Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Friday, January 05, 2007

UFOs, Meteors and Space Junk, Oh My!

I've always been fascinated by the night sky. Since I was a small child I've stared at the stars, always looking for something out of place, something moving. Even spotting a plane's lights overhead can give me a momentary thrill. When I was three or four my imaginary friends were Big and Little Mr. Moon Man and my dreams were of brights lights moving in the night sky. I've seen Close Encounters of the Third Kind more times than I can count and I still get the same excitement in my gut when the lights are soaring over that dark, curvy road.

So it is with child-like wonder that I turn to the news... UFO spotted over O'Hare Airport, also over Istanbul, Turkey and one was reported to have crashed in South Africa. A retired police officer in the UK states that he saw a UFO "burning up in the sky" and the French are publishing their UFO reports online soon. The "space junk" or Russian rocket burning up in the sky over Colorado was a spectacular sight and a meteorite crashed through a roof in New Jersey. Meteors were also seen over Canada and Florida. Checking out Google video and YouTube is a veritable feast of sightings, both of meteors and ufos, but it is difficult to date them. So what does all this mean? Are the ET's here? Is the sky falling?

Well, we know folks have been watching the sky and reporting strange lights since written records began, cave drawings show discs coming out of the clouds. And even in the Bible, folks are coming and going by way of the sky. The possibilities seem endless, is it future us time traveling? Is it benevolent beings sent to guide us? Could it be evil aliens hungry to eat us? Demons coming to destroy us? Secret government agents with a mission to discredit and confuse us? Or is it a naturally occurring event, a scheduled cycle that we are too young to understand?

I don't profess to know anymore about the subject than the next person, but the allure of the unknown is hard to resist, that Christmas morning excitement of what we may discover once we unwrap those packages. My dreams have always been littered with images of shooting stars, crashing planes and unknown lights and it is with that in mind that I search these reports, wondering what it means.

There are groups of people out there claiming to be "starseeds", waiting for their mother ship to come and rescue them from this god-forsaken place. There are others claiming to channel entities from all sorts of planets, known and unknown, and these beings are warning us of the ultimate demise of earth or offering hope for our salvation. And, of course, there are those who claim an alien colony is alive and well in the tunnels under the Denver Airport and various other locations across the globe. Others claim they have already infiltrated the government, an X-Files, Smoking Man scenario. And we've all heard of the abduction stories. But the majority still seem to believe that is it pure rubbish, that we are all there is and all there ever was and this is the notion I find hardest to swallow.

Life grows pretty boring when we stop wondering, when we stop asking the outrageous questions, when we stop pondering the what ifs of the Universe. That child-like desire to know is one of our greatest gifts, but maturity seems to sweep it under the rug as we learn to fear looking silly. So, have you watched the sky lately?

Love and Joy

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