Victoria S. Hardy

Victoria S. Hardy

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Shift

It has been said that a polar shift is upon us and that may be the cause of global warming. The idea that North will become South seems like an outrageous idea to most, that the rising sun would also shift locations, seems even more so, but surprise! Scientific magazine are discussing such theories. Wow. Evidently the magnetics of the earth are at the lowest point in over 2000 years. In the summer of 2002 airports in the US began renumbering their runways to correlate with the new magnetic headings the pilots were seeing. It seems that both Hebrew traditions and Native legends speak of a time approximately 3600 years ago when the sun rose in the west and set in the east, then on one particular day it lingered in the sky longer than usual and the next day the sun rose in the east and set in the west, as it does today.

I've heard about the shift and have compared it to the Christian version of the Rapture and I don't think the ideas are very separate, I think most traditions have passed down the legends and stories of the past shift. But as with most stories passed by word of mouth, a lot of the details get lost and other people add their own personal spin to the tales, so we must find the kernal of truth in the tapestry of fancy.

Although we don't have any ideas of how this shift may affect our electronic world, most believe that the change will be greatest on our own consciousness, that the change in the magnetic field may "re-set" us much like reloading our computer's operating system. The effect would be to bring forward our original self, instead of the social masks we adopt, our true selves would be exposed. The past evils or wrong-doings, our guilts, fears and hurts we gave to others would be erased as The Great Cleansing occurs at the level of our core memory, our consciousness.

Evidently, the magnetics of the Earth help keep us regulated in a certain mind set and the lessening of the magnetic field, lessens the hold over our consciousness, sets us free. It's seems that when the astronauts left the magnetic field of the Earth they each had their own spiritual awakenings, sudden awarenesses and revelations that had never occurred to them when their feet were planted on the ground, but looking back at the Earth from a distance totally changed their perceptions of reality.

So for those of us who have felt the change and continue to feel the changes, the quirks of perception as our old realities slide away from us, there is good news, Science is pondering the same questions. Although there is little known about past shifts (estimated as four or up to nine), we know that as a species we have survived, and there is nothing to fear, this is a natural and expected evolution. The most important things we can take into this change is our positive attitude, our openness to life and the love we wish to see reflected on the Earth.

Love and Joy

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