Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Who Benefits?

The words, Who benefits?, have been ringing in my head. Who benefits if we are finding ourselves believing in religion, aliens, the illuminati, lizards as the elite, the rapture, the ascension, the harvest, the bible, the devil or the nwo shadowy government? As crazy as many of these ideas may sound to some, there are people making lots of money selling these ideas and more and more people are believing them everyday. So they all become relevant in the bigger scheme in what is happening in our world.

We must ask ourselves if we fall in line, like ducks on the way to water, who benefits? Are we just one mind here on earth? Or are we free thinking individuals? It has been said that the Universe has invested a lot in our becoming individuals and it would be wise not to throw it away. We must ask ourselves who is funding these people with the slick websites, videos and books? Yes, a lot of their facts on history and politics are right on target, but are their conclusions? Are they seeking to spread truth or dissension? Are they striving to wake us up or bring us out? Do they want to stir our emotions and use our power for good or create paranoia and more darkness?

The reason I began asking these questions was a news article that came to my attention on the solstice. A virgin birth was announced as a komodo dragon had laid 7 eggs without relations with a male dragon, a miracle! Wow. Just days before Christmas and I thought surely the christians are up in arms over this "virgin birth", but no, evidently not. I searched the websites, watched my local christian channel, but no. Wow. Okay, but surely the christian conspiracy theorists would have noticed this announcement, isn't this what those folks call blasphemy? So I looked around, and no, no reaction. Strange, I thought, double checked my facts, yes, it was still in the papers, the eggs now described as 8, but the story was basically the same. Okay, then surely those people that believe the evil lizards are ruling the illuminati and the banks, surely those guys have seen what this means in their worlds of code and trickery, surely they have jumped on this announcement, but no, I was wrong again.

I'm not much of a bible reader, I have several and I have been known to pick one up from time to time and try to make sense of it, so when I heard of the dragon with the 7 eggs, I immediately remembered that I had read something like that in the bible, so I looked it up. Yes, right there in revelations 12, something about a red dragon with 7 heads, pretty close, so why hadn't the folks that run that rapture index mentioned this tidbit? How could the christian sites, that carry all-you-will-need-for-your-rapture-experience, not have noticed? Why didn't all those prophesy sites post and repost articles concerning a virgin birth of a dragon at Christmas and revelations? I'm sure I missed some sites that did, but the ones the majority rely on have said not a word, have not opened a dialogue and I find that odd.

The truth is hidden in plain sight, I guess, isn't that the way with all great puzzles and riddles? I suppose the difficult part is seeing past the trick the light is playing on our eyes. Remember, there are shreds of truth running through all these theories, conjectures and facts, but it is in the interpretation that changes your journey through the carnival fun house, the valley of death. Just because something jumps out and scares the hell out of you, doesn't mean that is the whole truth! The complete puzzle is bigger and more vast than we can comprehend, the pieces, scary as they may be, are out of context, don't get stopped by the special effects. As seekers it is our job to look at all the possible pictures, dust off our intuition and feel our way through the fun house tunnel until our eyes adjust. So when a new idea falls in your lap, ask... Who benefits?

Happy Seeking

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