Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Journey

On our journey, we must remember not to attach ourselves to one idea too strongly; if we cling too tightly we will remain on that step of the staircase. We must remember to continue following the threads of truth past where others have stopped, secure in their knowledge, we must continue questioning.

We must remember that although the truth is hidden in plain sight our eyes are still adjusting from the shadows in the valley. We must remember that fear is the illusion that clouds our vision. It has been said that we should fear no evil on our expedition through the fun house and that is truth.

On our journey, we must consider all possibilities and those outside of reason deserve the most consideration. The walls we perceive in our waking lives or the walls we see around others cannot hamper our search. As the crabs in the bucket will always be pulling at our feet, we must kick free of the limiting confines of that enclosure.

We must remember that the future is as close as our next thought, if that thought is fear-based, then so will be our future. We must remember to stay positive, the powers that be want us to feel fear to strengthen their future, but our positive energy is ensuring our own future glory.

We must remember to take time to listen to our own quiet voice and take no opinion except those that harmonize clearly with our own sense of perfection. We must remember that although the media projects worlds of terror and fear, Jesus said that heaven is spread out upon the earth and men do not see it, choose to see it.

On our journey, we must remember to breathe and trust that the Universe (God) wants to see us succeed. The Universe (God) understands the challenges we have undertaken in entering this mirrored world of delusion and lies. We must remember our spirits understood the trials, designed the struggles and left us signs along the way to remember God. As we awaken to this new reality we must be gentle with ourselves, we are a tender bloom in a magnificent world we can not yet conceive and the old world is designed to pull us from the healing light that assists our growth.

On our journey, we must take time to create, to connect with the flow of the divine that runs through us. We must remember to seek beauty and connect with nature, even if it’s simply watching the birds from our window. We must remember that the power to heal ourselves comes from the inside, not outside of us. We must remember the duality of life on earth and hear the duality in the words of those seeking to lead us. And above all else, we must keep our inner eye focused on the completion of our creation.

Love and Light

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