Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy 2007

The Associated Press has released American's predictions for the new year and it appears we see gloom and doom, as the headline proclaimed. It's really no surprise, considering what the television tells us daily, how could we hope to see anything positive in the future? I, on the other hand, see that the new year will be the best I have known.

One in four believe that 2007 will see the second coming of Jesus, which actually surprised me, as did the fact that one in five believe this will be the year we discover extraterrestrial life. Six in ten believe there will be another terrorist attack in the form of a nuclear or biological weapon. 35 percent think that there will be a cure for cancer found and the same percentage agree that the draft will be reinstated. 70 percent of those questioned believe that we will have more natural disasters and that the earth will grow warmer, still.

I was pleased to see this poll, because it shows me clearly that the energy I speak of so often is being felt by many. We all feel that something big is about to transpire, the earth is electric with anticipation, but we seem to be confused about the direction we are supposed to look. America is a great place, with so many opinions available, thoughts, theories and ideas tossing about, waiting to be explored and we are the seekers, sent to put the puzzle together. It is a great time to be alive.

So, do I believe we will see the second coming of Christ? I think it is likely, history has been shown to repeat itself, so it only makes sense that we will indeed see the coming of Christ. I hope this time, though, that we do not kill him. It has been said that we love our live conformists and our dead trouble makers and Jesus was a trouble maker.

As far as extraterrestrial life, I think we are only waiting for our government to confirm what we already know. I have always watched the sky, knowing that more exists than what the common belief holds, it's really only a matter of time before we see the evidence of what the world has called crazy and impossible for decades.

The terror attacks will happen, we are prepared daily by our media for such an event, so it seems likely that it will happen and it will be bad. There has been a steady increase of anxiety building in anticipation for this destruction, so it's hard for me to imagine that it will not occur. The same goes for the natural disasters, when we expect bad things, bad things happen.

So for 2007, I see us growing in consciousness, love and compassion. I see the hate that divides us, dying. I see corrupt governments crumbling. I see creating becoming as important as striving and fighting for money. I see the world awakening to love and putting down their weapons. I see dis-ease healing. I see wonders we've never known manifesting in our daily lives. I see the earth and mankind evolving to a healthier state. I am seeing the best that I can imagine and trusting that others are as well and I know just as we can create the gloom and doom the AP spoke of, we can also create the most beautiful world we can envision. Mind your thoughts, watch your words, speak only of the best and know in your heart that you have the power to make those beautiful images reality.

Happy New Year!!

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