Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Keep Hope Alive

I've been struggling with the concept of time, attempting to make sense in how western time and mayan time could possibly match. I've also been attempting to see how time truly is circular, not linear after all. I've wandered through history, connecting the dots between the rise and fall of kingdoms and atrocities perpetrated by men in the name of God. I've studied Jesus trying to discern the truth of his words, from what I've been told they mean. I spent some time understanding politics, fascism and all the other ism's. I've looked into the conspiracy theories and decided the only conspiracy is the denial that many of these theories are truth. I've watched videos about HAARP, Bohemian Grove, Disclosure Projects, 911 Truth and I've seen Alex Jones, David Icke and a myriad of others. I've been to the Christian websites and have viewed the videos and TV broadcasts. I've cruised into space and time with Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking. I read about prophesies from all cultures. And I've scanned the latest videos on Youtube of ufo and meteor sightings. I've walked through the metaphysical pages explaining the upcoming Shift in dimensions. And more. I feel like I've been around the world and back looking for continuous threads that tie this picture together.

And a lot of what I have seen is fear, control, wordplay and illusion. I have found it best to approach many of these subjects, sites and ideas with a "Who benefits?" mentality. Who benefits if I believe this idea? Does it add fear to an already fearful world? Can I push through the fear to find the real motive behind this idea being released into the world? What's this person or group selling? Are they wishing to enlighten me or scare me? Do their ideas steal hope? Is the only solution to the issue they are proposing to fight? To hate? To cause more divisions?

Enlightenment is a funny thing, when you open the doors on the dark, it takes a few minutes for your eyes to adjust and to see things clearly. Fear is part of the adjustment process, it is said that first you will be disturbed, then you will be amazed, but the loss of hope means you are seeing an illusion. It is true that forces we can not comprehend rule this earth and keep the illusions alive, be they men or lizards or aliens it does not matter, because the machine is dying. The machine feeds on fear, stop living in fear and you stop feeding the machine.

My problem with understanding the time frame came from not seeing the macrocosm, being human and seeing only earth time, I wasn't seeing the whole picture. It's not just earth time being affected by this change it is All time. All planets, All Universes, it is God, not the vengeful, jealous God, full of human inconsistencies that we have been taught about since birth, but the real God of which we can not comprehend. It is evolution. All things change with time, even time.

I also struggled to get past seeing time as linear, from point A to B to C and instead seeing it as circular, which means all time is now, just different dimensions of now. Which means, theoretically, by changing our thoughts to positive we can change the past and therefore the future. The past is not sealed and unchangeable as men would have us believe, we have tried to seal the past with words and books, tried to make it whole and solid, therefore linear, but it has not worked.

We have tried to encapsulate ourselves, to prevent further evolution, but man can not control the workings of God. Man can not control time and natural cycles. The evolution is occurring right on schedule, the fear that has kept us trapped is being exposed as illusions. The things we are seeing are not new things, the conspiracies, concentration camps, chemtrails, secret wars and secret societies, none of these things are new, we are just waking up. These things have always existed, kingdoms don't fall, they just change hands, the face of the ruler and the land on which it stands changes, not the ideals behind the control. As we individually wake up and see these things for what they are, the entire consciousness of the world also awakens.

For two thousand years (if not longer, time is funny) religion and politics have joined hands and resources to keep us ignorant of our essential being, our God connection. The leaders at the top of the pyramid have known about this shift and thought they could out smart God, who is calling us, and maintain their power. The television tells us hundreds of times a day that we are sick and need this drug or that one to feel better, to be normal, to fit in. Social anxiety? Male enhancement? Diabetes? Cancer? Hundreds of time a day they insert that thought, that fear into our minds. Are you sick yet? The news chases ideas of terror, domestic terror, international terror, kids killing kids terror, lunatics shooting innocents terror, flu epidemic terror, war terror, money terror. Are you scared yet? Then the religious right tell us that the rapture is coming any day and you better be in church or you may be left behind to suffer the wrath of God. Are you praying yet? And on top of all this we must go to work, get the kids to soccer, cook meals, wash clothes, work overtime to pay down those credit cards and have fun! Are you tired yet? Precisely the point.

Step out from the electronic world and feel the change. When the television tells you of war and disease step into your back yard or local park and see if you can see that of which they speak. The time has come to put your intellect and big media, politics and religion aside and know your intuition. The change is upon us, the Shift, the Rapture, the end of a time... however you choose to view it, but know you have far more control over the face of this change than you have ever imagined. Seek and study, break down the barriers of fear, shine the light in the dark corners and see that what you thought was a monster is really just a pair of dirty jeans. And above all else, keep hope alive.

Love, Light and Clarity

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