Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Friday, January 12, 2007

America Heals as Protesters Trickle Out
I was pleased to see the protesters, after President Bush's announcement to send 21,500 more soldiers into war, trickle out across the country. I am pleased because it assures me that things are getting better, that the country still has a pulse. I recognize that war protesters offend many, as though protesting a war equals disrespect for the sacrifices of the soldier, but I believe it is an important aspect of maintaining our own democracy. Lets face it, a country where all men and women are considered equal should have a voice in how the nation is run. A democracy is a lot like a marriage, if you marry and quit speaking to your spouse, your relationship is going to run into a ditch and the same could be said for raising a country of equals.

Depending on the poll you check anywhere from 48% to 70% of the people polled oppose the war and oppose sending more men and women to be traumatized (because war is hell) or die. So, after the news of more of our family members being deployed and seeing the resigned acceptance by many interviewed on the local news channel, it was a shot of adrenalin in the veins of our own democracy for people to hit the streets and speak their minds. Isn't that one of the things that makes America great? People joining together to change policy are the foundations upon which this wonderful country was created.

If I had my way, we'd retire the "Anti-War" slogan and turn to the idea of Pro-Peace, because isn't that what we want? We want the killing and suffering to stop, not just for American soldiers, but for the Iraqi's, as well. We want our soldiers home, we want them safe and we want them to be healed. War is dirty business and it leaves lasting scars, there is no doubt that the men and women fighting for America are heroes, with courage difficult for most to comprehend, but haven't they fought long and hard enough? Must we send more to experience the ravages of war?

It's interesting that no matter how advanced we become, how civilized we appear on the surface, we still choose to fight and kill as a way of solving problems. It's a tired saying, but war does not create peace. We learn on the playground we should not hit our peers, but as adults we have no problem launching bombs at them. My father, a WWII veteran, used to tell me that war is good for the economy and it appears to be booming, but just because we have always done it this way, does that mean we can not change? Are there no new ideas?

I support both our troops overseas, fighting to bring democracy to the Iraqi people and our protesters at home, stepping out to keep the wheels of our own democracy oiled. So as the news of protests, from California to Washington DC, come to my attention, my heart skips a beat and I know that America is healing and functioning as it should.

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