Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Internet is Alive with Chemtrails

Of all the conspiracy ideas circulating the Internet the one that intrigues me the most and turns my eyes to the heavens, is the mystery of chemtrails. Simply the number of websites is enough to lure interest and investigation, but as usual with all great mysteries once inside the possibilities seem almost innumerable. Chemtrails are said to be the stripes, crosshatch designs and X’s we are seeing in the skies above us these days. This writing over our heads soon spreads out to become soft, feathery clouds that dim the sky. Proponents of this idea claim that they are just contrails, condensation trails left when heat meets cold and the reason we are seeing so many of them is because there is far more air traffic now than 20 years ago.

When I first heard of this theory, I chuckled and filed it next to alien abduction as another fun thing to ponder when bored and went about my day, but later while cutting grass I glanced into sky and saw a long white trail being left in the wake of a plane and I was forced to reevaluate the previous information. Surfing the conspiracy sites I found a lot of photographs, a myriad of theories of what is in the emissions and a lot of fear of our ultimate demise raining down on us from the artificial clouds looming over our heads.

Labeled as a conspiracy theory, chemtrails receive little legitimate discussion, only increasing the speculation and fear, but in a bill introduced by Dennis Kucinich in October of 2001 ( it clearly states the term chemtrails. The bill, H.R. 2977, is also known as the Space Preservation Act and in it is a list of things we should not do in the skies over our heads and distributing chemtrails is listed as one of those things. The bill was later rewritten, as bills often are, but when rewritten all mentions of chemtrails were omitted.

Some wonder if this is tied to global warming and a secret attempt by those in the highest ranks of world government to protect us by dimming the sun and lowering the earth’s temperature. Science is exploring what previously would have been considered outlandish ideas, including a monster sunshade for our planet, ( and even Nobel Prize laureate Paul Crutzen has stepped forward with his ideas of injecting sulfur in the atmosphere to lessen the greenhouse effect
( ).

Other theories across the Net range from weather manipulation as a tool in warfare to a grand plot by the New World Order to reduce the population of the earth by seeding the clouds with disease and still others compare it to the crop circle phenomenon. There are fabulous videos of these designs being laid across the skies on both You Tube and Google Video and more opinions of what is occurring than you can swallow in a day.

For those who love a good mystery and love to ponder the unknown and unexplained this conspiracy theory is like seeking the Holy Grail, the twist and turns will leave you breathless.

Happy Surfing

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