Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Time and Chemtrails

I've got some questions....If the Mayan calendar ends 12-21-2012 and time is speeding up, how do we know their date and our date is the same? We know that the calendar we live by in the west has been manipulated over and again through history, so how do the days match? It is said that the Mayan calendar never errs, but it is also said that the Bible never contradicts itself, these are things I have been told, not things that I know. It's not the Mayan calendar I have trouble with, it's our ability to interrupt their facts.

If time is speeding up, wouldn't we feel it? How would that manifest in our individual experiences? Would clocks fall out of synch? Would seasons? Have we become so conditioned to seek our timekeeping from computers and cable boxes, that we would just adjust our "old fashioned" clocks accordingly? What about our own biological clocks? Wouldn't they just adjust to the seasons they had always known, disregarding the date on the calendar?

I felt the change as early as 3-3-03, as a strange pull to the change of seasons that I had never felt before, I didn't recognize it at the time and assumed it was a physical illness. The doctors agreed and found something to cut out of my body and after months of recovery, I felt the pull even stronger by autumn. By spring of 2004, I awoke knowing that the beat of the earth had changed, altered in a way I couldn't define, but I knew that it was truth. The only analogy I could think to find was to compare it to the beat of music, changing from 4/4 time to 3/4 time, which I didn't understand because I was not musical, but a month later I began playing the drums. It honestly was a frightening time for me and I questioned my sanity, how could I just know something that no one else seemed to notice? Discovering the Mayan calendar and studying time and perception was a huge validation for the odd things I have experienced in the last few years.

I see a lot of conspiracy theories out there and I've wondered the most about chemtrails, the patterns, stripes and various designs we are seeing in the skies above us. Part of the Mayan prophesy is that serpent ropes will drop from the heavens towards the end of the calendar to help us ascend to the next dimension. Could serpent ropes and chemtrails be one in the same? We see the chemtrails in various forms, some see planes distributing them, some can't see the plane, others see orbs. It's funny how we didn't notice them until someone pointed them out to us or we heard a rumor or saw something on the internet and then we all suddenly saw them. How long have they really been there? Or is it indeed a recent production? And what if we are only seeing what our perception allows us to see? Do we see planes because that is what we expect to see up there? Do we see them now because they have recently begun or have they always been there and we are just waking up? Are they poisoning us or are they thinning the veil?

I believe that this is the most important time we will ever experience, the earth, humanity and time is changing, our thoughts are manifesting into things faster than any other time in our history. We need to remember that fear is the illusion, but it is an illusion that can cause great harm. Remember that fear is just a step on the stairway to higher knowing, if you linger on that stair, you are missing the great view from the top. Remember to think positively, mind your thoughts, because you are bringing to yourself what you are thinking about, forget the past, it no longer exists. See your reflection in those around you and grow from it, learn from it. And above all else, send love, send love to your future, because we are creating it this very moment.

Love and Joy

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