Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Sunday, January 14, 2007

On Our Journey

In this life there are many twists and turns, many chances to step off the path. When walking the byways of life, through the shadows and into the light, we must not just keep our eyes on the road before us, but on the scenery, as well. Our peripheral vision must be sharp, our instincts poised and our memories of what has transpired before strong. It is said that history repeats and that is truth.

We must stay diligent in recognizing the patterns, because once the design has been acknowledged, it loses it’s power. We must remember that the truth is often hidden in plain sight and is sometimes so simple that many get lost while looking for the mystery.

We must trust the Universe to send us the knowledge we need, but we must remember that seeing the familiar does not automatically mean we are seeing security and safety. Often times the familiar is something we need to examine carefully, the familiar means we could be in the grip of a recurring history and then is the time to pull into our God center and proceed with our intuition in tune.

It is a journey through the fun house, shadows are lurking to make our hearts leap and our brains stutter. The valley of the shadows of fear and death can be a long journey as we struggle in one spot stopped by fear or it can be a short jog as we recognize the special effects and keep our pace forward.

We know that once we step into the light, the journey will make sense, the world is wonderful, mystical and miraculous, but it throbs with rhyme and reason. God has invested a lot in seeing us complete the journey, transcend the walls of the fun house and claim the beauty of our eternal existence.

Love and Light

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