are you dreaming?

Love and Light

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