Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Friday, December 29, 2006

The Holy Days

Remember to stay positive, don't dwell in the darkness. I spent the majority of the Christmas vacation with the television on, I wanted to check out what the world was saying and what chaos resides out there. The world seems so small through the eyes of the box, the choices limited. Sadly, we saw the loss of James Brown, the godfather of soul (the hardest for me, my home town hero), Gerald Ford, ex-president and Frank Stanton, ex-CBS president and the creator of the "eye" logo. Three great men, three "kings" of their chosen worlds, I wonder what that means in the bigger picture.

I watched a lot of religious shows, surprising how much was available in such a secular world. When I expected to hear wonderful messages of hope, as it was Christmas, I heard of war. The same message repeated on each program, the war on Christmas, the war on Christians, I heard of murder, saw an interview with a pastor who helped save Jeffrey Dahmer's soul, and then I heard of more killing. And I kept thinking this is Christmas aren't we supposed to be rejoicing in the promise of eternal blessings, or something like that, but all I heard was war. Then I watched a bible prophesy minister who seemed to imply that the coming of the microchip implants (the number of the beast) was "exciting" and after showing some news articles from NASA said that the new Jerusalem would be coming from space. Sometimes I feel like a stranger dropped in a strange land, I always thought church was supposed to make you feel good, loved and secure in your salvation, but all I saw was fear, terror and an obsession with death.

Then, of course, I got on the Internet to see what the smaller churches were saying and I found much the same message. Is there a war on Christmas? I think there is a war on common sense and sanity. I think there is a war on free thinking. I think there are grand manipulations on so many levels of our reality that the manipulations are manipulated. I was reminded of Orwell's 1984, how can I not be? Love is hate, Ignorance is strength and War is peace. So folks, the question becomes how do we stay positive in an upside down, twisted, mirrored world?

First we need to breathe and remember why we are here. We are not rats in a maze, we are spirits of God. We are not here to hate and judge, we are here to learn, grow and become brighter lights for God. We are not soulless consumers and competitors, we are the children of God, chosen to become great.

Be good to you, take the time to put up your feet and relax, take time to clear your mind of all the noise. Know that the energy you feel has been spoken about for eons, it's a natural evolution of the spirit. Trust yourself, a lot of powerful delusions exist today, trust your intuition to guide you through the jungle of chaos.

Take the time to smile, laugh and wonder. See goodness. Breathe in nature. Turn off the television. And as important as seeking is, remember to rest and recharge.

Love and Peace

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