Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Headcleaning....Thoughts and Questions
Many things fascinate me; often inside my brain competing for attention are dueling dates, coincidences and questions. The concept and existence of time is one thing I spend a lot of time pondering. Whether it is a flow from past to present to future as our calendars and history suggests or if it is actually a circle, as our Universe and seasons represent. I recognize that energy does not end or die, it only changes form and I am curious about that flow through, what we call, Time.

I also spend a lot of thought considering religion, having never been one that joins groups; the church is quite the enigma to me. I am also curious about the role of religion in our history and what it has truly achieved. Are we more in tune with God now, than we were 500 years ago or a thousand or two thousand years ago? Were the Native Americans more in tune with God than the Christians? Were the pagans and witches? And what is the real reason the Jews have been so persecuted? And if there were 27 gospels why are only four represented in the New Testament? And if the New Testament washed away the old, as Jesus introduced us to a loving God, why do people still go back to the Old Testament when wanting to prove sin? And if homosexuality is such a sin, why isn’t eating shellfish? They are both listed in Leviticus (the old testament) as a sin, why aren’t they equally attacked?

I am also intrigued by words and the use of words in our society. Wordplay and rhetoric are alive and well these days and many don’t recognize how we are manipulated by the words we hear, broadcast over the air right into our living rooms everyday. I am amazed by how some politicians use words so convincingly to say nothing and we walk away feeling as though a problem has actually been resolved or a question truly answered. And I am enthralled by words used in the Bible and how you can only define the words in the Bible by the Bible and how it is the only book I know of that you shouldn’t just open and read front to back, but start near the end and skip around.

Although I ask questions about the Bible and religion that probably offend many, I reserve my respect for Jesus and see how so many threads in our world go back to him, his words and the change he brought. And I know that Jesus is somehow an important aspect to the puzzle I am unraveling. I also know that Jesus was not a follower, so I find comfort in the knowledge that I am embracing his idea to Seek.

I ponder history, the rise and fall of kingdoms and what that really means in our world today. I wonder how much of the old knowledge we have discarded that was actually truth and how ignorant we have become because of our arrogance. I think that our leaders have deliberately misled us on many issues throughout the history of mankind, knowledge is power and those who have the most knowledge also have the most power and people rarely gain power with the idea to relinquish it.

I wonder why people feel so threatened by new ideas and why we do the same things again and again, seemingly not understanding that the results will not change if the actions don’t. I also wonder why people feel threatened by the simple asking of questions, when did questioning become wrong in our society and when did attack dog journalism become the norm? When did debate replace discussion?

My dad, a genealogist and WWII vet, had some interesting takes on history that I have not found reflected in what is common knowledge today. In an unpublished manuscript, he stated, “Knowledge of ancient laws and customs brought forward is a must as we delve into each generation of the past. To understand properly an ancient ancestor, we must understand three generations of political activity which preceded him.” I understood this statement to mean, it takes basically three generations to change the thinking of a nation, to erase the old knowledge subtly and replace it with the new dogma. Three generations seems an awful short time to rearrange the thinking of a nation, but it does make sense, it’s probably takes even less time now, as we are so distracted by electronics and numbed by anti-depressants and other pharmaceuticals.

I know I have been a bit obsessed by time and the function of calendars of late, but when I discovered my dad’s manuscript, I also discovered he had the same interest, which would make sense, as dates are important to one studying family histories. And the biggest discrepancy I can find in his dating and what I am finding on the internet, is that he appears to claim the difference between the Julian calendar and the Gregorian calendar is a year, whereas, I have only been able to find the difference to be 11 days.

And why have calendars and the keeping of time become so important to me? I don’t have the answer, I just follow what my brain spits out, I know that it is indeed important, but perhaps only to me. And the idea that September 11, 1752 did not exist probably doesn’t mean much if time is linear, as we are told, but what if time is circular? That absence could, theoretically, affect many things.

It is said that the Schumann’s Resonance (the heart-beat and frequency of the earth) has gone from 7.8 hertz to approximately 12 hertz and the magnetic field is at it’s lowest point in over 2000 years, these things have to affect the quality of our life on this planet. The earth is undergoing change and as residents of this planet, we are undergoing change, as well. We know we are affected by gravity, a working of the earth, and yet we wonder if we are influenced by the other workings of the earth. Of course we are, I don’t understand the refusal to see the pattern. And time, being a man-made concept or a condition of earth, is literally motion of mass and has to also be affected by the changes in the magnetic field and frequency.

I am not a scientist, I chose pregnancy and marriage at 17, versus college and parties, but had I gone into higher learning I think my choices would have landed me in philosophy and science. I am fascinated both by my knowledge of a higher power and the workings and expression of that power on this earth.

Many are becoming exhausted living in a world fueled by terror and fear, so remember to relax, turn off the electronics and breathe. As the world continues changing we will see more of that energy reflected in our media and politics, scandals will continue to be exposed and wars will become more contested, but remember what Shakespeare had to say, “All the world’s a stage, and the men and women merely players.”

And I will leave you with Jesus’ words from the Gospel of Thomas, “The Kingdom of Heaven is spread upon the earth and men do not see it.”

Love and Light

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