Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Prediction or Creation

It has become apparent to me that millions feel the change on the earth, it's has also become apparent to me that there are thousands of theories about what is occurring. Is it global warming? Is Jesus on his way? Are the ET's about to make themselves known? Are we ascending into the next dimension? Are millions about to disappear in the blink of an eye? Or are millions about to be killed by the wars raging across the planet? Are corrupt governments falling? Or is the New World Order about to take over and enslave us in a new holocaust?

With all these ideas flying through cyberspace, people are grasping for truth, people are fearful and are preparing themselves for a battle of epic proportions. And I want to remind everyone that thoughts are things, what you focus on, what you believe, what you fear and what you talk about you are bringing into creation. I know the lament, we must be informed! You can't just put your head in the sand and ignore the world and I want to ask, why not? Why not?

The Internet is an amazing tool, add the high speed connection and it is the modern day creation of the Tower of Babel, many of us using it as a means to find our God. It connects all races, all nations and all languages in a forum to share ideas, I called it the God machine long before it dawned on me that maybe it was a way to find that which we all seek. It is a Universal connection to the divine sitting in our own homes and what we seek through those wires, we will surely find. It is the teacher and the creator of worlds, just spend some time looking through sites and you will find worlds that are lovely and ugly, you will find truth and lies, light and darkness, love and hate and that which you cling to, you will surely bring into your own creations.

Sometimes when I look at the world through the eyes of the Internet or the Television I get the sense that I am looking at a dead machine, engines still spinning, just waiting to run out of gas or finally blow a gasket, it seems that there is no intelligence behind the images anymore, just the recycling of old ideas and stories. History has been shown to repeat itself, whether or not we are aware of the previous events, so are we standing at the foot of the Tower, awaiting God's wrath for seeking him? Was it God that tore down the tower or man, fearing we were getting too close to the truth? Knowing that once we found God, we wouldn't need leaders and Kings. Knowing that once we saw God, we would realize that this world we call reality truly is a corpse and we are above it, it has no more power over us.
The rapture believers see that a third of the earth's population will ascend into heaven, in the blink of an eye or in a flash of white light, leaving the rest to suffer the wrath of God. The ascension believers see that earth's population is ascending to a new level of consciousness, becoming more of a light/love-being, more God-like and that each person that awakens helps the rest of the world awaken. Both groups believe that a new heaven and earth will be created. I think they are both right, I think both groups will create what they envision.
We have to remember that thoughts are things, the more beautiful the thought, the more beautiful the creation. We must learn to love our neighbors, we must learn to take responsibilty for our own existance, we must remember it is our creation. If we are victims, then we have chosen to be and we can just as easily choose to be victors. And if we choose to see genocide perpetrated by a loving God, then we could be creating the demise of those we love. If we choose to see heaven on earth, beauty, love, health and abundance for all, then we can create that, as well.
I do believe that big changes are happening in the earth, galactic, mythical or biblical, you decide. And remembering that it is a choice, I ask you to see love and joy, not dispair and fear. I ask you to see abundance, not lack. I ask you to see people awaking to beauty, not burning in hell for their sins. What you see, you attract, what you feel for others, you bring home to yourself. See goodness, see blessings, see love.
Bringing about a new heaven on earth....

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