Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


The band Chicago had a song entitled, "Does Anyone Know What Time It Is" and I used to think, What a stupid song, but now I understand a little more of what they may have been saying. It is said that the Mayan calendar runs out in the year 2012 and I wonder why we believe that will actually happen in our date 2012. I resonate with the Mayan belief systems and the thread of creativity that runs through the world and us, all I doubt is that our date keeping and theirs is in alignment.

Maybe my obsession of late with time is a little out there, but I feel that our time wrong. Okay folks, I began pondering time when a voice in a dream told me to pay attention to it, so I did some studying. In 46 BC while a adopting the Julian calendar we had a year that was 455 days long and when the British Empire adopted the Gregorian calendar the date changed from September 2, 1752 to September 14, 1752 overnight. Now we've been adding or taking away days ever since we began keeping calendars, so why do believe todays date is 12-12-2006?

I know the reality of the situation is that everyone must keep the same date to maintain the same perception of time, we must make our meetings and pay our bills, but does that mean our time is correct? I suppose that if everyone has the same perception and thoughts create things, then the thought of millions that todays date is 12-12-2006 is factual and true, but it still feels off to me.

When I see so much information and speculation out there about the 2012 Ascension and I see people planning for this change in dimension, I wonder if all the plans are based on an errant date. Of course, when we talk about these things we are talking about spiritual realms, spiritual events and do days and dates exist as we know them on that level of being? And there is God, I imagine s/he could smooth the folds between time into one cohesive and inclusive pattern. So maybe in All Time, days and years have no meaning and it is a mute point.

But what if in natures time it isn't 2006, but 2011? Or 2010? Would the events unfold as the Mayans predicted in our year 2012 or in theirs? Does our thought power of creation exceed the earths power of natural, regular and expected evolution? Is the date what it is because we have created it that way? It has been said that no man knows the date or time, but it has also been said that what you are waiting on has already occured and you just don't recognize it.

Time is important, difficult to man-age and not absolute, so do you know what time it is? I'll leave you with what the voice in the dream said to me, "Pay attention, something is wrong with time."

Love and Joy

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