Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Aliens, Serpents and UFOs, Oh My!

Happy Chinese New Year. Isn’t it interesting that the Chinese named their years after animals that live in reality, snakes, pigs, dogs and oxen and yet there is the dragon shoved in there, does that mean that dragon’s actually existed when the Chinese named the zodiac? There is so much speculation on the Internet about the Anunnaki, supposedly the Serpent in the Garden of Eden and rumored to be an alien race that genetically engineered us to be slaves.

I wrote an article entitled “Serpents, Iraq and UFOs” (article) which has received a lot of attention, based on the speculation about the Anunnaki. The word Anunnaki comes from the Sumerian tablets discovered in 1850 and tells a different view of the creation of man. It is said that the Anunnaki were an advanced alien race that cruised the Universe seeking minerals and disrupting societies and approximately 400,000 years ago they landed on our planet. Some explain this as the reason that we have never been able to discover the missing link between Homo erectus and Homo sapiens, because our DNA was fused with theirs and we jumped the evolutionary scale. The story has it that the Anunnaki came here to rape our planet of it’s natural resources, found the work too difficult, and created us to perform the heavy lifting.

Of course, mainstream beliefs say that this is merely a myth, ponderings of an ancient people about how they may have been created. Now when I first heard this idea, I pretty much dismissed it as being ridiculous, but what I have discovered is that this idea keeps raising it’s head in a myriad of different places. I know that all things are connected and I also know that large parts of our history have been hidden from us, so when I see this idea again and again, I have to say, hmm.

There was a passage in the Gospel of Thomas that had had me scratching my head until I opened myself to a different theory of creation. Jesus said, "Adam came from great power and great wealth, but he was not worthy of you. For had he been worthy, [he would] not [have tasted] death." #85 And in the Gospel of Phillip it is said, “The powers wanted to deceive man, since they saw that he had kinship with those that are truly good. They took the name of those that are good and gave it to those who are not good, so that through the names they might deceive him and bind them to those that are not good. And afterward, if they do them a favor, they will be made to remove them from those that are not good and place them among those that are good. These things they knew, for they wanted to take the free man and make him a slave to them forever.”

Interesting ideas, and no wonder these thoughts did not show up in the Bible we were given as the rules of life. I am beginning to understand that we have lived under some heavy illusions, some call it programming, others just state it’s part of the duality that makes our world go round. My point is, I have felt this sense of wrongness in our belief systems, how Biblical ideas are pushed at us, while at the same time the opposite is also be shoved at us, example, Thou shall not kill, unless of course our government deems it necessary and then we must kill in the cruelest of fashions. We are told we should fear no evil, and yet that fear is pushed at us daily in various media forms and mindsets. We are told not to steal or commit adultery, yet we can steal if our lawyers figure out how to make it legal and Donald Trump is a fine example of how we hold adulterers in high regard. There is a disconnect between what is said and what is done.

So I believe it becomes important to question the obvious, to not just accepts things because they have always been done that way, but to find in us what feels right. I have felt the sense that our words have been manipulated and altered and I have studied the roots and bases of the words, because our words and the images they produce are important. It is time we question what we are told, big changes are coming and it is vitally important that we make well-informed decisions.

If the emails I have received are true, it will not be long before contact will occur with alien cultures, but the illusions and manipulations of who is good and who is not good are going to be thick, we must tread carefully and trust our instincts. Many things will be appearing on the news, many illusions set forth on the earth, we must make our own decisions and not look to what we believe are our leaders to guide us. Don’t just accept the ideas that will soon be unleashed, study, dig and seek, the truth will set us free, rise above the fear.

Love and Hope

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